Things to do in Gramercy after the move

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    The move is finally over. You’ve unpacked your belongings and settled in all nice and cozy. Now it is time for some much needed, and well deserved R&R. If you had Gramercy movers helping you out, it means that you’re left with an ample amount of energy to go out and explore your new surrounding. And you should definitely do it. This beautiful neighborhood houses a lot of interesting venues. So you won’t have any trouble finding things to do in Gramercy after the move.

    Serenity in the heart of chaos

    After our local movers NYC helped you settle in your new apartment, it’s time to go out and start exploring. And immediately after you’ve set foot outside, you will notice something different. Strange, even. Especially if you’re used to the turmoil of the big city. It’s the sheer serenity of the area. Even though it’s in the heart of Manhattan, you might say that Gramercy directly contradicts that fact. In fact, just a quick stroll will leave you under the impression that you’ve traveled back in time. It’s uncrowded – but far from desolate. Peaceful – but not lethargic. Quiet, and yet – lively.

    Read a good book in Gramercy park. Its certainly one of the best things to do in Gramercy.
    Gramercy Park is one of the last private parks in NYC. Apply for the key and enjoy peaceful afternoons in the company of a good book.

    Take a walk around the block and see what Gramercy has in stock

    Gramercy is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in NYC. If you’re a fan of architecture, you will have blast strolling around the neighborhood. 19th and 20th-century buildings that adorn the streets of Gramercy are a true eye-candy. On the other hand, maybe you’re not particularly interested in architectural achievements. Even so, you will still have an amazing time finding things to do in Gramercy. Every corner offers something different. And before long, you will have a new favorite place to chill out or grab a delicious bite.

    Art lovers will find plenty of things to do in Gramercy

    This is not only one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in NYC. Moving to Gramercy offers a lot in terms of fun and culture too. And, more often than not, simultaneously.

    Great places for fans of visual arts:

    • The National Arts Club regularly hosts different public events. You can enjoy art exhibitions and musical performances, but also lectures and classes.
    • If you’re a fan of contemporary and modern art, Sidney Mishkin Gallery is the place for you
    • A bit different from the first two, but in no way less interesting is Fotografiska. You can take the tour of photo exhibits or just swing by for a coffee or dinner.

    Gramercy Theatre

    Here’s something for the music lovers. Once a playhouse and now a concert venue, Gramercy Theatre lets you enjoy the performance of your favorite bands and musicians. And two bars inside are a guarantee of good times.

    Concert at Gramercy theater is one of the best things to do in Gramercy after the move
    Seeing your favorite band live is an amazing experience.

    39 Steps

    A heartfelt recommendation! The play is an adaptation and a witty parody of the novel of the same name. Three talented actors and one actress playing over 150 roles will have you cry with laughter. And you get a free red clown nose when you redeem your tickets. Certainly a bonus!

    Find your own piece of Heaven

    What we listed here are just a few things to do in Gramercy. A small bit. Nevertheless, it’s enough to get you started after the move. Still, we encourage you to go out and explore. It won’t be long before you find a place that will feel like home.


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