Things to do in Financial District after the move

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    Your move is finally over and it’s time to enjoy Manhattan and everything it has to offer. The Financial District is in the southern part of Manhattan and it holds probably the most important financial institutions in the US. But that’s not it. Thankfully, we as the premium Manhattan Movers NYC want to tell you about the things to do in the Financial District after the move that you don’t want to miss out on. Here are just some of them.

    Freedom Tower and the 9/11 Memorial

    Were you in the Financial District if you didn’t visit the highest building in the US and beyond? It’s not only its historic importance but also the beauty and the view it provides you with that needs to be checked out. Just under the Freedom Tower is the 9/11 Memorial tower where you can pay your respects to the fallen. It’s a place our Financial District movers visit every chance they can get as we always make sure to honor our heroes and the deaths of innocents.

    A white flower on top of a memorial stone
    Among the things to do in the Financial District is to visit the 9/11 memorial

    Want some spiritual things to do in the Financial District? Visit Trinity Church

    The Trinity Church is one of the most historic places in the Financial District and beyond. Its architecture is what people all over the world come often to see and bask in its beauty. The construction of the building started in the 17th century and it’s still one of the favorite places for our local movers Manhattan to relax and get spiritual. Above all, if you’re a Christian it’s a good idea to pay this church a visit. 

    Battery Park

    Among the few parks in Manhattan, Battery Park offers everything you want to people who love nature and the outdoors. At times it gives you the impression that you’re not in one of the biggest cities in the world. It’s home to dozens of memorials and great monuments. There’s a reason why our residential movers love to recommend this park to people that are moving to Manhattan. It has the perfect mix of nature and history a park can offer.

    View at New Jersey from Battery Park
    If you love nature Battery Park is the place for you

    Among the things to do in Financial District is visiting Wall Street

    Who wouldn’t want to visit the place where all the financial decisions are taken? Wall Street might be one of the most influential places in the US and beyond. It’s the financial capital of the world and there are billions of dollars every day that exchange hands in that area. There’s no place that holds more power in New York City and that is that accessible to the public. Gaze at probably the most important buildings around NYC.

    The Financial District might seem like a dull part of town for some people. However, it also is a witness to many historic events in the US and World history. Above all, there’s a lot to see that people may take for granted. We’re sure that you’ll visit the places on the list and find even more fun. After our moving services get the job over with, make sure to check out the things to do in the Financial District. Enjoy NYC and Manhattan to the fullest!


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