Tips for Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan

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    December is almost over, which means that you need to make plans for your New Year’s celebration. Since you are interested in celebrating the end of New Year in Manhattan, you need to make your plans as soon as possible. Luckily, even though this is NYC’s smallest borough in terms of land area, it offers so many choices for this particular event. However, celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan can be quite stressful as well. Especially if you do not prepare right. There are too many people, too many choices, and overall stress caused by the need to do something special on this day. For this reason, after you settle in your new Manhattan apartment with Manhattan Movers NYC, check out the best ways to celebrate the biggest night in Manhattan.

    A private and small party for your friends and family 

    If you want to avoid the craziness of New Year’s Eve on the street, you can celebrate it with your friends and family. It can be at your house or your hotel. Since going out is pretty expensive, if you want to save some money, you can choose to host a dinner party. You can tell your guests to bring over some type of dish, drinks, or even dessert. If you have recently moved to Manhattan, this is also a perfect opportunity to meet your new neighbors. You can even do it instead of a traditional housewarming party if you moved in recently. 

    Celebrating New Years Eve in Manhattan home
    Celebrate home with your friends

    Rent a room in one of the Manhattan hotels if your new home isn’t ready yet

    In addition to this, if commercial movers NYC are still busy delivering your things to your home office, you can always go to a hotel or even rent an Airbnb for this occasion. The best hotels would include the following, the Knickerbocker Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn Times Square, the Marriott Marquee, Renaissance Hotel Times Square, and many others. Mind you, all of these hotels may already be booked. For this reason, make sure to contact them today to check if they have any available rooms. 

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan with fireworks on the rooftops 

    If you are moving to Manhattan during December, you should also include New Year’s celebration expenses when calculating your Manhattan moving expenses. One of the best ways to celebrate this holiday in Manhattan would be on the rooftop. Luckily, Manhattan has some of the biggest skyscrapers in the world. So you won’t have any problems finding one for yourself. Therefore, you should check out Le Bain at The Standard, the Press Room, The Magic Hour Rooftop, etc. 

    If you are spending your night on the rooftop, you will have the best view of the fireworks. There are four breathtaking fireworks in NYC. These include Times Square Fireworks, Central Park’s fireworks, the New York Harbor fireworks, and Prospect Park fireworks. Depending on your location, you will see at least one of them. 

    Hotels with the best Times Square Ball Drop view

    Now, we already suggested that you can rent a room in a hotel. Especially if your moving company Manhattan will deliver your items to your new home just before New Year’s Eve. Bear in mind though, that celebrating New Year’s Eve in a Manhattan hotel is by no means a substitute for a real celebration. Actually, celebrating New Year’s Eve in one of Manhattan’s hotels is a tradition for many. And many of these hotels organize some of the best parties for this special event. Moreover, many hotels offer a spectacular view of the famous Times Square Ball Drop.

    hotel rooftop
    Only the best hotels in Manhattan will have a view of Times Square Ball Drop

    If you do not want to squeeze with thousands of people in Times Square to see this, the best thing you can do is to book a place for yourself in one of Manhattan’s hotels. Here are the hotels that offer the best view of the Times Square Ball Drop:

    • Margaritaville Resort Times Square
    • M Social New York
    • New York Marriott Marquis
    • The Pearl Hotel
    • The Knickerbocker
    • Hilton Garden Inn Times Square Central
    • Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park
    • Hyatt Centric Times Square

    Bear in mind though that renting a room for New Year’s Eve in one of these hotels is by no means cheap. Moreover, renting a room does not guarantee access to the rooftop. Especially because these hotels organize private parties that you cannot attend unless you are on the guest list. So make sure that you check this before you book a room.

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan with your family

    If you are moving to Manhattan with your family and you plan to celebrate with your closest ones, rooftop parties might not be suitable. Luckily, many family-friendly parties will be organized in Manhattan. So after your residential movers NYC deliver your items and you organize your home, check out these family-friendly parties that will be organized for New Year’s Eve celebration:

    • New Year’s Eve at Edison Hotel Rooftop
    • New Year’s Eve at Frames Bowling Lounge
    • 2023 New Year’s Eve @ Dallas BBQ
    • NYC New Year’s Eve Cruise on the Serenity Yacht
    • New Year’s Eve Cruise on the Lucille Yacht
    • The Counter New Year’s Eve
    • Times Square Family ALL Access New Year’s Eve Pass
    • New Year’s Eve aboard the Cornucopia Princess Yacht
    Celebrating New Years Eve in Manhattan with kids
    A lot of places organize family-friendly parties

    Best Nightclub parties for New Year’s Eve in Manhattan

    Not in the mood for rooftop parties? Do not have kids that you have to worry about? You just want to dance and let yourself loose? Then, stop your movers before they take your dancing shoes to one of their storage units NYC. Manhattan nightclubs organize great parties for New Year’s Eve. And since New Year’s Eve is considered the biggest party night in New York City, every club will have some sort of a celebration. Unfortunately, with so many offers it can be difficult to pick the best one. That is why we have prepared a short list of the best parties that you can choose from. We are sure that you will find something for yourself here:

    • New Year’s Eve at Gustavino’s NYC
    • New Year’s Eve at Blue Midtown
    • The Dream Downtown New Year’s Eve w/DJ TBA (inside a Dream Hotel)
    • New Year’s Eve at PHD Midtown inside (Dream Midtown Hotel)
    • New Year’s Eve at Space 54 NYC

    Ticket types and prices

    Also, be aware that every party offers several types of tickets that you can purchase according to your liking. Here are the usual types of tickets and prices:

    • General Admission  – only access to an open bar, no sitting – costs around $95
    • Royal VIP Access – access to other parts of the club, no sitting – costs around $115
    • Main Room Seated VIP / Royal Seated VIP – table with no waitress – cost from $155 to $165
    • Main Room Platinum VIP/ Royal Ultra VIP/Royal Platinum VIP – a table and a certain number of drinks, tax and tip are not included – cost from $185 to $215
    • After 12:30 am Main Room Ultra VIP – costs around $75
    • After 12:30 admission – late access to the club costs around $30
    Celebrating New Years Eve in Manhattan nightclub
    If you are thinking about celebrating New Year’s Eve in some Manhattan nightclub bear in mind that there are many different types of tickets

    The last set of suggestions 

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan also includes the following:

    • Times Square to watch the “Times Square Ball Drop” 
    • Join the Midnight Run 
    • Enjoy a dinner cruise on a yacht 
    • Visit one of the numerous bars and restaurants 

    Be sure to complete your relocation properly, if you do it right, you will enjoy the celebration no matter where you go

    Those are the best options for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan. As you can see, there are more than a few options at your disposal so it can be hard to choose. Still, if you are just moving to Manhattan this December, don’t worry too much. You will have plenty of opportunities to celebrate in the following years. Now, the most important thing is to pick good moving services NYC and relocate smoothly and without stress. If you manage to do this, you will certainly enjoy New Year’s Celebrations regardless of where you celebrate.


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