Things to do in Lower East Side

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    With its history and culture, the Lower East Side is one of the more interesting parts of NYC. It’s a part of the city filled with beautiful creativity and places of art. It has developed a lot in the recent past so it has amazing coffee shops, galleries, and shops all around. So there are a lot of things to do in Lower East Side, especially if you’re an artist because it has always been a great spot for musicians and artists alike. So maybe if that is your scene, the Lower East Side movers might help you on your move to your new home.

    Things to do in Lower East Side if you like museums

    After Manhattan movers NYC get you moved into your new home, it’s time to explore. The Lower East Side is full of museums. Be it the historical or the more modern ones. Obviously, this is the place that every person who has art in their heart will love. We will just list a couple of them to give you a taste.

    people looking at art in the museum
    The Lower East Side is full of art

    Tenement museum

    This museum shows the living condition of the immigrants that lived in the Lower East Side. The conditions were inhumane and dangerous. For that reason, the people running the museum made the conditions similar to the ones the immigrants had to endure. It’s a great way to show a not so great part of NYC history.

    New museum

    This museum can boast as one of the rare contemporary art museums in Manhattan. It’s showing modern art from artists all around the world. The structure in which the museum is located is a piece of art by itself. It’s a tower of white boxes stacked on each other, so the building itself shouldn’t be hard to find.

    Food and drink places in the Lower East Side

    Visiting Katz’s Delicatessen

    If you love Jewish food, this place is a must. You will need to try a pastrami sandwich here if you want to know what good food really is. But the food is not the only thing this place is famous for. This is also the place where Harry met Sally.


    This place is amazing! But on the other hand, it’s difficult to find. It has a grey door at its entrance and you will have to knock. There is no menu when you enter so everything will seem odd. After that, the bartenders will ask what you would like to drink. They will make the cocktail straight out of your dreams. This place is a bit pricey but it’s worth it.

    Cocktails made in the Lower East Side
    Enjoy some amazing cocktails

    We only gave you a slice of the cultural pie that is the Lower East Side. Make sure to explore and look for amazing places that are plenty there. Have fun with your museum hunt, then take yourself out for a bite to eat and some drinks. After that visit the awesome shops, and if you go out on a shopping spree, check out self-storage Manhattan to help store all that astonishing stuff you buy.


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