Quick Guide to Eco-Friendly Moving

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    The way we are packing and shipping products has left a footprint on our environment. The sights are not nice. But, besides that, high pollution is also affecting our health. Luckily, many people have become aware of the problem. Finding sustainable solutions has become the goal of many industries. Among them is the moving industry too. In case you are among those who want to see the planet healthy again, you will also look for eco-friendly moving solutions. If so, you will want to get matched with full service movers NYC. And, here is also a quick guide to help you pack in a sustainable way.

    Eco-friendly moving solutions

    The world becomes increasingly conscious of the need to be sustainable. So, it’s no surprise that packing for moving is following the trend. Nowadays, companies like moving services in Manhattan NY, tend to use reusable packaging materials. And they inform the clients about them too. This helps a lot in reducing waste. And, they are much cheaper too. That being said, let us see different types of sustainable packaging.

    A woman packing belongings into a cardboard box before eco-friendly moving
    Use reusable materials for eco-friendly moving

    Environment-friendly packing

    In case you want to pack your items for moving in an environment-friendly manner, you can do it in two ways. You can go for reusable materials. Or, you can decide to use eco-friendly materials. So, you may wonder what is the difference. 

    Reusable materials

    All packing materials that can be used again, we consider reusable. Such good quality reusable materials you can get from premium packing supplies Manhattan. Due to their high quality, you can use them for other purposes. Or, you can easily sell them afterward. Also, you can decide to use plastic moving boxes. You can purchase them. And, after the move, you can simply use them to pack things for house storage. They will protect your belongings from dust, moisture, molds, etc. Or, you can simply rent them, and return them after use. This is a good solution if you don’t have spare space in your new home. And, you will not need to throw them away, thus adding up to environmental pollution.

    Eco-friendly moving materials

    Under this category are all compostable and biodegradable materials. After the move, you can freely dispose of them. They will simply decompose not polluting nature. And, some of them are even compostable. This means that they will even enrich the soil.

    Eco-friendly packaging for essentials
    Buy some nice, eco-friendly items for your new home.

    Using materials that you already have

    When packing, you will need fillers. So, instead of using styrofoam peanuts, or plastic wrapping, you can use towels, linen, and old papers. The Manhattan moving and storage company will also recommend you use the drawers, to save up on costs. Namely, you can just wrap the kitchen and wardrobe drawers with things that are already inside. That way, you will save up on buying moving boxes. You will simply unwrap the drawers, thus making the unpacking much faster. And, you will not have to think about how to dispose of the packing materials.

    Using eco-friendly alternatives for moving

    We could see that there are various ways to safely pack your possessions. And using environment friendly packing materials is not only good for nature. It is also cheaper. The bottom line, eco-friendly moving is easier, and faster. And cheaper as well. One more saving is that you will not have to pay for cleaning after unpacking and hauling. So, you can use the money saved this way to purchase some nice things for your new home. Eco-friendly, of course!




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