Tips to help you pack odd shaped items for a move

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    Preparing for a move is not an easy thing. There are many tasks that you have to complete in order to be sure that you will have a nice move. One of those tasks is packing. It is crucial to handle it properly if you want to have a nice relocation experience. However, not all items are easy to pack. People sometimes have to pack odd shaped items for a move and it is not an easy task if you do not know how to do it. Of course, movers and packers Manhattan know how to do it, but you may want to handle the relocation on your own. So, here are a few things you should have in mind when packing weird-shaped things for your move!

    Prepare the packing supplies before you pack odd shaped items for a move

    The first thing that you want to do here is to find all the packing supplies Manhattan that you may need for the process. It can be anything like:

    • cardboard moving boxes
    • plastic moving boxes
    • air-filled plastic wrap
    • plastic wrap
    • packing tapes
    • cushioning

    Of course, this is not the complete list. Everything depends on your needs and the type of items that you want to move. The best way to know what supplies you need for the move is by contacting good movers, like Manhattan Movers NYC, that can give you information. After that, all you have to do is find all those supplies for packing!

    air-filled plastic wrap is important to pack odd shaped items for a move
    Use proper packing supplies to pack odd shaped items for a move

    Disassemble items if you can

    Preparing odd shaped things for the move is hard due to their shape. However, most of these items can be disassembled and this is something you should do. By disassembling them, you will make smaller items that will be much easier to prepare and pack. For example, furniture is odd shaped. The best way is to disassemble it and make many smaller parts that will be easier to pack. Do this for each item and you are golden!

    hand tools on the table
    Disassembling can help you pack easier

    Pack odd shaped items for a move properly

    If you have hollow items, you want to protect them from within. Place cushioning inside so that you could reduce the risk of its braking. On the other hand, when talking about outside, you want to use air filled plastic wrap as much as possible, especially if the items are fragile. Also, if there are protruding parts, make sure you protect them as well.

    When placing items in the boxes, you do not want just to place them there and leave them. You should make sure your items do not move around too much during the move. Place towels or cushioning so that you could be sure your items will stay in place. It is much harder to prepare items for moving than for Manhattan storage because transport is a thing that you have to include in the risk assessment.


    Even though this sounds scary, there are many ways to properly pack odd shaped items for a move. We have given you a couple of tips that you should use during this time. Make sure you protect your items because you certainly do not want to lose them in the process!



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