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    Harlem is a large neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. In the early 20th century, Harlem has been known as a major African American residential, business and cultural center.  The average temperature in January is 32.6° F, and in July is 76.5° F.  Between 1990 and 2005 the neighborhood’s population grew by 16.9%.  This is a great neighborhood in Manhattan because it is still developing.  Are you moving with family, friends, or alone, it does not matter, Harlem is a neighborhood for all of you. Especially, if you are a student at Columbia University, or you work there. Then you will be close to your college or job.  Find the best neighborhood in Manhattan, and start a new life. Maybe, Harlem is the best choice for you. But, you should know all the fact before moving to Harlem.  

    Manhattan has the best coffee shops in New York City, the best nightlife, and restaurants. In one word, it is the center of the world. So, moving to Harlem is the first step, and you will be part of this big city.  Spend a Saturday night in Manhattan, and you will see how Manhattan is fabulous.

    An apple with famous NY landmarks. Moving to Harlem is a big opportunity.
    Welcome to Harlem, NY. Realize your American dream.

    The population and costs of living in Harlem

    Money box for saving money
    How much money will you need in Harlem?

    Central Harlem

    120000 people live in Central Harlem (62% African Americans, 23% Hispanic Americans, 3% White Americans, 3% Asian American, 3%others).  The unemployment rate is 13%. The most important thing, the median household income is about $40000 and median property value is $630000. 

    East Harlem

    The population of East Harlem is 126000. The median household income is a little lower than Central Harlem, $38000. The median home sale price is about $610000.

    West Harlem

    The population of West Harlem is 115000.  West Harlem came out on top due to its growth in sales price. You can easily access to the subway, that is a huge advantage. The median sale price $460000 and the median rent 2600 U.S. dollars.

    Moving to Harlem can be a big opportunity for you

    There are a lot of benefits of living in Manhattan.  Harlem is a relatively cheap neighborhood,  unlike others.  In Harlem, you can do and see a lot of things.

    • Cathedral Church of St John the Divine – if you are religious, moving to Harlem is for you. You will be in this church all the time. Built in a mix of styles, with elements of Romanesque and Gothic design.
    • Apollo Theater – This is one of Harlem’s most famous icons. Apollo Theatre will blow your mind.
    • Abyssinian Baptist Church – The first African-American Baptist church in New York state is this one.
    • Northern Central Park – This part of the Central Park has a lot to offer. Depending on the season, you can engage in various activities.
    • The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine – The largest church in the United States of America.  The project was first started in 1891. It has interesting tours for those who want to learn about its history and architecture.

    Finding a place to live in Harlem, Manhattan

    After moving to Harlem, of before, you need to find a home. First, you need to know what do you want and how much money did you plan to spend.  Manhattan is not a cheap place, but if you research a little you can find something.  Harlem is probably the cheapest neighborhood in Manhattan. If you want to rent an apartment, two bedrooms median rent in Central Harlem 2300 U.S. dollars, and in the East Harlem is $2500. If you want to save money a little bit on rent, then find a roommate. Write on paper what do you want in a new home, and tell that to your real estate agent. But, be prepared for some compromises. You might end up in a smaller apartment than you imagined. For example:

    • How many bedrooms and bathrooms
    • How many square feet
    • Open concept living room, dining room and kitchen
    • Furnished or not
    • Condo or house
    • Bathtub or shower
    Blank notebook. Make your moving to Harlem easier
    Write on paper your wishes for a new home, and make a moving a little bit easier for you.

    Where to eat in Harlem?

    Harlem has delicious restaurants. Such as, SottoCasa Pizzeria, which is a number one restaurant in Harlem. Also, if you love soul-food then Jacob Restaurant Soul Food & Salad Bar is for you. On the other hand, you are a fan of French cuisine go to the Maison Harlem. Moving to Harlem could be a surprise for your sense of taste. Other amazing restaurants are Red Rooster Harlem, Amy Ruth’s Home Style Southern Cuisine, Cheri, Harlem Shake, etc.

    Vegetables in supermarket
    There are plenty of groceries stores in Harlem

    Of course, Harlem has supermarkets, so you can make dinner at home if you want to save money. Groceries in Manhattan costs about 35% more than the national average, but it is certainly cheaper than eating in restaurants. The most popular markets in Harlem are Best Market, Foodtown, Cherry Valley Marketplace, Met Food Market, Fairway Market.

    Moving to Harlem and living there, could be a little different for you and your family. Even if you are from another neighborhood in Manhattan or if you are currently living in another country.  But definitely, it is a good choice.  Also, a life in the center of the world can bring you a lot of opportunities. Every beginning is hard and you must be brave to move and start a new life. But when you decide to do it, find a reliable mover company in Manhattan and good real estate agent. Probably, Manhattan is the expensive city, but you can live a comfortable Manhattan life on a budget, you just need to be creative. If you want to see how Harlem looks, watch this video.  There you can see one ordinary day in Harlem.


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