Summer storage options in NYC

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    When you decide to move from one place to another, you can run into a lot of problems. Moving can be hard or it can be easy. It all depends on how you prepare for everything. People usually chose summer as their moving season. That is because most people have summer vacations and they have free time to move. And there is also the advantage of nice weather. A lot of people come to NYC but then find they need to downsize due to costs. If this happens to you, you may want to consider renting a storage unit from professional movers NYC. There are a lot of summer storage options in NYC. We will discuss that in the following text.

    How do storage units work?

    Most storage units work similarly. When you find storage that you want, you sign a contract with a storage company. A storage unit is a space that you use for storing your belongings. You can sign a contract for one month minimum, but some companies offer at least three months’ rental. It is illegal to conduct business in your storage unit and it is also illegal to live in a storage unit. This is a good solution when you don’t have enough space in your new home. Storage units Manhattan are there if you need to rent one.

    Outdoor unit is one of the summer storage options in NYC
    Outdoor storage units are one of your summer storage options in NYC

    How to rent a storage unit and what do you need for renting?

    To rent a storage unit you only need a government-issued form of ID. Your options are a driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID. When reserving the storage unit, you’ll need to sign a binding storage unit contract or agreement. Before signing we recommend that you read everything first. You want to avoid unpleasant expenses or problems. All rules, expenses, and prices are written in the contract. For easier moving and storage, local movers Manhattan are there. Everything will be much easier and better with them.

    What are your summer storage options in NYC?

    There are two options that movers offer:

    • Full-service storage – A full-service storage company offers “VIP-style” services to its customers. They will pick up your stuff and deliver them to the storage unit. You don’t have to worry about transporting your things. It also means that the customer request and schedules a pickup or return right from their smartphone via the application. It is an easy and fast solution. Many full-service facilities will take photos and document your things. This way you and they will know exactly what you have, and what is the condition of the stuff.
    • Self-storage – This is the most popular option of storage. With self-storage, customers are responsible for delivering their stuff to the storage unit. When you wish to take an item out of storage, you pick it up by yourself as well. Customers should document their belongings since self-storage facilities do not keep track of the stuff inside. You must be careful not to break the law and have problems with the police. Read the contract and see what you can store and what not.

    Types of summer storage options in NYC

    After you’ve decided on your choice of full-service or self-storage, it’s time to consider the type of storage unit. This is where your options diversify further. You can opt for:

    Climate-controlled storage units

    While all indoor units are climate controlled, they don’t promise the use of A/C or heat. They are insulated. The temperatures will be above freezing point and below 90 degrees. Or there are types of controlled units that can control humidity. This is good when you need to store:

    • Fine art
    • Musical instruments
    • Antiques
    • Wood furniture
    • Electronics
    • Important documents
    Wood on instruments is sensitive to humidity

    Indoor storage unit

    Indoor storage units are located within a building. They are without direct access to the outdoors. This is a good summer storage option in NYC because summers can be hot and indoors means that it is protected by buildings. They are inside a building which means that it has some climate control. Temperatures will not be as big as outside.

    Outdoor storage unit

    Outdoor storage units are still located within a building, but they offer access from outside. You can drive your car right up to the door. This is much better if you have heavy stuff inside. Outdoor storage units may have limited climate control and by opening the door you will let the heat enter inside. Don’t put things that can melt in high summer temperatures. This is one of the types of storage units NYC offers.

    Portable storage container

    Also known as mobile storage. This is a common option for individuals who are in the process of moving and want to put some belongings in storage for a short period. This is one of the most used summer storage options in NYC.

    Warehouse/Commercial Storage

    Typically meant for commercial use, warehouse storage is suited to the large-size storage needs of different businesses. If you need to relocate your business to NYC and you need a storage option, this is the deal. Commercial storage units usually have loading docks. Because of the size of the storage, this might not be as easily accessible as other types of storage units.

    Warehouses are good for storing large things

    Consider these factors when renting a storage unit

    When renting a storage unit you need to consider how much it is going to cost you, the size of the unit, insurance, security, and 24-hour access. The larger the unit, the more money you will need for renting. Location can also be a factor when renting. Insurance is optional, but it is always a smart idea to have one. If you have valuable stuff, choose storage units with security. 24-hour access is a nice thing, but for most people, it is not decisively.

    Choosing among the summer storage options in NYC

    When relocating, most people use storage units. There are a lot of different summer storage options that you can use. The smartest and the best thing to do when relocating is to hire movers and let them do all the work. They are professionals! Reputable movers usually have storage units that you can rent. This way you won’t be needing to search for another company that rents storage units. There are a lot of factors to consider when renting a storage unit in New York City. Take all of them into consideration and choose wisely what you need.


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