Guide for Using Storage Container Pods

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    Storage pods are nowadays a necessity when you’re moving, especially when you have a lot of belongings. Why? Because they’re durable and highly practical. Some people even use them as housing! However, they can be confusing to somebody who has never moved before or somebody coming from another country, where they are not as popular. So a 101 in form of guide for using storage container pods should help you get started.

    What are storage container pods?

    The Basics

    Storage container pods: you have probably seen them if you work or live somewhere near a harbor or a busy road. They are steel shipping containers made according to newer standards out of high tensile, rigid steel framework. This ensures that your items will be safe during your move. Some of them feature roll-up doors as opposed to classic ones. Tops may be out of steel as well, the other option being durable polymers. In the latter case, tops may be translucent. Size may vary, some are large enough to transport the contents of an entire studio apartment or a college pad. This implies that they can carry a larger load than average. However, not all the manufacturers provide all sizes – or the same sizes, for that matter.

    In addition, they can also be useful for storing your belongings during house renovations and remodeling. This makes them additionally popular and preferable to many other types of storage. They can be delivered wherever you need them and picked up when you are done, which is useful when you live in a more remote location. You don’t go to them, they come to you. They can also be loaded to warehouses and storage centres – depends on who is handling them for you and where you live.

    Good to Know

    Some container manufacturers claim that their containers are completely weatherproof, vandal and thief-proof – make sure to check if those claims are true. Reviews are your friend.

    Most storage containers are self-supporting – you don’t need to use foundation of any kind. They are built to full marine specification.

    Storage pods are typically moved using large trucks provided with cranes. This also implies that the area where they’re carried to and picked from needs to be accessible to the said trucks.

    Always search the storage unit size before opting for it and pick what’s best for you.

    Storage container pods use guide
    Storage container pods can be a great option for storage when moving.

    Can I Use Storage Container Pods?

    In most cases, you can. And you should. However, there are some notable exceptions. Please, mind that storage container pods are not available everywhere just yet. This might be a problem when you need them for long distance moving. You will not be able to use them in the following states:

    • Alaska
    • Montana
    • North Dakota
    • Vermont
    • West Virginia
    • Wyoming

    Local laws and regulations may apply in some cases – there may, for example, be locations where you will not be able to use storage container pods in your street, or similar. As a result, you will have to use the closest storage center to store your items.

    If you’re moving from these states, you will need to consider a different transportation and storage method.

    Storage Pods versus Shipping Containers

    Are storage container pods right for you? Typically, they are a better solution for short-term storage. Shipping containers are used for longer-term storage, although this is not necessarily a rule per sé. Most makers of storage pods follow standards in terms of size, climate control, safety (insurance fees may apply) and similar. You have to choose what suits you better.

    Budget-wise, there are not that many differences. Simply, the cost of using storage pods is directly related to their size, storage time and the length of your move, if it applies.

    Storage Pods Tips

    Shipping yard.
    Storage pods have many uses.
    • You still need to pack your belongings. Check out specific tips for users of storage pods.
    • Don’t forget to pack your more fragile items safely, e.g. pianos.
    • Should you need to dismantle your furniture before packing it for any reason, make sure you do it right to avoid damage
    • If you’re experienced and have the needed vehicle, you may opt to transport your storage pods yourself!
    • Pick the proper location to load and unload.
    • Check whether the truck carrying pod(s) can access your desired location.
    • If necessary, consider insurance (more on that below).
    • Discuss details with your moving company if necessary and ask them for help.
    • Don’t forget to check your state and county’s regulations on storage pods.
    • If possible, prioritize safety to price. You can discuss a payment plan with movers in most cases.
    • If the demand is high, consider booking your storage in advance.

    Make sure you do your research!

    Pick the right storage pods.

    There are some prominent and some not-so-prominent companies that manufacture and provide storage pods. Reliable reviews should help you pick the right ones. Some pods are not big enough to fit larger items or the amount of belongings you need to store. Transit times may vary and this can directly impact your moving plans. Make sure you read everything carefully, including the fine print!

    Pick the right insurance option.

    Some insurance plans will only secure the storage container pods themselves. If your budget allows you to do so and if you would not want to see your more valuable belongings damaged, consider getting a more expensive insurance plan that will also cover the items you hold inside. Insurance is especially important for long-term storage. Of course, you should still mind the sentimental and financial value of your items: consider looking at the other tips in this article. And, as a rule of thumb, check insurance prices in order to match your moving or renovations budget.

    What if storage container pods are not right for me?

    Do not despair! Consider classic shipping containers or the ever-so-popular self-storage units.

    Laptop, book and phone in chains.
    Safety should always be a priority.

    We compiled this guide for using storage container pods for you so you could have an idea of what you are in for when moving. For any questions, you may want to contact us. We will be happy to assist you further and help you with your big move to Manhattan.


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