Pool table moving tips

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    Moving to a new home? It will be a demanding process for sure. The moving process consists of several stages. Above all, it is recommendable to thoroughly plan each stage of moving. Additionally, if you own an old pool table may need extra help. If you’re moving a pool table, you should even consider hiring professional movers to do the job. Why is it necessary? Because moving a pool table is very complex. Pool tables are big, bulky and heavy. On the other hand, they are sensitive and above all, very expensive. Not only their bulkiness but also their weight makes them a particularly difficult item to move. The best pool table moving advice is to hire pool table movers NYC. For sure that a pool table is one of the heaviest items a person can own. Consequently, it requires a long and careful disassembly process when moving.

    Pool table moving tips

    As we mentioned some of the reasons, one thing is clear to you. It is obvious how important is to get as much help as you can when it is about the pool table moving. So we highly recommend you hire professional movers to handle all aspects of the billiard table moving.  But otherwise, we know that this may not be possible for everyone. Although hiring a moving service will make your move faster and smoother, it could be pricey.  If hiring specialty movers isn’t in your budget or timetable, it is possible to move a pool table with the help of strong persons. So enlist your strong friends and family members in the billiards table moving.

    Pool table moving can be very demanding.

    Find the appropriate moving supplies and materials

    Here is how to move a pool table without professionals. But if your move is urgent, contact us. As experienced in moving exceptionally large items, we will share our knowledge with you. You need to get ready for every stage of the pool table moving: the disassembly, moving, and reassembly of the pool table. First and for most: if you plan to move a pool table without professionals, start gathering your supplies as soon as possible. It is right starting with the toolbox. Look at office and other specialized supply stores. Because you will need the next supplies and materials:

    • a power drill,
    • screwdriver,
    • socket wrench set
    • plenty of thick moving blankets for protection
    • staple remover to help remove the pool table’s felt.


    Take care parts of a pool table

    After you get all the important supplies, take our next advice. Not only you don’t want to lose and confuse bits and parts of the pool table during the move but also make sure you label everything properly. Having plenty of labeled bags or boxes where you can place screws and parts inside is a great solution.

    Rent a moving vehicle

    There are plenty of moving vehicle rental companies, so choose wisely before pool table moving. Depending on the size of your billiard table, you will probably need to rent a pickup or box truck rental from a reputable truck rental center. It is important to know exactualy size od your pool table. According to size, choose the right size of a moving truck too.

    Plan ahead

    Don’t forget to enlist as many helpers as possible. It is recommendable recruiting at least five seriosly strong friends or family members to help out. After this, you should measure doorways, staircases, and hallways. And then get ready to disassemble the pool table. Make sure that all parts are protected befofe loading the truck. We hope that you find out those pool table moving tips useful.


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