The Best 5 NYC Neighborhoods to Work Remotely

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    Working remotely has been on the rise in past recent years, but things sped up significantly with the pandemic. New circumstances called for reimagining traditional jobs and some transformations don’t seem to be just temporary. With the insight into the practical benefits of working remotely, many people won’t be returning to the office. If you are looking to move to some of the NYC neighborhoods to work remotely, you might consider professional assistance. Hiring Manhattan Movers NYC can help you settle in more easily, without disconnecting from your work routine.

    Things you should know about the best NYC neighborhoods to work remotely

    Working remotely has many more implications besides just not being in the office. The first things that come to mind are the coziness of your home as well as the private space where it’s easier to be relaxed. However, there are other things that make a big difference. For example, many people have to commute to their workplace, and NYC is famous for heavy traffic jams. Even if you take public transport, it takes extra time which you wouldn’t have to spend when working remotely. If you are moving locally, you should look up several moving companies Manhattan NY has and start digging for the best one.

    man working on three computers
    You should do some research before deciding on the best NYC neighborhoods to work remotely.

    What should you look for when deciding on the NYC neighborhood to work remotely?

    Given the extra time you can have when working remotely, you could start a new hobby. Whether that’s walking in the park or hitting the gym, it’s important to look for neighborhoods with fitting amenities. Once you stop spending a couple of hours commuting every day, you will realize there is plenty of time for at least one more activity in your daily or weekly routine.

    Upper East Side

    Upper East Side is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in NYC. Its landmarks are known globally and appear in much world-famous pop culture. Besides the notion of its gravity, Upper East Side offers luxury lifestyle opportunities such as fine dining or shopping at designer shops.

    If you plan to move here, make sure you find reliable Upper East Side movers. Hiring an unreliable company can result in a delayed move or worse. Try to look up potential candidates online or consult with other people on forums and social networks. Some companies don’t offer free estimates and that can result in unplanned costs. That usually seems shady and you should avoid hiring such companies. You can easily avoid frustration and enjoy the amenities that Upper East Side offers to its residents.

    Since it’s a densely populated neighborhood, you will need professionals who know all possible ins and outs and can carry out the move without any confusion. Respecting your time and making sure your items are safe should always be a priority. This will allow you to get back to your work routine in no time.

    busy street nyc
    Upper East Side is always busy and offers a range of upscale activities.


    Another great Manhattan neighborhood to work remotely is Gramercy. It’s an interesting choice for a few reasons, and it’s easiest to do with the help of Gramercy movers. What makes it different is the contrast to the standard NYC atmosphere. It rather feels like a small town, without intense non-stop activity.

    The neighborhood is filled with greenery which is a great escape from concrete and traffic noise. On the other hand, it is still a Manhattan neighborhood, so it is well connected with the other parts of the city. Due to its central location, it has a history of famous residents. Roosevelts as well as a number of other historical politicians called Gramercy their home. Everyone can appreciate the calmness you’ll find here, and it’s perfect for those working remotely. Going for a walk in Gramercy Park can become a healthy habit that will also help you relax and stay productive.

    Why is Chinatown one of the best NYC neighborhoods to work remotely?

    Chinatown, Manhattan is one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods with tourists. It’s a densely populated area and hosts many street food shops as well as other kinds of shops on its streets. For an easy relocation, make sure you contact Chinatown movers who know how to best help you settle in. Trying to move on your own there might be a problem, especially if you are not familiar with the neighborhood.

    The activity in Chinatown is always high, with tourists flowing through constantly. It might not be the ideal place for everyone, but it’s one of the best NYC neighborhoods to work remotely. There’s a range of activities you can engage with, but street food and shopping stand out here. You can also find options for fine dining featuring Asian cuisine if you get tired of spicy street food.

    chinatown street at night
    It’s always vibrant in Chinatown where you can enjoy spicy street food.


    Popular for working remotely, SoHo is another attractive Manhattan neighborhood you could move to. It’s always easier to rely on professional SoHo movers and not risk damaging anything during transport.

    With extra time people usually have when working remotely, you can explore designer boutiques found in the SoHo neighborhood.  It has a special sentiment with cobblestone streets that don’t feel like a regular NYC neighborhood. You would find most such places in historic European cities, but you can have this in New York City as well.

    You will find many street vendors in SoHo where you can purchase original art or jewelry. It features a luxury lifestyle and might be too expensive for some. However, if you are ready to get into one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods to work remotely, this might be the place for you

    Lower East Side

    Finally, the last of the NYC neighborhoods to work remotely on our list is the historic neighborhood of the Lower East Side. While it might not be specifically tailored for working remotely, it is still one of the best places to live in New York generally speaking. It offers a classy nightlife, designer shops, and fine dining around every corner. You can also find many bars and coffee shops where you can socialize and relax over a cup of drink or coffee. Finally, there’s a rich cultural scene as well as parks featuring greenery, where you can go for a relaxing walk outside.



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