Saturday night in Manhattan.

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    Manhattan has always been the most inspiring and talked-about part of New York City. And for a good reason, we would say. It is, as many call it, the center of the Universe, the Capital of the World, or simply The City! The lexicographers should add the word ‘Manhattan’ in dictionaries under the definition of ‘prestige’.  The crazy vibe and the sea of people who are constantly flowing through the streets and avenues are those which give this city energy and move it. This is the place to be. And if you want to find out what fun you can have on a Saturday night in Manhattan, read this article. 

    Night scene in Manhattan

    Not only is Manhattan a fashion and business hub, but it is also one of the best places in the world regarding the nightlife. Here, every street offers you something different and unique, and it’s only up to you what to choose. If you’re already a resident of this wonderful part of New York then you probably already have your favorite places. However, if you’ve recently moved and you’re new in the City,  or you’re just spending some time here, then you might take a look at some of the following and pick up a few ideas.

    But first, dress up for the occasion


    Although it is maybe unnecessary to say, we still have to point out that dressing appropriately for the occasion is simply a right thing to do. If you decide to attend a theater play, it would be inappropriate to enter the audience dressed up for a party. Some clothes are simply not allowed in certain places. To give an example, you can’t wear denim in nice restaurants. For women, a cocktail dress or something more formal would do. For men, a jacket and a tie is almost always a must.  So, chose your attire with care, but pay attention not to be overdressed, either.

    Once you’ve dressed appropriately, let’s take a tour around the places you can visit on a Saturday night in Manhattan

    Since it’s impossible to cover everything, we have selected just some that are currently the most popular or where you can have the most fun.

    Broadway shows

    Take a chance to watch the finest Broadway plays

    Our tour on Saturday night in Manhattan starts in Midtown Manhattan in the Theater District and Lincoln Center. If you’re in New York, don’t miss a chance to see some of the most brilliant musicals and plays Broadway has to offer. You’ve probably seen many theater shows elsewhere, but being here is simply an upper category and brings a special feeling. Many legendary actors of today have performed on the stage. Some of them are Orlando Bloom who has portrayed Romeo, Hugh Jackman who has had several roles here and Nicole Kidman, among many others. You can always plan ahead and chose what shows you would like to see, and who knows; maybe you’ll get a chance to see your favorite actor. If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to afford the ticket, there are ways to get a discount.

    Maybe a comedy club?

    If you’re more for a stand-up show, why not spend your Saturday night in Manhattan here? Manhattan has plenty great comedy clubs. During the night you can enjoy many performances, and if you’re brave enough, you could even go up on a stage and show the audience what you’ve got. If you’re booed, it’s on you! However, the queue is usually long, so you might think about booking a table in advance, or try your luck to enter some of the shows without a reservation.

    Up for a party?

    You can take this literally. Some of the best parties are held on the top of the buildings. If you’re looking for an exclusive place, our recommendation is 230 FIFTHone of the finest rooftop lounges which hosts excellent parties. The night sky of Manhattan from this lounge is absolutely astonishing.  Imagine having a New Year’s Eve party here while dancing to the music. Sounds amazing, huh? We know!


    Maybe a bar?

    If you’re in the mood for going to a bar,  your Saturday night in Manhattan can start from here. Many popular bars are scattered all across the island, the good news is that most offer happy hours. Also, you can dance to a great beat,  enjoy the amazing atmosphere, as you get to know many new people. We’re sure you’ll find your favorite one as you explore Manhattan more and more.

    Try karaoke

    You can be your own DJ in this club. Grab a microphone and sing it out!

    Night museums

    For a more cultural content, you can visit some museums here in Manhattan. Many of them offer night tours until 11 pm. This means that if you spent your day doing some other things, but you still want to check out some exhibitions, you have high chances to do so.

    The view from the top

    Rooftop view
    Enjoy the view

    We know that you know that the night skyline of Manhattan can look surreal. You’ve probably seen it many times in movies. But how about checking out that on your own? We suggest you three top places that offer you this experience – The Empire State Building (which is opened until 2 am), Top of the Rock (until midnight), and One World Trade Center Observatory. Take this chance to make some spectacular photos.

    All Aboard

    One of the best ways to spend your Saturday night in Manhattan is to get to know it from a different angle. By going on a boat cruise together with your family and friends you can undergo a fantastically unique adventure! During the sail, which starts from Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan, you can enjoy the sights on the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, and many more. The price also includes free dinner and drinks, for the complete atmosphere.

    This is the stop where we get off the boat. We hope you liked the ride. Feel free to join us again on some other beautiful Saturday night in Manhattan.


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