Reasons to Move to East Village

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    New York City is a great place to live. When you are moving to Manhattan, there are a lot of good neighborhoods to choose from. And, all of them have unique charms. However, East Village is one of NYC’s hottest spots. So, there are many good reasons to move to East Village. The neighborhood, which is located between 14th Street to the North and Houston Street to the South, used to be known as part of the Lower East Side. But in the mid-20th century, its reputation got better. It was thanks to different types of artists that started to move in. Over time East Village became a mixture of new corporations and old art-inspired shops. In case the idea of moving to the East Village looks attractive to you, count on the reliable services of Manhattan Movers NYC. They will move you there safely and smoothly.

    Facts to know before moving to East Village

    East Village has about 57,500 residents. As is the case in many other Manhattan neighborhoods, most of the people, more precisely 84% of them are renting. And, that is no wonder, considering that the median home value is $862,779. The renters in East Village are paying a monthly rent of $1,816 on average. The median household income is $87,681.

    People enjoying the sun in the park which is one of the reasons to move to East Village
    East Village is home to many young people and college students.

    Also, 11% of the population living in this residential and commercial neighborhood in South East Manhattan are families with kids. Besides, East Village is home to many young people and college students. That is not a wonder, considering that the neighborhood is home to New York University and Cooper Union.

    Reasons to move to East Village

    The East Village is a vibrant New York City neighborhood. It is a perfect mixture of laid-back, fun, and stylish lifestyles. It also offers a wide range of activities, attractions, and living options. Besides, in East Village, you will find has an impressive selection of apartments for rent and sale. The whole area is a mixture of high-rise buildings with modern amenities and vintage walk-ups. Living in East Village you will benefit from close proximity to many different forms of public transportation. And, it is also known for its lively nightlife scene and charming mix of restaurants, bars, and music venues.

    East Village has always been a place of creativity and innovation. It is also known for many counterculture artistic movements. They include punk rock and the beatnik movement. So, besides entrepreneurs, and young professionals, many artists, musicians, and actors are having homes in the area. Are you considering moving to this unique neighborhood? If so, count on the professional assistance of affordable movers in NYC.

    Living in East Village 

    East Village is a very attractive residential area. Many families live there due to good educational opportunities. Besides, most of the schools are fostering environmental awareness. So, if you support a sustainable way of living, you will be happy to have your kids learn about it from early childhood. Many people consider this one of the main reasons to move to East Village.

    Also, East Village is rather a safe neighborhoodHowever, living in East Village, it is wise to avoid East of Avenue B. Namely, there are some gang activities going on in Alphabet City. On the other hand, the rest of the neighborhood is a good and safe place for living. The only inconveniences you may encounter are crowds. The area is rather highly populated. And, the reason for that is the high number of university students.

    Group photo of music band with instruments standing on the rooftop
    East Village is known for many counterculture artistic movements, which is one of the reasons to move to East Village

    Excellent connection with other neighborhoods

    Living in the East Village is very convenient, as it is well connected with other areas. Within just 20 minutes of walking, you can go to places like SoHo or the Lower East Side. There are also a lot of City Bike stations. And, they present a great mode of transportation. Biking is especially popular among residents during the summertime.

    Green oasis could be a reason to move to East Village

    Streets in East Village are filled with many trees and greenery. So, compared to other neighborhoods in Manhattan, it looks like a green oasis. This is also one of the reasons why people are seeking the assistance of East Village movers and moving to the neighborhood. Furthermore, there are also some nice parks and community gardens, such as:

    • Tompkins Square Park
    • Washington Square Park

    The rich historical background 

    Because of its history of immigration, in East Village you can find all the types of cuisine you would want to try. Just take a walk around the neighborhood, and you can experience different flavors from almost every part of the world. If you want to go out during the night, there are many bars for everyone’s taste. You should visit bars that call themselves The Speakeasies, which were popular during the Prohibition years. Nowadays, they are turned into very popular retro-style bars. 

    Buying an apartment in East Village

    If you plan to buy an apartment in East Village, here is info that can help you in bringing the final decision. In this area, you can find apartments in various sizes. So, you will find a good apartment, regardless if you wish to purchase a studio or a three-room apartment.  Also, you will be able to choose between apartment buildings and vintage walk-up buildings. Modern apartment buildings are coming with a number of amenities. They can, for example, have a modern fitness studio, or a closed swimming pool. On the other hand, vintage walk-up buildings are more affordable.

    Green sofa and a table in a living room in East Village
    Purchasing an apartment in the East Village can be pricey.

    Apartment affordability

    Purchasing an apartment in the East Village can be pricey. However, it is still much more affordable than purchasing apartments in the surrounding, more expensive neighborhoods. The apartment prices in East Village are slightly above the median average sales price in Manhattan. 

    Choosing the right place for yourself

    Most listings available in the East Village are condos. And, although there are some large complexes in the East Village, the majority of buildings are smaller in size. And, you may actually like sharing the apartment building with fewer people. In that case, you will have more privacy using the swimming pool, or a gym. Once you find and purchase the apartment, you can easily get matched with movers and packers in Manhattan.

    Moving to East Village

    We could see that there are many reasons to move to East Village. Although it is not the cheapest possible NYC neighborhood, it comes with many benefits. It has many greenery, good schools, and rich artistic life. It also comes with many nightlife possibilities. And, not less important, you can easily rich many other neighbors. You can either rich them walking, biking, or using one of many transportation means.



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