Storing IT equipment dos and don’ts

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    As you get ready for an upcoming move and look for affordable movers NYC, you have to pay attention to various fragile items, from dinnerware to artwork. However, lots of homeowners don’t think too much when storing IT equipment. It could sustain cosmetic exterior damage or severe internal damage if not stored properly. In addition, lots of IT equipment is vulnerable to extreme cold and heat. So how should you protect IT equipment? We’ve made a list of dos and don’ts below for storing IT equipment so keep reading to find out more.

    What you should do when storing IT equipment

    How you keep something depends on factors like the items’ sensitivity, value, and size, as well as other things. For example, IT equipment is both expensive and sensitive. This means it requires careful storage parameters. Here are a few tips by the best movers in Manhattan to follow when storing your equipment.

    an empty office
    IT equipment is expensive and sensitive it should be stored carefully

    Detach wires and accessories

    IT equipment has detachable components and accessories that you can remove and keep separately. Detach these accessories and components and put them in separate boxes for better safety. Disassembly is another safety factor, and it reduces the effective weight of the electronics. For example, take out memory cards from cameras, unplug mice or keyboards from computers and laptops, and remove batteries from devices that have them. Accessories that dangle from the main equipment might end up getting tangled up and damage it.

    Back up your data

    For IT equipment that has data on it, back it up as an extra precaution against damage or loss. Laptops, cameras, gaming consoles, and smartphones are some of the electronics that might have data stored on them. Otherwise, you may come for your camera just to find out the memory card is damaged, or the camera stopped working and you can’t access your videos and pictures.

    Pack them in individual boxes

    Give your IT equipment lots of space so that they don’t rub against each other. If you can, put your equipment in its original packaging. If not, put every item in a separate cardboard box. This way you can keep the appropriate cables and accessories with it. Then, label the side and top of the box so you can find and retrieve what you need from the storage unit with ease.

    Clean them

    The dust is going to attract moisture and destroy your equipment. That’s why you should dust and dry all electronics before storing them. Moisture conducts electricity and may cause short circuits in IT equipment. Also, it encourages corrosion, which spoils IT equipment.

    a person cleaning a laptop before storing IT equipment
    Before storing IT equipment make sure to clean it!

    Use original packaging

    For almost all items, the original packaging gives the best possible protection. Therefore, make sure to find the original packaging and use those rather than generic storage boxes. Only store your IT equipment in generic storage boxes if you can’t find original boxes because any packaging is better than none.

    Use anti-static wraps

    Even though you need to cushion your electronics when storing them, these devices require extra protection compared to other items. Before putting them in a box, wrap your IT equipment using anti-static plastic. This will prevent static electricity that the cushioning makes from shocking your electronics and spoiling sensitive components.

    What you shouldn’t do

    Small mistakes when storing these items might lead to confusion at best and potentially expensive damage at worst. Avoid these five common mistakes.

    Don’t Leave items inside your IT equipment

    Always empty your IT equipment before you pack it up. Take out any discs from your computers or laptops. Unplug all power cords and keep them separately. Remove ink cartridges and batteries because these items might leak or overheat destroying your IT equipment.

    Don’t leave it on a carpet

    Some of the best Manhattan Movers NYC has to offer recommend you avoid storing electronic equipment on a carpet. Additionally, being a natural dust collector, carpets can also create harmful static electricity that can damage and maybe even destroy your IT equipment. A simple workaround is to store IT equipment on a non-conductive material such as wooden pallets.

    Don’t use plastic covers

    Plastic bags are great for organizing. However, they are not useful if you plan on storing IT equipment in storage units NYC for long periods. This is because they keep moisture when the indoor humidity rises. This may condense inside the boxes as the temperature goes down. Water can then leak into the equipment and damage it.

    Don’t store IT equipment in spaces without climate control

    You’ll need to be careful where you put your IT equipment. If you have to store it along with your other boxes, make sure to go for a climate-controlled unit in a secured facility. Look for a unit that’s on higher ground to lower the risk of water damage. Also, check that the climate control keeps the unit at a low temperature. In addition, to lower the risk of someone stealing your IT equipment who spotted your boxes, put your electronics at the back of the storage unit or under a covering. If you think that a situation may end up damaging your electronics, try to avoid it. For example, don’t put your equipment at the bottom of the moving truck or don’t allow boxes to be transported upside down.

    Storage units
    Make sure to find a climate-controlled storage unit for your IT equipment

    Don’t leave the batteries in

    Check your portable electronics, computer mouse, remotes, and other small devices for batteries. These are sensitive to temperature changes and might break and leak acid inside your IT equipment. If this happens, your device may no longer work properly. If you’re planning to store a smartphone or a laptop, these batteries are more stable and stronger, so you don’t have to remove them. Therefore, make sure to remove the batteries before storing IT equipment.



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