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    In the modern era, it is very difficult to stay at the same place for life, as it used to be the custom the only a couple of decades ago. Today, it is popular to move from one place to another at least several times in your life. One research discovered that the average American moves 12 times in life! It means that the relocation itself became an important matter nowadays. So, if you are an average person seeking for perfect place to commute there and start your family, or live a perfect life with a family that you already have, you might be interested to read this article and find out why moving to Manhattan is such a brilliant idea, and why many Manhattanites never move in their life, considering Manhattan to be the best place on Earth!

    We are not going to investigate different kinds of people needs when talking about why it is good to relocate to Manhattan, but we will be saying why is Manhattan so great city and what is so great about it. As you know, nobody likes the same things, so there is a probability that someone finds Manhattan uninteresting place for relocating to, but the percentage of those people is at the lowest possible level when we talk about the capital of the world!

    Advancing to Manhattan means advancing in your life!

    Manhattan is a great place to commute to for education

    It doesn’t matter if you want the good education for you or for your children. Education is always important, so commuting to Manhattan is commuting to a perfect place to get it!

    If you are someone who cares about the good education for himself and for his children, you should take moving to Manhattan under consideration. The reason why we would recommend commuting to Manhattan is that there are so much decent to high-quality schools for a various age of children. When we are talking about the schools, there is around 170 of them! If you are moving with the kids at the age for high school, no problem, there are around 100 high schools ready for you to pick one of them. Talking about higher education, is there anything else we should mention besides Columbia University in northern Manhattan that would persuade you better to pack and move there? It is one of the oldest Universities in the USA (actually fifth oldest, founded in 1754), and it is a guarantee of getting a fine and quality knowledge for yourself, or for your children. Commuting to Manhattan would be a wise choice being that it would cut your costs for the period you or your children attend this college, and also make you less worried about your kids, because you would get to see them much more often, and you know how much parents love their children.

    Relocate to Manhattan and forget about transportation problems

    Various kinds of transportation make you able to choose what is the most suitable to you at the specific moment

    There is no such thing for you as transportation problem, once you moved to Manhattan

    In case you are like us from ‘Manhattan Movers New York’, and you hate public transportation- move to Manhattan and feel the excitement of always being able to choose what transportation would you like to use. Manhattan is the unique city in the USA for a percentage of people using the public transportation-over 80%!  You are in a hurry, then take a subway, and you will be anywhere in minutes from now. In case you are in a chill mood, and you like boats, you may take a boat taxi and enjoy the nice sunny day with the wind in your hair. You do not need to have a car here, because of such a good public transportation, and also it is recommended not to have one because you probably would hate to spare another rental price just to have your car parked when driving it. But in case you feel like driving, you may rent a car. Also, there are different types of buses you can take, for transportation within or outside the Manhattan. Another way of commuting in Manhattan is taking a cab, that is very much affordable and not expensive at all.

    There is not as multi-ethnic city as New York, especially Manhattan

    The diversity in this part of New York is among highest in the USA, commute to Manhattan and you will enjoy it!

    Advance to Manhattan and feel the joy of being one of the various ethnicities living here, enjoying in different languages you can hear everywhere you move. You can learn a new language during the transportation from home to work and back. Manhattan has the most diverse food you can imagine, and all of it very tasty. Most of the food you would try here is unlike any food that you ever tasted. It is very exciting getting to know different cultures and different customs. If you like that, advancing to Manhattan is the best decision you have ever made.

    Moving to Manhattan means having all sorts of fun at your disposal

    Party maniac, fine art lover or a theatre-loving person- commuting to Manhattan would make it easy for you to have fun each time of the day!

    Commuting to Manhattan would bring you closer to the world centre of fun!

    Being that New York is known as a city that never sleeps, and being that Manhattan is kind of New York core, for many things, do you think there might be a city that would be better to move to if we are talking of opportunities to have fun? Whatever you like, Manhattan has it. I am serious. If you are an artist, there is great opportunity for you to earn a good money in Manhattan. If you are an art lover– there are numerous galleries, theatres, cinemas, music halls and much more where you can find everything you like. Can you not live without sports? There are dozens of world class places for playing almost any sport you can imagine. It doesn’t matter if you like to go out at disco clubs, café with jazz music, or you prefer rock concert- it is up to you to choose. Once you relocated to Manhattan, opportunities for improvement of every segment of your life are rising every day!

    Recapitulation of reasons to move to Manhattan

    • Education-In case you are looking for a place to move for improving chances of good education, advancing to Manhattan comes as a natural choice- hundreds of high-quality schools and Columbia University are there to prove it!
    • Transportation– If you relocate to Manhattan, you would be able to choose among various kinds of transportation: Subway, taxi boat, cab, bus, rent-a-car
    • Various ethnicities– For those who like getting to know new cultures and new customs- moving to Manhattan means becoming able to enjoy in everyday life
    • Having fun– If you commute to Manhattan, and you like a different kind of fun, you would never stop moving, because of what Manhattan has to offer in terms of art, sport and nightlife


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