The importance of inventory when moving

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    Not many people know that making an inventory of your belongings before the move is very important. Most people merely focus on finding enough moving supplies and hiring Manhattan movers NYC. However, they don’t understand how much an inventory can help in getting moving supplies. For this reason and many others, you should do an inventory of your whole home before you start preparing for your move. It will be much easier for you to plan certain details regarding the move than going in blind. Having an inventory is not just useful before you start organizing the move. It’s also useful to have during the move in case some of your items get damaged or missing. As you can see, the importance of inventory when moving is huge. If you are not sure how to do it, here are some tips just for you. 

    The importance of inventory when moving and why you should do it 

    Doing an inventory before moving is one of the most forgotten moving-related tasks. You either completely forget it or skip it on purpose. Yes, there are other more demanding things to do in moving like packing and loading. For this reason, you might simply don’t have enough will or strength to do it. However, it might be the case that you don’t know what inventory includes and how to do it. Every inventory should have the following.

    • Make a list 
    • Go room by room 
    • Take pictures or videos 

    Inventory can help you to get an accurate quote from Manhattan movers. Also, it can make your packing easier as you will know what you actually own and what you want to take to a new home. It also serves as great insurance for your items when moving.  

    person taking photos
    You should take a photo of your items

    You can declutter your home at the same time as doing inventory 

    While doing the inventory, you should go room by room. This is a great opportunity to see what you own. This way, you can declutter items in every room that you don’t use, need, or are old or damaged. Items that are in good condition and could be still used, you should donate to charities. Additionally, you will need fewer moving supplies after the declutter, so you will spend less money than planned. 

    You might have planned to store some items from a specific room into storage units until you see how you are going to arrange a new home. So, while you are doing an inventory of that specific room, you might notice that you have items that you should never keep in a storage unit. As you have noticed this on time, you will have enough time to prepare a new plan for these items. 

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    You can find charities and storage units on the Internet

    How inventory can help you with moving insurance

    The importance of inventory when moving is mostly noticeable when you need proof that your items were damaged or went missing during the move. You should check with the insurance company and movers how much detailed your inventory should be. You might need only to describe what you own or take pictures and videos. 


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