The Benefits of Consolidated Moves

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    Consolidation is used in many businesses and scenarios. Moving is one of them, and it wasn’t used widely until a few years back. More and more professional movers NYC started using this method, due to the benefits that it offers. These good sides mostly benefit the moving company, and that’s why not many people trust this type of move. But we are here today to explain the benefits of consolidated moves for the person that is moving.

    What is a consolidated move?

    A consolidated move is a move where one moving truck or trailer transports the moving inventories of various people at the same time. Movers mostly used it for small-scale moves, that require more than one household to fill a truck. For example, long distance movers Manhattan tend to use this method more, as it greatly diminishes the costs and labor. Some of the benefits of consolidated moves are:

    • Saving money
    • Leaving a smaller footprint on the planet
    Picture of a full piggy bank, a result of the benefits of consolidated moves
    Consolidated moves are great for small scale relocations

    Save money

    With the rising inflation levels on a global level, gas prices have gone up to $5 per gallon. The future trend is very unpredictable, but saving money is always a good thing. By using consolidated moves, you will save money, no matter the gas price. You will pay to ship your items, but the total cost will be split between various people who are moving. This can greatly decrease the shipping expenses when moving with some interstate moving companies in NYC – a move that will usually cost $5000 on average.

    Leave a smaller footprint

    Air pollution is a big problem on a global level, and transportation is a major cause of this. Vehicles are accountable for 1/3 of the air pollution in the USA, so every move counts. If every small household would use a van and some moving services in Manhattan NY much more gas will be spent to complete the process. With a consolidated move, movers will load all these items onto the same truck, that will travel in the same direction. Much cleaner, easier, and faster than a standard move.

    What are some worries that deter people from enjoying the benefits of consolidated moves?

    It is sometimes difficult to take a leap of faith and try something new. Since consolidated moves are fairly new in the moving industry, not many people have tried them out, and many have superstitions about them. The biggest one is that things will get mixed up and end up lost. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Consolidation is a fairly standard practice, where all the items are labeled and separated to avoid this issue. The second biggest worry is that the shipment will arrive late. Movers who practice this type of moving will give you 21 days after the item pick up. Many factors can affect the shipping time, but usually the longer the distance, the more you will have to wait.

    Picture of visible air pollution
    Contrary to popular belief, one of the benefits of consolidated moves is the safety of the transported items

    Final thoughts

    The benefits of consolidated moves are some things that you should consider for your next small load move. It will turn out cheaper and greener, but you will maybe have to wait a bit longer. Sadly, everything comes with a bad side, but you can usually track your shipment while you wait. We wish you good luck and an easy consolidated move!


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