Storage Tips for Staging Your Manhattan Apartment

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    Apartment staging is a method used in real estate to speed up the selling or renting process. The seller sets up the property as if someone was living there – furniture and decor included, which should help a potential buyer to imagine this as their new home. Many homes are sold or rented with clutter, which makes the space very unappealing. Storage units are a great help in this case. If you are in a rush to move out with the help of some moving and storage NYC company, then our storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment will help.

    Why would you want to sell an apartment in Manhattan?

    Manhattan is one of the most desirable places to live in the USA. As the heart of the Big Apple, it is a luxurious, trendy part of NYC that only very few people can afford. But things have taken a turn thanks to the pandemic, and now many people want to leave Manhattan. How could this have happened?

    Picture of a living room after implementing storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment
    People decide to leave Manhattan for many reasons

    Well, first, Manhattan is a very densely populated urban area, with 72,918 people per square mile – this makes social distancing quite difficult. Second, the restrictions that we had to follow for a few months didn’t make it possible for many people to leave their apartments. Very few properties in Manhattan have yards, making it very impractical for families with kids. Naturally, many people decided to sell their properties in Manhattan and get moving quotes NYC in search of a less densely populated area. If you are this person, then our storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment will come in handy.

    What are some useful storage tips when staging your Manhattan apartment?

    Whether you are planning to renovate, declutter or move, self storage Manhattan is a great solution. It will make it possible to get rid of your items temporarily and free up space in your home. And the best thing is you can decide how much time you can rent a unit. And the prices aren’t bad – the average storage unit in this part of NYC costs around $350 per month. Because of this, we always recommend the use of storage units to get rid of visually unpleasing clutter. Some other tips that we can give you are:

    • Get rid of anything unnecessary
    • Change normal furniture with multifunctional pieces
    • Use climate-controlled units

    Get rid of unnecessary items

    If you decided to sell or rent an apartment, your goal is to do it ASAP. The real estate market is uncertain, and prices can fluctuate greatly within a month’s duration. So, staging an apartment is an easy, cost-effective way to do this. Clutter is your biggest enemy here, and what is clutter? Items that you don’t need anymore! If you don’t need them, the potential buyers or tenants won’t need them either. But getting rid of items doesn’t necessarily mean throwing items away.

    Get a few moving boxes NYC and label them for donations or gifts. Things that you might not need can be a treasure for people in need. Contact a local charity organization like New York Cares and Project Sunshine and see the options that you have for donating. If you cannot make up your mind right away, you can always rent storage and postpone big decisions for later.

    Picture of a person laying in a pile of clothes
    Unnecessary items will create unattractive clutter in your apartment

    Change normal for multifunctional furniture

    Manhattan is an expensive area, where every square inch counts. So, instead of spending an extra $1,319 for a square foot, people came up with creative ideas to save space. Furniture pieces are big space occupants, so why not use them for more than furniture? So, instead of getting rid of perfectly good furniture, sell it and invest in multifunctional pieces. Our company can help you with moving furniture NYC, so don’t worry about that. These pieces have additional storage space, that you can use for hiding away clutter. And there are many options, from beds with drawers to living room sofas and ottomans that have hidden drawers in them.

    This storage tip for staging your Manhattan apartment might not be a permanent solution, but it will buy you time to decide what to do with the clutter. Another way to hide clutter and maximize storage space is by installing shelves with doors. Their modern design will turn these furniture pieces into a decorative element while serving the function of hiding your clutter.

    Climate-controlled units are sometimes a must

    Climate-controlled units are sometimes a must. They offer the best protection for some sensitive stuff like wooden items, electronic devices, etc. They might be higher priced than regular units, but their use outweighs the higher price. You can use this storage NYC for a long time, without having to worry about temperature fluctuations and humidity damaging your items.

    When should you implement our storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment?

    The ideal time to put our storage tips for staging the Manhattan apartment to use is as soon as you decide to sell or rent it. Getting rid of items and buying new furniture pieces will take time, especially if you are indecisive. You should start getting rid of items even before you move, but some clutter will inevitably stay. As far as new furniture is concerned, you will need time to pick the perfect furniture that serves its double purpose and pick the right style.

    The whole point of staging an apartment is to make it visually pleasing, so your property stands out in the sea of properties in Manhattan. Be honest, when scrolling on a real estate selling site, you will likely be more attracted to those esthetically pleasing properties, as everyone does. It will take one week at most to set up, and you will sell your property much faster thanks to this.

    Picture of a couple decorating
    The point of our storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment is to speed up the selling process of your property

    Our storage tips for staging your apartment in Manhattan can be helpful

    As you can see, the goal of our storage tips for staging your Manhattan apartment is to speed up the selling process of your apartment. But the Manhattan real estate market is a high-competition market, and the recent price increases made it even worse. But even with many people leaving the big cities, Manhattan is still as popular as ever. High costs of living won’t damage this area’s high reputation, so you shouldn’t have problems with selling your property fast.



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