Raising a family in Manhattan – yes or no?

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    All people want the best for their families. This also means choosing a suitable city for your children and your entire family. NYC, or specifically Manhattan, is not usually associated with families and raising your kids. The reason is quite simple. NYC is extremely huge, which can be seen as a disadvantage. You cannot let your kids wander around the city alone due to all the crime, bad people, cars, and so on. However, Manhattan might be a better option. For this reason, before you hire Manhattan movers NYC, see if you should be raising a family in Manhattan or not. 

    Reason to do it 

    First of all, who would not want to live in Manhattan? This part of NYC offers so many great opportunities for professionals. You should even consider starting a business in Manhattan due to a large number of potential customers. In addition to this, do not forget about all the educational opportunities for your children. Manhattan has one of the best public and private schools. Attending any of them would be extremely beneficial for your children as it will prepare them adequately for college entrance exams.  

    In addition to this, there are many things to do in NYC, especially in Manhattan. You can take your kids to the Museum of Natural History, then to see one Broadway show, not to mention all the beautiful parks, zoos, and so on. What is even better, you do not have to spend a lot of money as there are many free events to attend and public transportation is one of the best. Lastly, your children will get to know all the different cultures which is an important aspect of their development. 

    Manhattan during the day
    Manhattan is a place full of opportunities for the entire family

    Cons of raising a family in Manhattan 

    You probably know this already, but life in Manhattan is extremely expensive. If you are moving to Upper Manhattan, you can hardly find anything remotely acceptable under $3000 per month. In addition to this, the cost of living is pretty high as well. Unless you have a well-paid job, your new life in Manhattan might not be comfortable 

    Apart from being overly expensive, life in Manhattan also means the lack of outdoor space. Most people live in small apartments, which might be uncomfortable for bigger families. You can forget about BBQs in the summer, a big yard, outdoor dinners, and so on. Of course, you can always visit Central Park or some smaller park near you. However, this is not the same as having your own outdoor space. This also means that your children cannot go out and play with their friends as it might not be safe. 

    people sitting on the grass
    You can always go to Central Park for outdoor recreation

    Should you do it or not? 

    If you are still considering raising a family in Manhattan, you should try to find a house or apartment in the following neighborhoods. 

    • Battery City Park 
    • Upper West Side 
    • Tribeca 
    • Hell’s Kitchen 
    • Harlem 

    Manhattan can be a good place for your family if you give it a chance! 


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