Three days to pack an office for a move – how to guide

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    Each of you wants to develop the business as much as possible. And sometimes moving your office to another location can help you achieve more. Whether you will get more clients or just provide a better working environment for your employees, for sure you can get many benefits after a move. Even if you need to cut costs and find a small office, you will do something good for your company. However, moving office also means you will need to stop with your business activities for a while and focus on relocation. But, it does not last forever, especially you for prepare properly. In case you have only three days to pack an office for a move, you will be glad to read this article. Our commercial movers NYC will help you conduct packing your office for just three days. So, let’s see what steps you should take!

    What to do on day one when you have only three days to pack an office for a move

    Just like when you need to move your home, you should start with planning. Since you don’t have so much time, you will skip many details and try to create a simple plan for the efficient packing of your office items. Even if your plan is to start with packing inventory immediately, take the advice from our professional movers NYC and forget about that. Although packing is time-consuming it is not that complicated after you make a plan. Also, your energy, excitement, and motivation are likely to be highest at the beginning. Don’t forget to take advantage of that. So, make sure to consider all aspects of the upcoming packing before you start. Tomorrow you will be a bit tired, and packing your items in boxes will not be too hard to get through the day.

    A person who has three days to pack an office for a move looking at office furniture
    Start planning now since you have three days to pack an office for a move.

    It is most challenging to come up with the logistic of your office move: For that reason, make sure to do it first. In case you realize you will need any packing services NYC, you should opt for it right now. This will give you enough time to contact a professional moving company and ask for help. Also, on the first day of packing, you need to make an inventory list and determine the size of your office move. So, take a few hours for this and make sure to write down all items you will need to pack and move. Luckily, this list will help you determine what packing supplies you will need to gather. Purchase moving supplies today and don’t start packing before you gather all it takes for properly packing your office items.

    Pack all important documents

    Every office contains very important documents that you just can not afford to lose. This is the crucial step for every company, and you shouldn’t procrastinate sorting and packing your files and paperwork. If you have too many documents to pack for your office move, consider enlisting moving services NYC. In case you don’t have enough moving boxes yet, make sure to gather all documents you will need at your new office.

    If you are keeping your documents in your current office for years, now is the perfect moment to move so of them to the storage NYC. This will enable you to take to your new office only paperwork you use frequently. Also, if you need to replace your printers, computer or other equipment with new ones, you can prepare them and place them in the storage unit. Don’t have enough space for all your office furniture? You can place some of it in the storage. When you complete packing files and documents, you will realize three days to pack an office for a move is enough.

    A woman picking folder in workplace
    Sort and pack all important documents.

    Steps to take on day two when you have only three days to pack an office for a move

    It is already the second day of packing your office for a move and it seems there will be a lot to do. Unluckily, you are not wrong. However, all of your documents are packed, you have an inventory list and you did purchase packing supplies at the nearest Walmart store yesterday. All you need to do right now is to start packing your office items. To do this efficiently, start with the groups of items. For example, you can start with packing your decorative items, plants and books, loose office supplies (pens, paperclips), and items from the shelves of your office. If there are any fragile items such as paintings, make sure to take special care when packing them.

    Now it is time to pack the rest of your office items. Here is what you should not forget:

    • Audiovisual Technology;
    • Office IT equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers, Wi-Fi routers,  servers, etc;
    • Telephones;
    • Computer monitors and hard drives
    • Filing cabinets and storage cabinets;
    • Desks, chairs, and other office furniture.

    Even if it seems like you will not finish packing on time, don’t panic. If you stay calm and follow the plan, there is nothing that can go wrong.  Since there are many groups of items you need to pack, make sure to go one step at a time. Pay attention when you need to pack fragile office items and use more packing supplies for additional protection. Even if you did not pack all of your office items, don’t worry. It is one more day left and you will make it.

    iMac on the table
    Take enough time to pack your computers safely.

    The third day of packing your office

    If you did follow our tips, most of the job is already done. Now you should double-check your inventory list and make sure everything is packed safely. If you did hire furniture movers NYC, check if your furniture is ready for packing and loading. Clear the patch so your movers can work efficiently and check did you label all moving boxes. All in all, you are surprised that three days to pack an office for a move were perfectly enough. We know it was not easy, but we are glad our article helped you!


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