Places to visit in Manhattan

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    If you are just moved to Manhattan you need to know to live in the most exciting city in the world. There are so many places to visit in Manhattan. With famous attractions like Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building, Yankee stadium, NYC offer you more to see than any other place on earth. The important places to visit in NYC are exactly in Manhattan. We must say, you are very lucky if you’ve moved to Manhattan because you can enjoy the most beautiful places in the world.

    Let’s start with the most famous,popular and also most beautiful places to visit in Manhattan:

    Restaurants in Manhattan

    The best places to visit in Manhattan are best restaurants in the world. In Manhattan you can find a variety of the restaurants so it will be difficult to make a choice what restaurant is first on the list. Whether you choose to eat Japanese food, or pasta or steak maybe vegetarian food or kosher or eat gluten free – you can found it in Manhattan restaurants. Some of famous and well-rated restaurants are Daniel, Per Se, La Bernardin, Club a Steakhouse, etc..

    Manhattan rooftops

    When you’re done eating in restaurants you can also visit Manhattan rooftops. There are few better ways to enjoy Manhattan than from above, cocktail in hand, gazing across the lights and landmarks that define the city. Tallest rooftops like St. Cloud, Berry Park, Top of the Strand etc. are the best places to visit for all of you who want to get to know Manhattan and all its charms.

    For all of you who just moved in Manhattan or you are just visiting this exciting place, must-see one of the places to visit in Manhattan is Central Park.

    Rooftops are the best places to visit in Manhattan
    Manhattan rooftops are the best places to visit

    Central Park

    When you meet all restaurants and rooftops it’s time to the walk through Central Park since is the one of the most beautiful places to visit in Manhattan. First of all you will see a great nature and beautiful gardens. But also, you will have opportunity to see statue of Shakespeare, ice skating, summer stage concerts, Zoo, movie screenings, etc. Central Park it will take your breath away and this walk you will never forget.

    Mahattan has a most beautiful place in the world to visit
    Central park place to visit in Manhattan with most beautiful nature in the world


    Next stop is Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    This iconic New York attraction—one of the world’s top art museums—is surprisingly easy to negotiate, particularly if you come early on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Hang out in an Egyptian temple, gawk at period costumes and take pictures on the gorgeous rooftop garden, showcasing views of Central Park and the city skyline.

    The High Line

    There’s something uniquely in Manhattan. Built on an abandoned railway track, the space is ingenious. But what we like best is how the pathway takes you above the city while keeping you rooted in urban life. Where else can you walk through a field of wildflowers or sprawl on a lush lawn as cabs zoom along the street beneath you?

    High line - patway to visit in Manhattan
    Uniquely place to visit in Manhattan

    Broadway theaters

    You want to enjoy in plays in the theater? And you want to see a real jewel of art and musicals so fantastic and memorable? You should visit Broadway!

    Each year, about 13 million locals and tourists take in Broadway shows at one of NYC’s 40 Broadway theaters. Each season brings a new wave of mega musicals, plays and star-driven revivals. Some boast gold from the Tony Awards. Broadway theaters are truly must-see places to visit in Manhattan.

    Broadway theaters are gold of Manhattan
    Real art in the Broadway theaters is the best place to visit in Manhattan

    Rockefeller Center

    Built by one of the richest businessmen of his era, John D. Rockefeller, this enormous complex employed over 40,000 workers over nine years during its construction. On a daily basis, more than 350,000 visitors make their way to the historic landmark, starting early in the morning with folks hoping to see celebrities or wave to their families on TV at the Today Show plaza. The busiest time to visit, of course, is December when the enormous, 70-foot Christmas Tree stands proud above the plaza ice rink.

    Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center attracts many visitors in Manhattan
    Rockefeller Center in December is the most visited place in Manhattan

    Nightlife in Manhattan

    When you are done eating, walking, drinking cocktails on rooftops, seeing best plays and art you are almost visited everything. But, also you have to dance in Manhattan! If you’re bored at night, you’re doing something wrong. Manhattan has many clubs where you will hear different music and perfect sound. Some of them are Cielo, Greenhouse, Le Bain, Pasha etc.

    After moving to Manhattan you should visit everything that makes this place so special and unique. Seems like whole world want to see and live in Manhattan.

    Moving to Manhattan will bring you an exciting life, a lot of dancing, delicious food, beautiful walks, successful business, look at the beautiful lights of the city and the art that leaves you breathless.


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