The Pros and Cons of Retiring in NYC

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    When you think about retiring, usually it is a peaceful small town with clean air and maybe a puppy. NYC doesn’t exactly fit this description. When you think about NYC, you probably see many young hopeful faces coming to the big city to fulfill their dreams of success and happiness. More than 70% of the population are young adults. Every year more and more young people are moving to NYC with help from Manhattan movers NYC. But you could be one moving to NYC too. However, keep in mind that everything has good and bad aspects. Here are the pros and cons of retiring in NYC. 

    The pros and cons of retiring in NYC – advantages

    NYC is famous for its rich social life and this also includes the elderly population. You can do or find everything your heart desires from amazing shows on Broadway to world-renowned museums and galleries. When you retire, you can do everything you have ever wanted but never had enough time. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can take walks in Central Park or watch many street musicians. Therefore, discover a new Manhattan lifestyle and enjoy the city with the whole heart. 

    Transportation is a very important aspect of retiring in NYC as you must visit all of these prior mentioned activities. Lucky for you and many other retirees, NYC public transportation is senior citizen-friendly. Additionally, public transportation is well organized and connected, just as moving services NYC. You will have no problems moving to NYC. Do not forget the taxi service too.  

    Pros and Cons of Retiring in NYC include the visit to Broadway
    Seniors can enjoy amazing Broadway performances

    Not so good aspects  

    The first con you can think of is probably the cost of living and you won’t be wrong. It’s a known fact that the cost of living in NYC is very high and it is not easy to live comfortably with pension money. Also, keep in mind that the cost of everyday life will be pricier in the more popular neighborhoods in NYC. Adding everything up, the cost of moving to NYC can be a quite investment. 

    Weather is another aspect you should think of when you are retiring in NYC. The weather has a lot of influence on the human body and health. This especially applies to senior citizens as many elderly have already some chronic disease. Summers in NYC can be quite hot and this is not good for cardiovascular patients. 

    people in the street
    NYC might be too big and overcrowded for some seniors

    What are the best neighborhoods in NYC for retirees? 

    Now that you know some of the most important pros and cons of retiring in NYC, here are the best neighborhoods where you can spend the best years in retirement. 

    • Hell’s Kitchen – is the most popular neighborhood for seniors as it offers cheap housing and has low crime rates 
    • Park Slope – is famous as a family-friendly neighborhood and it is perfect for spending time with your grandchildren 
    • Upper East Side – it is known as a suburb in the middle of the city and can be ideal for senior citizen 
    • Murray Hill – It is a good option as it is very close to several renowned health centers 


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