Pros and Cons of a DIY move

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    A DIY move, or a Do It Yourself move has an abundance of perks. However, there are just as many downsides of doing a move this way. One could argue about either of these two is the right choice. There are enough arguments to back up both. We will try to compare the two, in a sense, and see which one would prove to be the better approach.

    Relying on your friends in a DIY move is of vital importance.
    Teamwork is dream work.

    Our final judgment may come at the very beginning. There is no definite winner between a DIY move and an organized, professional move. We have analyzed it over and over again, several times, and each time we did it came to a draw. The best answer to ‘which is better’ we can give is – it depends. It depends on a large number of factors. Our honest advice – if you have never done any type of relocation, hire professional assistance. This is the definite one. Otherwise, it can prove to pose much more difficulty versus the money you saved. Then again, if we take into consideration the amount of information available on the internet today, maybe you can learn anything. Let’s face it, you can learn how to drive a helicopter on YouTube, so why not learn how to do a DIY move?

    Still, there are plenty of arguments defending each approach. So let’s get into it!

    DIY move – Pros

    Let’s start off with the list of positive aspects of doing a DIY move. The biggest argument when deciding on which one to go with is the fact that the DIY approach saves money. And this amount of money saved can be a make it or break it for a lot of people. The second perk is the availability. Sometimes the moving companies of choice are so booked that you have to wait for a time slot to open. If you are doing everything yourself no such wait is necessary. You will be able to move on very short notice because the only relevant mover in the story is you. These three are the winning combination of why DIY move could be the better option.

    Saving money

    The first and the most important perk of a DIY move is the amount of money you save. Granted, the amount of money saved is compensated by the amount of work that you have to do, but this is what you were hoping to do. Hiring professional moving companies can be expensive. But in return, you get an experienced group of people that do all the work for you. The latter sounds great, but if you are on a limited budget – you might not have a choice. In the case where you are not able to spend money on a moving company, the decision becomes easy. The DIY approach becomes necessary. And this is why it is brilliant to always have this as an option. Besides, moving on a budget really is possible.

    Doing a DIY move is all about saving money.
    It all comes down to money sooner or later.

    Granted, you may not be a professional. But still. Given the flow of information, we have today on the internet, I honestly believe anyone can pick up on the basis of a DIY move. So, saving money is the absolute largest perk of doing the DIY project.


    The second most important factor is the fact that sometimes moving companies are not available. This is especially frequent when the peak season starts. You might not be able to find a timeslot for over a month. In this case, you have to wait for the first slot to open. Otherwise, you have to do everything yourself. Either way, when you decide to do everything on your own from the get-go, no such problem can happen. This is one of the things our company always try to be – available!

    Your availability is always 100% and you can freely plan the moving date without any chance of complications or rescheduling. Availability and reliability at its finest.

    You are able to move short notice

    When you are doing everything yourself you are able to schedule a move for even the next day. There is no such thing as long-term planning since the only person that needs to be there is you. So if it is important to you to start everything on the shortest possible notice (i.e. tomorrow), you will be able to do so. You will just have to do everything on your own.

    DIY move – cons 

    The cons can seem overwhelming at first. The biggest, worst possible con is – what if something goes wrong.  When you move on your own, there is a huge chance that something will go wrong. And it can go in any element of the move. Either in the packing phase, or the transportation, or loading and unloading. There are so many things that can go wrong when not dealt with by the professionals.

    Doing a DIY move means you will have to organize your own transport.
    Transportation is an insanely important factor in all this.

    Furthermore, if you lack moving insurance that is usually offered by the moving company, you will not get compensated in any way for any damage caused by accidents or events alike. This means that not only are you exposed to harm, but you also have no contingency if this harm actually happens. It is highly dangerous. Furthermore, there is a strong possibility that you could get hurt and endanger your health. Picking up a heavy closet without any professional moving equipment, and without the experience, could cause you to fall or hurt your back. Additionally, carrying heavy furniture down flights of stairs could also prove to be risky.

    All in all, the cons revolve around the fact that you have never done something like this in your life. The lack of professional equipment and experience can prove to be fatal for the operation. And in this case, all the money you initially saved by not hiring professionals could be lost in the process of damages.

    Choose wisely, and good luck! We are here for you!


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