Tips for newcomers in NYC

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    There are actually written guides for newcomers in NYC. Everybody has probably heard stories about New York. The most expensive city to live in, closet-sized apartments, phenomenal people and unforgettable city vibe. A lot of it is true.

    Where newcomers in NYC are looking for an apartment?

    Whether you’ve moved to New York to find a job, to go to college or something else, a place to live will be your first big headache. Newcomers in NYC don’t usually know what it takes to rent an apartment or a room in the city. There is a lot of paperwork to fill. A major problem is how fast are apartments disappearing from the market. Maybe you have seen in a movie or a tv show portray of fast life in NYC. It’s like a parody of how people usually don’t even have time to look around a place they want to rent. You have to be decisive and fast. Especially if you come across a good deal.

    Newcomers in NYC can choose from different types of neighborhoods. Hip and trendy ones, distant ones, low key and etc. There is actually a big difference between them. How big is your budget is one of that differences?


    Woodside, Queens is one of the affordable neighborhoods in NYC. You can find a decent sized apartment here at affordable prices. This is a good choice for families or single people that like quiet neighborhoods. If you moved to New York from a small town, you will like it here. There is a commuter train system that runs here. Also, there are subway routes that can get you to Manhattan or Brooklyn. Prices of two bedroom apartment vary in Woodside, but you can find one from 1.800 $


    Brooklyn bridge
    Brooklyn borough is one of the most populated in NYC

    This is one of the most populous boroughs in New York. Flatbush is the neighborhood that you should consider when you go on an apartment hunting. This was once a town for itself. Here you can find an affordable apartment. Price ranges from 1.750 – 1800 $. There are a number of schools, both elementary and intermediate. If you are raising a family, this is a probably a plus for you.

    Park Slope

    If you don’t have a tight budget, you can check this neighborhood in Brooklyn borough. This is an excellent place for young families or single people that are into hip and trendy places. The old stone houses are a trademark of this neighborhood. If you are a newcomer in NYC with a family or with a dog, you will have parks nearby. Washington Park has a skate park, basketball court and a large relaxing area where you can take a walk.

    Living on a budget

    Actually, this is not the hardest thing to do in NYC. First, if any of those apartments or rooms are not in your price range, you need to consider having a roommate. This is a way to save a lot of pennies. It would be best if you already know somebody who you can live with. But if you don’t, fear not. There are a lot of people looking for a roommate. Just be smart and considerate when you are picking somebody. When you are sharing a place with somebody, you can be closer to the city center. There are so much pricier apartments and smaller ones. Also, you will meet some new people, if you move in with somebody that you don’t know. If you save some money on rent, you will have a lot more for a living. Soon, you will realize that it is not so hard living on a budget. When you are a newcomer in NYC this is a good way to start.

    slice of pizza
    When newcomers in NYC live on a budget they mostly eat street food.

    Newcomers in NYC are mostly on a fast food diet. Street food is the cheapest. For example, a slice of pizza is about 1$. You can find it almost anywhere. Soon, you will be debating with friends where is the best pizza in New York, like a real NewYorker.

    Central Park is a landmark of New York. Excellent way to use up your free time for free. If you take a walk or even rent a bike, you will also stay in shape. Two birds with one stone! You are in the city, but the greenery will take the stress of fast living away.

    Move around the city

    Surely the best way to go around and enjoy the city is a taxi. A good old popular yellow cab is a great choice if you don’t have a tight budget.
    The quickest way is the subway, of course. This is actually one of the largest subway networks in the world. It is open 24 hours. If you have an iPhone, you can download an app that will help you. If you will be traveling by subway, you can buy a MetroCard. Use it for two hours for subway or even bus, because all city buses are accepting the MetroCard. Just be sure that you have chosen the right bus or metro line.
    Be sure that you have a map at first. There are buses that you can use, rail, ferries and your legs of course. Walk if you’re not going far. Many NewYorkers are used to walk.

    Lack of space

    The big problem, especially for somebody who lived in a house or large apartment, is a small space. As we said, many apartments in the center of the city look more like a closet than apartments. But, it’s ok because you have alternatives storage. If you are renting a room, that is even smaller storage space just for you. Have you already rented an apartment, a small sized one, a great solution for you is a self-storage unit. That’s the way to save all your stuff and still be able to live in a smaller place. Maybe it’s not a long-term solution, but it is an easy fix for start. These are accessible and come in various sizes. Depending on your needs, for sure.

    Storage units in different sizes and colors
    At first, a storage unit will help you to keep all your stuff.

    So you are a newcomer in NYC? Just be tough and resilient and you will be true Newyorker in no time. If moving to NewYork is your dream come true, then be persistent in making it come true.


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