The Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Manhattan: Sky-High Dinning and Drinking Experiences

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    Manhattan is the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world. As you would expect for NYC, it offers the best dining experience. Bars and restaurants can be found at every corner, but even that tends to get boring after some time. How about taking the dining and drinking experience sky high, to the rooftops of Manhattan? If this looks like your style of eating out, don’t hesitate to hire Manhattan Movers NYC – this city has so much to offer in this aspect! To help you get started, these are the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Manhattan.

    What is better in rooftop establishments compared to normal ones?

    Rooftop bars and restaurants are portrayed as the newer, better version of the party, but the concept dates back to 1883 in New York. The people of NYC always liked to invent new things and take existing concepts to the next level. Since then, rooftop dining has become a staple of Manhattan and NYC in general. Because of that, you can find countless rooftop bars and restaurants all over the city. After moving to Manhattan, there will be no shortage of options. We will go through the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Manhattan, divided into different neighborhoods:

    • SoHo
    • The Financial District
    • ¬†Chinatown
    • East Village
    • Gramercy
    Picture of a dim-lit bar
    There are rooftop bars and restaurants all over Manhattan

    First, we will start with the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Manhattan according to reviews

    If you were to listen to reviews, as everyone does, then we have two options that are people’s favorites – 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar and Manhatta. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is conveniently located at 230 5th Ave which offers some of the best views of Manhattan. A modern penthouse was opened to the public, in form of a bar and lounge that offers drinks and globally famous food. As far as restaurants with a view are concerned, Manhatta is the winner by the number of positive reviews. It is located on the 60th floor in a building on 28 Liberty Street, and you can eat any New American dish that you crave eating. If you were to ask some of the best movers in Manhattan for advice, they would likely recommend these two.

    Chinatown offers some of the best rooftop views

    Going south from downtown Manhattan, you can find one of the most diverse neighborhoods in this borough. Chinatown is a geographically small area, but it surely has the highest concentration of restaurants in a small area. Thanks to the crowded streets, people took dining and lounging to the next level – literally! One of the best bars with a sky-high drinking experience is The Crown, a real crown jewel in Chinatown. The hotel where the bar is located is part of the famous hotel chain Hyatt, so you know what to expect with this name. When talking about dining, the best bites and views combination that our Chinatown movers would recommend is Mr. Purple. It is an eatery located on the 15th floor, that is worth a visit.

    Picture of a woman browsing the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Manhattan
    Chinatown has a diverse population and diverse restaurants

    East Village also has the potential to compete

    As you might have noticed now, most bars serve food and most restaurants serve drinks too. East Village has an establishment that combines the best of both worlds in THE ROOF. The truly unique feature of this bar is the glassed-in rooftop bar and the DJ parties that are the best during the weekends. On top of, it is also conveniently located at the Public Hotel. Even though East Village is quite small, our East Village movers are very proud of their neighborhood and the entertainment potential of this bar.

    Gramercy won’t disappoint you

    This neighborhood is named after a small private park in its center. It is no wonder that the area is also small and secluded. Even though “hidden” our Gramercy movers know their way around here well. Even though the name is a mouthful – The Broken Shaker at Freehand New York, you will be lured in by its characteristic NYC charm. And to make things better, they combined the local charm with the one of Miami, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. Even though the next one is located further north from Gramercy, this neighborhood’s residents can easily get to it – and Bella Union | Rooftop Bar is so worth it. This is a restaurants-bar on three levels, that offers views of the Empire State Building.

    The list wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious option

    Manhattan is known as a part of NYC that only the rich can afford. But this place is truly worthy of being part of the list of the best rooftop bars and restaurants. Saga takes the rooftop dining experience to the next level, even though it has the smallest terrace of them all. A private 12 seats area will be available as part of the tour. This is why this restaurant stands out from the crowd. As soon as you move with residential movers NYC, visit this place.

    The fact that you need to pay a fee of around $550 for a couple before you even get near the place. And this is the price without the additional drinks, tax, and tip. A dinner here is a trip for all the senses. First, the waiter will greet you with drinks and starters on the rooftop that offers breathtaking views from the 63rd floor of the Art Deco building. The main event happens inside the restaurant, where you will get the chance to taste the dishes of chef James Kent. It might be pricey, but it is an experience to remember. Now you know some insider tips for dining out in Manhattan. Enjoy the dinner.

    Picture of meat with vegetables on a plate
    Saga is one of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Manhattan

    There are some of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Manhattan

    As you likely already know, Manhattan has an abundance of dining options and bars, at any height. But if you have recently moved for work to NYC, you will be in a completely new city. There are many guides out there that point to different dining options. But living reality alone in the new surroundings is tough. Now you have our list, and take your time exploring – luckily Manhattan never sleeps!


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