Things to know before relocating from Manhattan to Westchester

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    Living in a city as vibrant and vivid as New York City can be a wonderful experience. Almost everything is available 24/7. There are places to go and things to do 365 days of the year. You can always meet new people. Also, job opportunities are numerous. All this is especially true if you live in Manhattan. By now, you have gotten used to crowded streets, fast food, and vibrant nightlife. And you most likely enjoyed in for at least a part of your life. However, as you start to grow older and raise a family of your own, your preferences usually change. You no longer appreciate your small apartment and the lack of front yard. If this is the case, you have probably started looking for places to move outside of the city. One of the most popular destinations for Manhattan residents with families in the previous years has been Westchester. Here are some things to know before relocating from Manhattan to Westchester.

    Relocating from Manhattan to Westchester is a great idea after becoming a parent
    You may find leaving New York City much easier after becoming a parent.

    Why are people relocating from Manhattan do Westchester?

    Being a resident of Manhattan does have its benefits. Nevertheless, people that have children and families often choose to move to a more suburban area. Westchester is a county just north of New York City, located in the Hudson Valley. It has several cities and towns, as well as villages and has been a suitable moving destination for many Manhattan families. Living in Manhattan can be a bit difficult when your children are growing in a small New York City apartment. This is why many people with children choose to move to a more suburban area. Also, it is worth mentioning that schools in Westchester County have been continuously chosen as best in the entire country. This is why many parents choose Westchester as the perfect suburban home for their family. Living in a neighborhood with safe streets and good schools is a logical step after becoming a parent. Residents of Westchester are usually those of a slightly above-average median income.

    Real estate prices might come as a surprise

    We have all heard about suburban areas being appropriate for people with a more affluent lifestyle. Those large houses and spacious yards must cost so much more than a cramped Manhattan apartment, right? Actually, no. Recent data show that real estate prices in Manhattan are so high that buying a house in a suburban area such as Westchester can actually be a rational decision. Mind you, buying a house in Westchester is still not considered cheap. However, it definitely makes more sense when you have a family. For the same amount of money, you will be able to find a larger, more family-friendly home in a quiet neighborhood.

    You will quickly get used to safe and frindle environment of Westchester.
    Westchester will offer you safe streets and quiet neighborhoods.

    You may find living in suburbs to be a bigger change than you imagined

    When making your decision about relocating from Manhattan to Westchester, you most likely decided that suburbs are the way to go. Of course, there are numerous advantages of a suburban lifestyle to that of downtown. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for some adaptation process. You may not like all of it!

    • Owning a car – being a Manhattan resident has probably made you a longtime cab and subway user. Owning a car in Manhattan is not imperative. This is something that needs to change after moving to Westchester. Even people who use the train around here, need to drive to the station beforehand. Parking is also something you never used to think about in Manhattan. And this will quickly change after you move as well.
    • Taxes in Westchester are notorious – but they are not the same in every town, so you can look into it and decide which option suits you best.
    • Everyday life will have some changes – driving on a daily basis, taking care of a front yard, shoveling snow during wintertime, losing the option of late-night food deliveries… The list goes on. But there are many lifestyle improvements as well. More space, knowing your neighbors, and life having a generally steadier pace.

    Be prepared for the possibility of a quick move

    If you are relocating from Manhattan to Westchester, you should get ready in time. Houses here spend very few days on the market. The area is popular among New Yorkers. So, prepare in advance. Your moving day might be closer than you think. In order to make your relocation more efficient, consider hiring a professional moving company. They will help you during your moving day and you will be able to complete your relocation faster and more effectively. Professional packers such as will take care of your belongings and handle them appropriately. This will enable you to handle other relocation issues. The moving day might be stressful and you could use all the help you can get. If you are moving with your children, all the more reason for hiring professionals to the rescue. Moving in haste is never easy, especially with children.

    Moivng with children usually increases the amount of stress
    Moving days with children can seem hectic.

    According to the popular song, leaving New York (City) is never easy. This shouldn’t concern you. There are many advantages and benefits of living in a suburban area. This is why relocating from Manhattan to Westchester is a good idea. Especially if you plan to have or already have children. Westchester offers a more peaceful lifestyle, away from the Manhattan hustle. Your children will go to good schools. Each of your family members will have more space for themselves. You can enjoy peace and quiet of your safe neighborhood and forget all about overcrowded streets and confined apartments. Westchester offers more beautiful scenery and less polluted air. All in all, it is probably a reasonable step to take. Suburban lifestyle is not for everyone, but you can give yourself a chance to make it work. And give one to Westchester, too.


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