Reliable and cheap movers – myth or reality?

Moving is no easy task. Most of the time, you’ll find it impossible to do on your own. So it’s only natural that you are looking to moving companies for help. But that solution is not always cheap. Even if you follow every money-saving tip known to man, relocation is likely to set you back by a couple of thousands of dollars especially if it’s a long-distance move. When you’re moving on a budget and looking to cut costs on your NYC move, this can be a major disadvantage of professional movers. But what if you could find trust-worthy professionals who won’t leave you in debt? It sounds too good to be true! So are reliable and cheap movers myth or reality? And if they do exist, how do you find them?

What are you looking for?

Of course, you know that moving specialists can help you move to another address. But did you also know that they can move your business, store any of your extra stuff and do the packing for you? And, perhaps more importantly, are these services something you would need and be willing to pay for?

Before you start looking at different moving companies, you should know what you are looking for yourself. Make a list of things that are absolutely necessary for a company to be right for you. And, of course, a list of things that you absolutely can’t live without. This will make it easier to sift through hundreds of different offers. If a company doesn’t offer something that is a must for you, you can easily eliminate them!

Reliable and cheap movers - Man looking at laptop
What kind of movers are you looking for?

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself are easy to answer. You already know, for example, if your move is a residential or corporate one. Judging if it’s a local or long-distance relocation should be a no-brainer too: you’re staying local if you’re moving within 50 miles while anything greater than that would be considered long-distance. Budget is another thing you want to have figured out before you start getting estimates.

Here are some of the other things you should consider:

  1. Do you plan on using storage space?
  2. Will you need packing or unpacking services?
  3. Are there any special items included in your move (like pianos, collectibles or pets)?

Once you have decided on what you need, it’s time to look for reliable and cheap movers who can offer it!

How to find reliable and cheap movers?

Affordable and trust-worthy professional movers may sound like an unrealistic dream, but you have to stay positive and optimistic! There are great moving companies out there – you just need to pick the right moving service for you.

Thorough research is the key

Get your detective hat on because finding the right movers within your price range is not easy. You will need to do some serious searching to find the right fit. Think of it as a school project – the best way to approach it is with thorough research and good organization! So start gathering the information you need and create a system to keep track of it. There are plenty of good apps to take notes on your phone or tablet or you can always go old-school and make a moving binder!

iPad with chart
Finding the right movers requires doing some research

Start early

It will take some time to research all possibilities, meet with representatives, get assessments and compare them. You should start as early as possible. Not only will this give you more time to find reliable and cheap movers, but it will also ensure you pay less for their services. Booking well in advance has its perks!

Ask for recommendations

Before you venture out into the diverse world of moving companies on your own, ask your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for any recommendations they may have. After all, these are the people you already know and trust. And just like you need recommendations from your bosses when you’re looking for a job in Manhattan, a business needs recommendations from their clients to survive. Your loved ones’ personal experiences with movers are the best word of mouth marketing movers can get!

Read reviews (and complaints)

Speaking of recommendations, you should always look at the reviews other people leave about a moving company. You can pretty much always find these on the movers’ own website, but it wouldn’t hurt to check out Yelp or Facebook as well. This is a great way to find out about people’s experiences with the company and see what they really thought of their services.

Laptop with Facebook log in
Don’t believe too negative or too positive comments

Make sure to read the complaints as well – sometimes they concern things you personally don’t care about at all. Other times, one-star reviews reveal some serious red flags. They’re worth checking out either way!

Look for local moving companies

While your instinct may be to gravitate towards large companies whose names you’ve already heard before, local movers like Carmack Moving & Storage often have more competitive prices. Not only that, but locals also tend to dedicate themselves to each move individually as you are not just another of thousands of customers to them. They tend to rely on positive reviews and recommendations so they’ll probably do anything they can to help you out!

Compare services and estimates

You should always get at least a couple of different estimates before you make your decision. An estimate gives you a pretty good idea of what specific movers are offering and at what prices. This is the best way to compare different moving companies.

Read before signing

If there was a moving 101 crash course, this would be the first lesson: read everything before you sign it. If you can, consult with a lawyer too. You do not want to enter a contract that doesn’t suit you – it could cost you dearly in terms of both money and nerves!

A contract
Thoroughly read all documents before you sign

The verdict: reliable and cheap movers – myth or reality?

Don’t forget, a company doesn’t have to be perfect to be the right fit for you. They may take some time and effort to find, but reliable and cheap movers who can help with your move are definitely out there. So don’t give up and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!


NYC moving 101

So you decided to move to NYC, and to be honest that might be one of the best decision you ever made. NYC is one of the best places in the world, and it has a lot of opportunities. Big Apple is a city where all the dreamers come and where almost all dreams come through. But before moving to New York, you need to think about some things and plan them ahead. You need to be sure that NYC is the place for you and that is why we have created this simple NYC moving 101 guide. You will learn all you need to know about moving here and about all the details of the move.

NYC is very diverse – basic thing from NYC moving 101

Yes, you probably already know this, but NYC is a very diverse city. On every step, you will see diversity and a lot of different people. You will be able to try some of the greatest kitchens in the world. You will be able to hear different languages and you will be able to make a lot of new friends from around the world. Also, that gives a special feeling about the cultural scene, since you will visit a lot of small bars, restaurants, and galleries that will feel like you entered a little museum. This will help you feel like at home no matter from where you are coming,

NYC cab as part of NYC moving 101
NYC is the very diverse place!

Meet NYC neighborhoods

Yes, this is the one thing you need to do before the move. You need to meet the neighborhoods and to be sure where you are moving. You can be coming from Texas, California or completely another part of the world, but you need to know where you will move. If you are coming from Texas, try to find some local movers that are doing long distance moves a swell. They will be able to give you a lot of advice since they have probably moved a lot of people to New York CityIf you are looking for moving specialist in San Marcos in Texas, be sure to ask them this question – in their opinion what is the best place for you to move in NYC? Of course, this depends a lot on your budget. The first rule that we are going to talk about in NYC moving 101 is budget!

Think about your budget

As you already know, living in New York City is expensive. Rent is very high, and all the prices as well. Groceries won’t have the same price as the groceries in Texas, or maybe Minnesota. Those are some of the main differences between NYC and Texas or any other state. The price will be definitely higher. So our honest advice is to save some money before the move and plan your budget. Make sure that you will have enough money after you relocate to New York City. That is the golden rule of NYC moving 101!

Money box
Plan your budget ahead

How you can save your budget?

As we mentioned, choose wisely in which neighborhood you are moving. Not all of them have the same price nor the same offer. The first thing that is going to help you with your budget is saving some money by hiring some moving specialists. They will cost you much less than moving on your own. Companies like Evolution Moving Company NB will make you pay less money for the move. They will provide you with the additional info, so you will be definitely saving money!

When moving your belongings, go through them. Make sure that you are taking only things that you actually need and use. Decluttering is also one of the important steps when moving to NYC. You can make a garage sale or something – but either way, you can save money and maybe earn some.

The third way to save money is by having roommates. It would be great if you can find someone that will move with you, or if you already have friends in NYC. Those are the things that will help you to save a lot on the rent. And you will possibly get a nicer apartment.

There are a lot of free things in NYC

Yes, if you want to use the most of it, you need to think about this too. Of course, you know the Central Park that is one of the most famous places in the world, not just NYC. This place can offer you different activities throughout the year and you will enjoy your time there. It is a favorite place to eat on their lunch break  – for a big number of NYC people. The other thing – museums. You can visit a lot of museums during a year and enjoy your time there. You can have free tickets and similar. And you will learn a lot. Thos are just some of the attractions of NYC. Also, one of the things that a lot of people forget is the beaches. You can actually go to the beach in NYC and enjoy yourself.

Central park
Central Park is the most popular attraction in NYC

Plan your apartment

Yes, this step is also a golden rule of NYC moving 101. It would be great if you would know how much space you have in your new apartment so you can decide what you will bring from your old place. When moving your household goods you need to take a lot of extra precautions and you need to be ready to face them. You will maybe pay extra to move some of them and in the end, you will not have any room left for them. So, make a trip to NYC and try to check your new apartment and make sure to plan all the layouts.

Be ready to commute

This is one of the most important things in NYC. A lot of people are commuting. And with this, be prepared for a lot of crowds. Subway will be really often very crowded and you will have to learn to live with that. So, make sure that you gather the information about the route you plan on taking to your new job and make sure that you always start the trip to your job a little bit earlier. NYC moving 101 is a guide that thinks about all the little details, so you should do the same!

Pros and Cons of a DIY move

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Moving your business to Manhattan – pros and cons

When the available market in the area is unfavorable, then it’s time for a business relocation. And, any business owner knows that New York has always had a budding field of opportunities. Hence, moving your business to Manhattan is always a good idea in the long run. Hence, we have a few suggestions for you. First, you should let professional movers from Manhattan help you with this relocation. They will be able to give you a hand with anything you need during this time. Our job today, though, is to give you the pros and cons of relocating your business to Manhattan. Continue reading “Moving your business to Manhattan – pros and cons”

Best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials

Are you looking forward to living in Manhattan? Did you think that you can’t afford to live in any of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials? Well, this article might help you change your mind. Before you hire reliable moving professionals in Manhattan to help you relocate, let’s find out more information about living here. Continue reading “Best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials”

How to trim Manhattan moving costs

Moving to Manhattan means migration to the capital of the world! But it also means moving to the city that empties your pockets. In a minute. For as long as it takes to clap your hands! This is very important to know when you start thinking about the relocation to the centre of NYC. After we scared you a bit, we should also ascertain the following- moving to New York brings hundreds of opportunities to advance in your career. Consequently, it brings a chance to earn a lot of money. Therefore, we don’t want you to give up the relocation to Manhattan. we just want you to know that saving money is the number one idea that you should have in your mind. In accordance to that, we’re gonna give you tips on how to trim Manhattan moving costs. It’s the first possibility of saving when moving to Manhattan.

Don’t miss the chance of having enough money after you move to Manhattan. Especially if you don’t have a previously arranged job (which we highly recommend to do before you start the moving process). That’s the situation in which you need every single dollar until you find a piece of work. Save your money during the relocation. Save money even prior to your Manhattan relocation. Because savings will be the only source of money until you start earning it. And Manhattan is a very expensive place, remember that. Here are the ideas how to cut down the expenses of your relocation to Manhattan borough of New York.

trim Manhattan moving costs
Trim Manhattan moving costs so you could have enough money to start your NYC life

How to reach the goal: Trim Manhattan moving costs

There are various ways of saving money during your relocation to Manhattan. You may use some of them, you may make the combination, or you can use them all. We suggest you do the last, to save the money everywhere you have the possibility of cutting the expenses connected directly or indirectly to your Manhattan moving. To help you do that, we’re providing here the tips on how you could lower the Manhattan migration:

  • Make a good Manhattan moving plan- A good plan makes the difference between a successful project and a failure.
  • Compare moving companies and pick the most affordable one- Get the moving quotes from as many NYC moving companies as possible. Do the comparison and pick the one burdening your Manhattan moving budget the least
  • Collect the packing items for free, also be hardworking and pack your boxes-  Get the packing items previously used, but still usable. Also prepare for the move by yourself, doing the packing part on your own. Those things are the important part to trim Manhattan moving costs.
  • Reduce the stuff you’re moving to Manhattan, and sell everything you can- Don’t bring anything that you’re not sure is necessary to have in Manhattan. Save money collected for Manhattan relocation by lowering the stuff being transported. Also, you may sell some or all of those items, collecting some more money!

A good moving plan makes it possible to save money during migration to Manhattan

Manhattan relocation shall cost you less if you make a good plan
A good plan lowers the cost of your migration to Manhattan

Make a plan on how to move to Manhattan before you start the process. That way you may schedule every activity, and make the checklist of every activity necessary to be conducted for achieving the goal of lowering the expenses of moving to the NYC borough of Manhattan. Here’s a suggestion how that plan might look like:

  1. Set the date of the Manhattan moving day (you should choose to move between the months of September and April, and also avoid moving during weekends or on a holiday, that will save you 20-30% of the price you’ll pay for a moving company)
  2. Gather moving quotes from the NYC packers&movers and picking the most affordable ones (not the cheapest, but those offering top quality moving service for the most reasonable amount of money, It helps you trim Manhattan moving costs)
  3. Separate the unneeded items you’re not gonna move
  4. Arrange your friends and family to help you with the packing- do this on time, so they don’t make another arrangement for that day
  5. Collect the packing items and materials
  6. Do the packing of your items
  7. Change your address
  8. Forward all your medical records

Choose to hire economic manhattan moving company

This doesn’t mean to hire the company with the lowest price for their services. Cheap almost alway equals to low quality. And you want to move to Manhattan with no problems. So you should first pick the best professionals for your move available, and then compare their prices. Only after you picked the best Manhattan moving services you may go to lower the cost of hiring them. Because you don’t want to hire unprofessional movers to damage, break or lose your items. Also, if you hire too cheap company for your Manhattan move, you might be a victim of a moving scam. Beware of that. Trim Manhattan moving costs, but keeping the quality of the relocation process!

Being rational when it comes to the packing saves the most of your budget for manhattan move

Be clever while you're packing and save a lot of money during your Manhattan relocation
Being rational when it comes to the packing makes you able to save your money during your relocation to Manhattan

When moving to Manhattan, choose to do the packing by yourself, having your friends there to help you. That way you won’t have to pay the NYC moving company for that, cutting the important share of Manhattan moving cost. And bonus you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy a day more with your friends and family before you move to NYC. Also, before you do the packing, collect previously used, but still usable boxes and other packing items and materials. Why would you pay for the new ones, if you can move using those second-hand packing items?

Reducing the clutter makes you able to trim Manhattan moving costs and possibly earn money

There are so many items you rarely or never use. Yet, you’re keeping them in your home. Now, would you really pay the moving company to transport them to your new Manhattan home, so they could get dusty there? Well, a logical answer would be no. And if your answer is the same, you’re about to make another great saving during your migration to New York City.

First, it lowers the costs of your Manhattan relocation by reducing the weight of your items or saving time to do that. (Being that moving companies charge you by hour for a short distance move, and by weight for a long distance move)

Second, if those items are still usable, but just not used by you, there are people eager to use it! So sell those items and earn you some money. Trim Manhattan moving costs. Earn as much money as possible during your relocation to NYC. Both of the aforementioned help you have enough money for what’s to do after you conducted your Manhattan relocation.