Summer relocation to SoHo: what to pack

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    Everyone’s biggest trouble when moving is always wondering about what are they even supposed to pack for the move. There is a whole ton of things that come across your mind while thinking about everything you need. If you decided to move to SoHo, packing services NYC can guide you through this process and tell you about everything you need to pack for your summer relocation to SoHo.

    Start with the essentials for a summer relocation to SoHo

    The first task you need to do when moving to SoHo with the help of SoHo movers, is to decide what are the essentials. Everyone indeed has different needs so the list of the essentials might not be the same. However, there are things that every person that’s moving needs to pack.

    The essentials should be the things you are going to use for the first few days in your new home until you fully unpack. It’s impossible and exhausting to unpack everything at once, the best idea is to do it bit by bit. So what should you bring? Here is a short list of some items you will probably need for your summer relocation to SoHo:

    • Fist-aid kit
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Keys
    • Chargers
    • Bedding
    • Toiletries
    • Toolkit
    • Kitchen supplies and food
    • Clothing
    • Documents that are of great value to you
    • Credit cards or cash
    • Precious items

    These would be some core essentials that you need every day and should try not to forget.

    Make sure to pack a first-aid kit, just in case

    The relocation process is usually pretty stressful, you are always in a hurry and small accidents like cuts and minor injuries tend to happen. That’s the reason why you always need to be prepared to take care of them properly. What should a first-aid kit contain? Bandages, ointment, gauze, rubbing alcohol. You can also include some medication that would come in handy to relieve pain and stress.

    First-aid kit for your summer relocation to SoHo
    When moving, firs-aid kit is a necessity

    You will need cleaning supplies for your summer relocation to SoHo

    Being prepared by packing a cleaning kit will always come in handy. Before you move into your new living space, you need to make sure everything is clean. Why would you have to move everything while cleaning when you can clean up right away? Even if it looks clean, when you take a better look you might notice some places that need to be cleaned. Your kit should consist of cleaning gloves, paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner. Of course, you can add other things to your kit if necessary. You can use New York storage to store things like bigger pieces of furniture and have them delivered in groups on different days so you have time to do proper cleaning.


    It may sound ridiculous that bedding is a part of this list, but surprisingly enough, people often tend to forget the most essential things. It may take up a lot of space since it includes pillows that are usually pretty large. However, we suggest that you take your own pillow with you for the sake of the quality of your sleep.

    Pink and white bedding sheets and pillows
    Bedding is one of the easiest things to forget when packing

    The primary use of bedding is pretty clear, but there is one more way to make good use of it. If you have extra sets of bedding you can use them to wrap some breakable items instead of using bubble wrap for everything. Residential movers Manhattan use the same trick and sometimes even use sheets and bedding to help them move heavy items across the floor without causing damage.

    A toolkit may come in handy 

    Toolkit might not seem like something that necessary, people usually think they don’t need it at all. Some don’t even have one. But think about it, you might need it for assembling furniture and things like that. Make sure to bring essential tools like screwdriver, a hammer and tape measure.

    Kitchen supplies and food

    What’s the thing that always gives you energy and keeps you going? That’s right, food! You don’t want to be hungry in the moving process and be exhausted because of it. Don’t put yourself through the trouble of finding some food place nearby when you can bring your food and prepare what you like.

    Since you are also transporting your kitchen supplies, how are you going to find a glass to drink water from or a mug to make yourself some coffee? Make sure you have some of these ready to use so you don’t have to unpack all the kitchen supplies you packed. This includes some plates, paper towels and bowls.

    Remember all your chargers when preparing for a summer relocation to SoHo

    We live in such a time and age where technology is a necessity. Simply put, it’s a part of our everyday life and you can’t say that’s not true. But how are you going to charge your phone, laptop, headphones and other gadgets you have if you don’t bring your chargers? People usually remember to bring their gadgets, but often forget these.

    close-up photo of three usb cables
    Make sure to bring your charges with you

    One more tip is to bring portable charges for your gadgets. If your phone’s battery dies out and you don’t have a place to charge it at the given time, you might get in trouble. Just don’t forget to charge the portable chargers before you go!

    Documents that are of great value to you

    Papers and documents are pretty easy to lose even when you are not moving anywhere. You forget where you left this document, where you left that document and it’s an endless circle. When you’re moving you are under a lot of pressure and tend to be more forgetful than usual. That’s why you need to assemble all important documents before the move and keep them with you so you make sure you don’t lose them.

    Precious items

    Some items are of bigger value to you than anything else you possess. It can be precious to you because it has emotional value and it reminds you of some dear people and memories. For example, a pearl necklace your grandma gave you, a baseball your dad gave you when you were a kid, etc. It can simply be a valuable possession that you don’t want to lose. So make sure you pack these things so you don’t regret leaving them behind later because you were too preoccupied to think about packing them!

    Other things to pack for your move

    Your summer relocation to SoHo with movers NYC should always start with a good packing plan. This guide has given you an idea of what you absolutely must pack. But it is by no means complete! You will still need to take care of all your clothes, furniture, appliances, toiletries, and more. So make sure to set aside enough time to pack everything and get plenty of packing supplies before you start.


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