Post-Move Paperwork: the List

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    Relocating your home comes with many things that you need to do. One well-known task is packing, but did you know that there is also paperwork involved when moving? No one likes it, but we all have to do it. Post-move paperwork is something that you usually have to do yourself, but you can count on some packers and movers in New York to help you with everything else. Some of this paperwork you can do before moving, but you should do the majority after. We know that all you will want to do is relax, but this is usually the last task that needs to be checked off of that rather long list.

    What Do You Need to Know About Post-Move Paperwork?

    Handling the post-move paperwork is something that many people postpone, but you have no benefits to doing this. As time passes, you can even forget about it, and then you can have problems. Instead, as soon as the local movers in NYC drop you off, handle this. Unpacking will take some time, and apart, there is no way that you will forget about this. Some things that you can expect to deal with shortly are:

    • Bank and postal records
    • Address change
    • Medical records
    Picture of a person looking through a bag with documents
    Post-move paperwork can easily be forgotten about

    The bank and postal records should be handled first

    If you handle this as soon as possible, you will be able to enjoy these services on a day-to-day basis. Even though you can keep using your cards, your bank should be notified of the change. The postal service address change, on the other hand, is obvious, you want your bills, online orders, and anything else to arrive at the right address. These things can even be done a few days before you officially move with one of the Manhattan moving and storage companies. This way you will have less to worry about once you get to your new home.

    Address change

    This step can take a long time, so you should do it when you know that you have free time. You need to change your address with all the services and subscriptions that you have. You should also inform the utility providers, ideally before the move. This way you won’t have to pay for early contract termination, and you won’t risk not having the necessities in your new home.

    Medical records

    If you have kids and elderly people in your family, you should put attention to the medical record well before you get packing supplies in Manhattan. You should contact your doctor first for additional information, but the majority of practices require your document either in physical or electronic form. The thing that will take time is that you will have to visit the doctor of every family member.

    Picture of a doctor looking at medical results
    You need to prepare medical records as soon as you start unpacking

    Final Thoughts

    Fixing the post-move paperwork might seem like an unnecessary waste of time, but you have to do it at some point. Don’t hope that you will do it after you finish everything else, because unpacking procrastination can strike at any time. To avoid that, finish this task as soon as you get to your new home.


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