Things to do in East Village

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    NYC or one of the most popular places in the world. There are endless things to do in this huge city. However, if you want to visit just one particular part of the city or if you plan to move here with Manhattan Movers NYC, then you need to make a plan. If this particular part of the city is East Village, then you came to the right place. Here are all the best recommendations for things to do in East Village. It doesn’t matter if you will only stay here for a couple of days, move here permanently, or you have been living here for quite some time, this list is for all of you. 

    The first set of recommendations 

    Let’s start with something quite interesting. That would be the Museum of the American Gangster. The name itself sounds pretty intriguing. You can learn about the Prohibition area and all the crime scenes during the time. For all history lovers, this is the perfect place. If you are one of the people who just moved here, you can take a walk and visit this museum while you wait for East Village movers to deliver your items.   

    Then, it is time for The Russian & Turkish Baths on East 10th Street. This is the perfect place to relax after a hard day at work or after organizing a relocation to East Village. This place was opened in 1892 and still to this day has the same charm but with more modernized services. You should definitely try fragrant essential oils baths or Swedish massages. After this, you might want to visit Death & Company Bar. Do not let the name scare you away because it is a pretty cool bar that offers classic drinks with some interesting Gothic spin.  

    inside of museum
    Start your East Village tour with the museum

    Things to do in East Village – what to do next? 

    Do you want to have some fun? Then, Webster Hall is the perfect place for this occasion. It is opened almost 200 years ago and it was a ball hall. However, during the famous Prohibition era, it was a place to go for some wild parties. Today, it is one of the best clubs in the area and one of the reasons why many wish to move to East Village. 

    In addition to this, it is time for some reading after all this partying. Luckily, Mast Books stores can help you with this. You can find everything from rare novels, poetry, 2 popular fiction. Have you noticed that many New Yorkers like to read books on the subwayThat is because of these amazing stores where you can get a copy of your favorite novel to read. 

    people sitting in the train
    Get your copy and be one of the New Yorkers reading on the subway

    The last set of recommendations 

    It is impossible to list all the things to do in East Village. However, here are a couple more suggestions:

    • The Ukrainian Museum 
    • Nuyorican Poets Café 
    • The Harrow New York 
    • Tompkins Square Park 
    • Anthology Film Archives 
    • The Black Ant 
    • Caravan of Dreams  


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