Spring cleaning and storage: how to organize

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    Finally, that time of the year has come when the days are longer and we have more time to finish tasks that are waiting. In the spring our home, balcony, yard, and garden look different and more beautiful than ever. Also, we don’t need all those winter clothes and equipment anymore. For that reason, you will need to take some time and put aside all those things you will not need until cold days return. Whether you are renting storage or not, preparation for spring cleaning will make you consider that option. To help you do the best job, our storage NYC specialists will show you simple ways to organize spring cleaning and storage. With our advice, you will have fun while doing big cleaning and preparing items for storage. Let’s plan this spring project together!

    Plan out spring cleaning and storage organizing

    The biggest challenge for you will be to organize the cleaning of storage rooms inside your home. Although these rooms are used less frequently than others, they are also less cleaned too. For this reason, storage rooms probably have become cluttered and messy. But now when it is sunny outside, you are finally ready to clean them out and bring some spring spirit into your entire home. One more reason for you to look forward to spring cleaning is excellent tips from some of the best movers in Manhattan. With our spring cleaning tips, storage areas of your home will become neat and tidy faster than you think is possible.

    A young woman sorting out seasonal clothes
    Try to decide do you plan to wear all of your clothes.

    As you already know, it is hasdest to start with cleaning storage areas. This is because there are many of them inside your home and it can be difficult to prioritize. Luckily, we will help you begin the big spring cleaning and storage organizing. First and foremost, take the advice from our Manhattan Movers NYC and identify storage areas you should clean and organize. Here is which areas should be on your cleaning list:

    • closets;
    • laundry room;
    • garage;
    • attic;
    • basement.

    It is time to take inventory and simplify spring cleaning and storage organizing

    Summer dress in, winter jacket out, it is pretty simple. But when you have to take care of the clothes of all your family members, spring cleaning can become a true nightmare. However, there is nothing that could calm you down more than writing your plans on a piece of paper. For that reason, get some coffee, sit down at the most beautiful place on your balcony and create a list that will be your guideline while organizing the cleaning of your home. This list should contain all items you need to pack and store. Also, this list will include some of the items you should get rid of.

    A person vacuuming under a cabinet
    Get enough space to vacuum your storage rooms.

    If you start with closets, firstly write down what winter clothes you need to put aside from the most accessible shelves. When you start packing these items, soon you will realize you haven’t worn some sweaters and jackets for years. Consider will you need them next season and if not, pack them for storage units Manhattan. Remember, spring cleaning is a perfect chance to get some additional space inside your home, indeed. So, try to start downsizing from the storage rooms inside your home. Consider washing some of your clothes before you take them to the storage unit. This is important since unwashed clothes can cause unwanted musty smells and attract pests. So, whether you will place your clothes in your home storage or storage unit, make sure it is clean and dry.

    It is time to empty the attic out

    Did you know how a clean and neat attic is beneficial for your entire home? Well, it can improve energy efficiency and your house’s air quality. So, take the advice from our residential movers NYC and remove all items from your attic. This will give you enough room to get floors clean and let some fresh air in your attic. Now when all your things from the attic are out, sort out all of them and divide them into a few different piles (keep, donate, sell, or trash). Dust and clean attic items and wash the items you need to.

    Give your attic a new purpose during spring cleaning and storage organizing

    After deep cleaning, it may occur to your to turn your attic into a kid’s playroom or your small home library. If you have a storage unit at your disposal, you could bring the items from your attic that you want to keep. After you finish cleaning the rest of your home, you can start turning your attic into a functional room for your kids or yourself. The spring is the ideal season for projects like this one. All you need is some new furniture from the Ikea store and your friends to make you a company. Of course, you can do the same thing with your basement. But first, check if there is enough space in your storage unit for all those things from your basement.

    A woman does spring cleaning and storage
    You may wish to turn your attic into a home library after you finish spring cleaning and storage.

    It is a perfect moment to organize your garage

    When you don’t know where to place your old appliances or skies, your steps lead you to the garage. It does not matter how spacious or small your garage is, this room is always there to guest not only your vehicle but also tools, equipment, and many other items. But all that clutter inside your garage looks even worse when the spring arrives. And now your first plan is to organize spring cleaning and storage cleaning and give your garage a new look. Our local movers NYC recommend you to take out all items you keep inside your garage, clean floors and shelves, and donate or sell most of the items you don’t plan to use from now on. After you do it, you will feel like you have a new garage. Wish you enjoy the storage and spring cleaning of your home!


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