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    Being a soldier is one of the hardest jobs out there. Not only do you have to risk your life in order to keep our country safe. But, you have to deal with all the behind the curtains stuff that few people are aware of. Military moving, for instance, is a big problem for a lot of people in the service. Even more so if they need to relocate their entire family with them. So, we hope that our article will give you some helpful advice on how to deal with military relocation.

    Preparing for a military relocation

    Being able to efficiently prepare is key when it comes to military relocation. Since soldiers tend to move a lot, you will have a lot of practice. Once you get a hang of it you might even try a DIY move. Now, preparing for a cross country relocation is different from preparing for an international one. But, there are some things that remain the same, no matter where you move to.

    Moving as a soldier tends to become easier the more times you do it.


    The best way to deal with military relocation is with proper organization. There are many companies and websites, like, that help military people with relocation. On them will find helpful advice and services that can really make a difference for your next relocation. This should help you organize your next relocation properly. And, if you haven’t moved before, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind:

    • Give yourself enough time – Planning a relocation is easy. Dealing with unexpected moving mishaps and mistakes is what makes moving hard. This is mainly why you need to give yourself enough time to deal with moving. Our advice is to start dealing with your relocation as soon as possible.
    • Reuse packing supplies – As a soldier, you will probably have to move more than once. So, it is much better than you get good quality packing supplies and reuse them, then to get poor quality ones for each move. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be making your relocation much safer.
    • Talk with your movers – Moving is a complicated process and you will get better at it the more you practice it. And the best way to learn all the ins and outs of moving is to talk with your movers. Use their experience to your advantage.

    Finding movers

    It is hard to underestimate how important it is that you work with competent movers. Bad movers will make your relocation difficult or even hazardous. While good ones will help you move in an efficient and cost-effective manner. So, try to find the best movers possible for your military relocation. It is usually a good idea to start with local movers. It costs than less time and fuel to move you simply because of their location. So, if you are moving from Pembroke Pines, consider hiring Pembroke Pines based moving company. Just make sure to get as many moving estimates as you can before you decide. You learn a lot about moving companies and moving while talking to company representatives.

    Discussing military moving with movers
    Military moving is much easier if you work with reliable movers.


    Packing is one aspect of moving that you can deal with on your own. You just need to study an online guide and make sure that you know what you are doing. Proper packing is quite important when it comes to the safety of your relocation. Too many relocations have been ruined simply because a person couldn’t be bothered to read a packing guide. If you do not want to bother packing hire professionals and make your military relocation simple. Professional movers are bound to pack you efficiently and safely. But, whatever you do, do not postpone it to the last minute and then do a poor job. You will endanger not only yourself but the movers as well.


    Since military moving often means that you will have to move long distances, you might need to use a storage unit. This is especially true from international moving, as you probably won’t be able to transport all of your possessions with you. Now, there are things that you should know about renting a storage unit in order to make the most of it. Long term storage will require you to pack your possessions safely in order for them to remain in pristine condition. Furthermore, you will need to look into storage insurance and item evaluation. But, don’t worry. It is not as difficult as it may seem.

    Taking care of your family

    Moving as a soldier is difficult. Moving your entire family as a soldier takes that difficulty to a whole new level. Once you start dealing with it you will see just how many things there are. From getting everyone’s paperwork and items ready to finding schools and employment for them. So, in order to deal with moving your family, you will need to spend even more time preparing.

    Solider takes care of his family
    Make sure to put your family first and moving second.

    Your best bet here is to simply let movers deal with the entire relocation. There will be so many things for you to deal with outside of moving, that you are bound to make some moving mistakes. Later on, when you get a hang of it, you can try to tackle some parts of moving. But for starters, focus on your family and leave moving to professionals.

    Moving with kids

    Moving can be really hard on kids. Whether they are moving for the first time or tenth, it is not something they like to do. Therefore, it will be up to you to make sure that they are healthy. Both physically and emotionally. Talk to them on a daily basis and help them understand and cope with the situation. It is not easy making friends in a new environment and them moving a couple of months or years afterward. So, make sure that they can confide in you and that they do not struggle needlessly.



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