Reasons to move to East Village

reasons to move to East Village for its amazing architecture

New York City is a great place to live. When you are moving to Manhattan, there are a lot of good neighborhoods to choose from. They all have some unique charms, but the top pick for everyone should be East Village. There are many good reasons to move to East Village. And there are professional Manhattan movers NYC that can make your move to  East Village end smoothly. The neighborhood, which is located between 14th Street to the north and Houston Street to the south, used to be known as the part of the Lower East Side. But in the mid-20th century, its reputation got better when different types of artists started to move in. Over time East Village became a mixture of the new corporations and old art inspired shops. 

a city during the snow
East Village is beautiful even during the winter

Life in East Village 

East Village is primarily a residential area. Many families live here because of good educational opportunities and an overall safe environment. With generally good salaries, it is a great place to start a family life. Additionally, besides families, there are many college students living in their perspective dorms. For that reason, there could be a quite crowd on the street, especially on the weekends. Also, life in the East Village is extremely convenient. Within just 20 min of walk, you can go to places like SoHo or the Lower East Side. There are a lot of City Bike stations, which is a great mode of transportation, especially in the summer. Streets are filled with many trees and greenery compared to other neighborhoods in Manhattan. Furthermore, it also has several parks and community gardens. You can experience life here if you move here with East Village movers. 

mural on the wall
You can find fascinating street art in East Village

The rich cultural background is one of the reasons to move to East Village

The East Village has always been a place of creativity and innovation. It is the birthplace of different directions in arts, such as punk music. It was a haven for artists in the past and a home to many immigrants. For this reason, there is a lot to learn and to discover about the neighborhood, from historical background to many different cultures featured here. Because of its history of immigration, you can find all the types of cuisine you would want to try. Just take a walk around the neighborhood, and you can experience different flavors from almost every part of the world. If you want to go out during the night, there are many bars for everyone’s taste. You should visit bars that call themselves speakeasies, which was popular during the Prohibition years. Now they are retro-style bars. 

There is a high demand for East Village, and many people would like to have an opportunity to live here. Don’t let the high cost of living to scare you from organizing relocation. Let yourself be charmed by the rich history and different cultures. All these reasons to move to East Village speak to its favor.


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