Things You Should Never Keep in a Storage Unit

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    Almost every day, you buy more and more items, but your home storage, unfortunately, stays the same. For this reason, having one of the storage units NYC is more than a welcome solution. You might have to spend some money, but at least you won’t say goodbye to your beloved items. However, if you decide to rent a unit that doesn’t automatically mean you can store every item there. There are things you should never keep in a storage unit. Before you rent a unit, you should know what kind of items you can’t store in them. This way, you won’t end up spending money on a unit that you can’t use for its purpose. Here are items you shouldn’t keep in your unit. 

    What kind of things you should never keep in a storage unit? 

    If you want to rent a quality unit, you should choose Manhattan moving and storage. Now that you picked the right unit for your need, it’s time to decide what items you are going to keep there. As mentioned before, not every item can be stored in units. Whether because of their function, characteristics, or durability, some items can’t be stored. Here are common items you shouldn’t keep in a unit. 

    • Hazardous materials 
    • Liquids 
    • Plants 
    • Artwork 
    • Electronics 
    • Food 

    The list of items you shouldn’t keep in the unit can go on and on. The most logical one is perishable food. Conditions in the unit aren’t the same as in your pantry or fridge, so you shouldn’t use a unit for that purpose. Additionally, if your food gets spoiled, it will also attract vermin and be a good base for bacteria. 

    Vincent Van Gogh potrait
    Don’t keep expensive artwork in the unit

    Why shouldn’t you store hazardous materials and flammable items? 

    If you decide to rent a unit, you will also have to maintain the unit properly. For this reason, you shouldn’t store anything that can be potentially dangerous to you or your items. Items like specific cleaning chemicals or fertilizers can be dangerous if not stored properly. Also, flammable items should never be kept in storage units. You never know what can happen, and any storage company will not allow these items to be stored. 

    If you are going to have a long-term storage unit then you shouldn’t store items that can be damaged by unfavorable conditions in there. Items like clothes made from leather or antique furniture can’t stand extreme temperatures or high humidity. These types of items can either shrink or expand under the influence of unfavorable conditions.  

    white wooden furniture
    You should avoid storing your antique furniture in the standard units

    The reason why you shouldn’t store your plants in a unit 

    Plants certainly fall into the category of things you should never keep in a storage unit. The reason is quite simple, plants are living beings. The first reason not to keep your plants there would be bad conditions such as too high or too low temperatures. Also, there won’t be anyone to water them regularly. For this reason, you better keep your beloved plants at your home. 


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