Things to do in Chinatown

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    NYC is a beautiful city with many charms. No matter what neighborhood you are relocating to with Manhattan movers NYC, you will be able to find many fun activities. When you are done exploring your new neighborhood, you should start first venturing to other neighborhoods until you explore them all. The one neighborhood that definitely should be on your list is Chinatown. If you ever wanted to experience Chinese culture and food, then this part is a perfect spot for you. If it’s your first time visiting this interesting neighborhood, here are all the things to do in Chinatown. 

    The best things to do in Chinatown 

    Chinatown is a neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan NYC. What makes this neighborhood so special is the fact that this is the most densely populated place of Chinese immigrants in the western hemisphere. When you walk in for the first time, you feel like you step into a completely different country. This neighborhood has many great things to offer from delicious food, unusual shops, history, and cultural attractions, to Chinatown movers. Therefore, nobody will leave this place unhappy or bored. 

    This neighborhood has a rich history which can be seen in many galleries and museums, where you can find out more about the immigrants’ history, growth, hardships, and finally successes. The Museum of Chinese in America is a place which shows the history of Chinese-Americas from the very beginning and their path to what they are now, in various form of art. 

    street during the night
    You can find out about the history of Chinese immigrants

    Entertainment in this neighborhood

    Because finding your first Manhattan apartment can be very stressful and energy-consuming, you’ll probably be very tired after moving. Your energy will be back with delicious food and drink from this famous neighborhood. The real gem of this neighborhood is the food. As soon you walk in, you will be smitten by mouth-watering smells coming from different restaurants and street markets. Therefore, these are a couple of restaurants you should check out.

    • Joe’s Shanghai 
    • Jing Fong 
    • Super Taste 

    In addition to this, a great evening should be finished with a cup of tea. You can find shops that sell tea with flavors you never heard of. Kung Fu Tea, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, and Herbal Tea Museum are just a few you should check out. After you finished your move with local movers Manhattan, you should celebrate that with drinks at Peachy’s. 

    A tea shop
    Do not forget to have some tea and delicious food

    Shopping in the neighborhood

    This neighborhood is not only food and drinks. Sure, you don’t want to skip them, but that’s not the only thing to do in Chinatown. Bangkok Center Grocery is the place where you can shop for vegetables and spices. Additionally, if you crave something sweet and tasty, you can’t skip the Aji Ichiban. In this shop, you can find everything from dried goods, to wasabi peas, shredded squid, and Japanese rice crackers. After shopping and dessert, you should take a walk to Columbus Park located at the heart of the neighborhood. Throughout the park, you can encounter tai chi and kung fu practitioners, Chinese opera performances, playgrounds, and sports courts. 


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