Storing Furniture and Appliances During a Renovation in NYC

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    Renovating a home is a big project. It is full of excitement and opportunity, and it will give your home a new look. No matter if you just moved in, have been living there for some time, or are about to move out, storage can come in handy. The renovation will turn everything upside down, and you will want the least things where possible. Our moving and storage NYC company can help you by keeping your items safe for as long as you want. You just need to learn the proper way of storing furniture and appliances during a renovation.

    What do you need to do when storing furniture and appliances during a renovation?

    Furniture and appliances are items that usually take up a lot of space. Renovating a home means that you will change something big – the floors, walls, or windows. All these modulations will take up space and potentially damage your belongings. That’s why it’s mandatory to work in an empty room. Anything that is not crucial at the moment can spend some time at our Manhattan storage units, alongside furniture and appliances. To do this properly, you need to:

    • Find the right-sized storage unit
    • Get rid of and store everything you don’t need
    • Clean the items before storage
    • Pay attention to the requirements of the items
    • Get someone to help you with transportation
    • Protect your items
    Picture of a room that is being remodeled
    Renovation is a way to add value to your home

    Find a storage unit of the right size

    No two homes are the same, and no two homes will have the same amount of items. NYC is an expensive city, and even renting a storage unit will be more expensive than the average unit. The standard size of a unit is 10 square feet, and that can be enough for you if you need to store items from one to three rooms. But you need to be careful when renting New York storage – getting too big of a unit will result in wasted money while getting a unit not big enough can result in damaged items due to stacking.

    Get rid of everything that you don’t need

    The first step to moving with the help of moving services Manhattan NY providers is to declutter, and the same goes for storing items. It will be tempting to just pack everything up and bring it to the unit, but this way you will occupy paid space. Everything that you haven’t used in a while can be tossed, sold, or donated – depending on its condition. The items that you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t need during the renovation should also be put up for storage. Remember, you need space to renovate!

    Clean items before storage

    Even if you regularly clean your home, the furniture and appliances are often overlooked. Furniture is usually cleaned by professional cleaners once or twice a year, while appliances are easy to be tucked into a corner without cleaning them. Before you put them into a few layers of packing supplies NYC, you should clean them first. Furniture is usually made out of wood, except sofas that can be made out of natural fiber as leather and wool or synthetic materials like polyester and vinyl.

    All these items require attention to the material, as not all will react the same to different surface cleaners. For wooden furniture, you can use special natural wood cleaners, while for upholstery furniture you can use a DIY solution of rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and water. Once cleaned, leave the items dry out before packing and getting them ready for storage. Storing wet or moist items is a foolproof way of getting mold and mildew, stains that are impossible to take out of almost all materials.

    Picture of a person wiping a wooden surface
    Storing furniture and appliances during a renovation requires cleaning them

    Pay attention to requirements

    Different items have different requirements when it comes to storage units. Standard units will experience temperature fluctuations and humidity level changes, that can do damage to fragile items. When storing furniture and appliances during a renovation, you need to know that these are those fragile items. Wood can crack from humidity and temperature changes, while most electric appliances will also suffer humidity damage. The amount of time that your items will pass in storage will also play a role – the more time, the more impact these factors will have. The best way to prevent this is by renting temperature-controlled units.

    Protect your items

    We already concluded that both furniture and appliances can suffer from damage when stored. Dust gets everywhere, including storage units. It won’t do much harm to furniture, but it can damage fragile appliances. To prevent this, cover your furniture and appliances with a thin linen sheet to prevent dust from getting everywhere. Appliances should also never be stored plugged into the electricity, or with batteries inside them. This can cause irreversible damage.

    Storing furniture and appliances when renovating also includes transportation

    Furniture and appliances are heavy items to move. Since you will likely have a lot of stuff to move, you should get help. If you are moving, professional packers can help you, but if you are just renovating, your friends can be good helpers. Make sure to implement proper lifting techniques. If not, you can end up with serious injuries. You will also need a van, which can cost anywhere from $70 to $200 daily. A car can also be used, but doing multiple trips will end up costing you more because of the gas expenses, parking tickets, etc.

    Picture of a couple getting ready for storing furniture and appliances during a renovation
    Get strong friends to help you before your renovation

    Final thoughts on storing furniture and appliances while you are renovating

    A renovation can take anywhere between a week to a few months. With all the things that you need to do, storing furniture and appliances during a renovation will feel like an additional chore. But this way you will keep your items, yourself, and the people involved in the renovation safe. And safety should be the number one priority, no matter what you are doing. We wish you good luck with your project and plenty of fun!


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