The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Manhattan

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    Living in New York is what many people dream about. As one of the most expensive parts of the city, Manhattan is famous for its luxurious apartments, shops, and venues. If you can afford to live in this borough you should know which ones are the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan. Before hiring experienced Manhattan movers to help you on a moving day, make sure to find out more about the costs of living in this borough.

    The most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan to live in

    Although we could say that the biggest part of Manhattan is pretty costly and not affordable to everyone, some neighborhoods stand out as the most extravagant and prestigious. Here are some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan in 2021:

    Tribeca, Manhattan
    If you plan to live in Manhattan, make sure to have the budget for it.
    • Soho – With its historical charm and architecture, this is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Manhattan. Soho is home to many celebrities, business people, and wealthy society members. If you decide to buy an apartment here, you will need to spend at least $2.5 million.
    • Tribecca – When it comes to the lifestyle, Tribecca might become even more expensive than Soho. With an average apartment costing around $3.5 million, not everyone can afford to live here. However, Tribecca is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in NYC, which is the reason it’s very popular with newcomers.
    • Hudson Yards – This is probably the most expensive neighborhood in Manhattan and even New York. If you are willing to find your first Manhattan apartment and spend at least $4 million for a condo, you will love living in Hudson Yards. This neighborhood is perfect for making business connections since most of it is skyscrapers and office buildings.

    Moving to Manhattan? Plan your move on time!

    If you are considering a life in Manhattan, you have probably saved money for its extravagant lifestyle. After finding a great new apartment in this borough, you shouldn’t forget to include all the moving costs. In case you are moving to Manhattan last minute, calling professional moving assistance will be a smart move. Your movers will save you a lot of time and make sure every household item is safely packed for the relocation.

    Manhattan neighborhood
    Relocating to one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan will be easier with professional help.

    While planning your moving day, make sure to start packing early on. If you are too busy to do it, you should consider professional moving services. After all, wouldn’t it be amazing if movers handled all the hard work while you are enjoying an amazing view from your new apartment? Have you decided to live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan? Hiring professional movers will not be the biggest cost!


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