The best sports and outdoor activities in Manhattan

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    Find out which sports and outdoor activities in Manhattan could be interesting to you in order to increase physical activities. Doctors in the United States have agreed that obesity could become the #1 problem in America in the next decade. There is an increasing number of cases with obesity, in addition to diseases connected with it among younger people. Diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol are now found even in children. The best way to prevent obesity and help yourself is to exercise more on a weekly basis. So, if you are living in Manhattan, today is your lucky day! There are many things that you can do here and we will go through some of them together.

    Two friends holding a flag while exploring the great outdoors, away from the urban jungle.
    Outdoor activities in Manhattan include fresh air

    There are so many reasons to start with physical activities and participate in sports activities in Manhattan:

    1. You could find new friends that share your motivation to work out;
    2. It is the great way to make friends after moving to Manhattan;
    3. Your well-being – need we say more;
    4. Fresh air is always a good reason for outdoor activities in Manhattan;
    5. It helps to relax from work and problems;
    6. People can always discover hidden talents and become professional in sports;
    7. Starting with outdoor activities is a positive step and a good source of energy in life.

    Central Park

    When we talk about the sports and outdoor activities in Manhattan, we definitely think of Central Park. The best activities are actually there since the park is very large and has many interesting things for you to do:

    Bicycle riding as one of the best outdoor activities in Manhattan

    This is probably among the most interesting and attractive outdoor activities in Manhattan. Not only here, but also all over the world. The only thing you need is a good bike, but it can also be a simple and cheap vehicle, strong enough to be easily driven. In case that you do not have a bike, you can find a fun outdoor activity near Manhattan. In the middle of New York, they have a City Bike service, where you can borrow a bike. After you’re done, you can simply go back and leave it with them. Besides that, you only need a good shirt and sneakers.

    Horseback riding

    If you are not a bike person and you love animals, the best outdoor activity that you can choose in Manhattan is riding a horse. Yes, it can be risky, but do not worry about that. They have experienced trainers and horses, so there are no real dangers for beginners. Finally, you will become a friend to these pretty animals that is for sure.


    Many people find this sport as almost the best sports and outdoor activity in Manhattan. It is mostly because it makes the whole body stronger. Boating strengths literally every muscle in the body and prevents diseases and injuries. Sports clubs organize this activity in the open sea, or it is better to say, at the ocean. That could be a problem in the case that you are afraid of the water, but they use safety procedures and equipment to prevent any inconvenience or danger.

    Popular sports

    Even you are a fan of basketball, baseball or softball; you can get involved in one of these sports if you live in Manhattan. After the moving from Queens to Manhattan you used that peopleĀ usually play basketball on the street. We can also confirm that baseball is one of the outdoor activities in Manhattan that many people love. However, learn rules from one of these sports and find a crew that will be your team. You can also make interesting tournaments between teams and win a medal, or small award.

    Fight against the pollution from highway traffic and turn to engine-free outdoor activites in Manhattan.
    Outdoor activities are the opposite of living in smog and pollution


    Everybody think that bouldering is reserved only for mountains and wild nature, but that is not true. It could also be very interesting outdoor activity in Manhattan. They are usually organized in halls and gyms but could be an outdoor activity, too. There are clubs that are made walls for bouldering in Central Park, too. You will need good equipment in that case, special shoes and wardrobe, and they will preserve other things. It is also a safe and calm sport but demands body strength.

    Professional sports

    Some people are not interested in any of these activities or simply do not like to be sweaty. They can choose to watch and cheer professionals. There are many fun outdoor activities near Manhattan that you can watch.


    Baseball could be a good outdoor activity in Manhattan, but outside of it, too. There are two rivals that exist in New York and compete in baseball. First is Yankee the second one is NY Mets. They both have their own stadiums. Yankee competes on Yankee Stadium, while NY Mets have their City Field. Whatever of these two clubs you choose; you will not make a mistake. Baseball is very attractive and actually a popular sport in New York, so many people watch it. You will easily find a partner to go there.

    Other sports

    There is a long list of sports that you can be involved in. Some of them are not widely popular, like skating or climbing. You can become even a professional in this activity. That makes it as the best outdoor activities in Manhattan. You can also visit the special center with different sports includes, like ping-pong in Spin center. However, training in the Brooklyn bridge park provides great look on Manhattan and offers sports courts. That could be one of the advantages after the moving to Manhattan. It is maybe the best sports and outdoor activities in Manhattan that is actually not in Manhattan.

    People enjoying a picnic across the Hudson river.
    The best way to start with outdoor activities is to invite your friends

    NYC Marathon

    If you love to run and want to be involved in the real competition, you can participate in the NYC Marathon. Even though it is not in Manhattan, it is surely one of the fun outdoor activities near Manhattan. It is a great opportunity to track your strength and progress during preparing time. You can proudly be a part of the historical and very important marathon and be a competitor among a thousand others.

    We listed the best sports and outdoor activities in Manhattan, but you can also choose something that you love more. It opts for you. However, do not allow yourself to become a sick person just because of a lack of physical activities.


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