Top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads

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    Graduation is a big deal in the life of every young person. It comes with a mix of feelings and the feeling of freedom is the dominant one. Although you need to get rest and get back your energy after months of studying for exams, you just can’t stop planning your further steps. This is something every college grad deals with and it is perfectly normal. Whether you are living in a small town or a large city, you will probably consider relocation. And here we come to one of the most popular places for college grads- the famous Big Apple. There is no doubt that this city offers endless opportunities to young people. For that reason, our packers and movers in New York will remind you of top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads. Together we will consider where you should move after graduation. Let’s start our mission!

    Prepare for the move before you choose one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads

    Moving preparations are similar to preparing for a challenging exam. You don’t know what questions you need to answer but you know which lessons you have to learn. Depending on the place you are coming from, you should plan your relocation. That often means you will need to enlist professional help for your moving to Manhattan. Also, you will need to define what items you want to bring with you.

    Books on the table
    Finding top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads is a serious job.

    With closet-size apartments all across the city, it can be hard to sort out items that you can and can’t keep. But our Manhattan moving and storage experts can help you find a simple solution for your move. We will help you transport items that will fit your new home. And when it comes to the rest of your possession, we can provide you with excellent storage units. So, before you focus on finding an ideal neighborhood according to your personality, make sure to know what it takes for relocation. Planning your budget is an important step you should take before you choose from the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads. And since living in NYC is expensive, you should not skip this step.

    Calculate your budget thoroughly

    The famous New York City attracts young professionals from all across the globe. This city is a favorite among students of different professions and has something for everyone. Every college grad has a variety of chances after coming to NYC: to get international experience, and meet professionals from all parts of the world. But most importantly, this place can provide you with a thriving career and a well-paid job. New York is home to many world-known companies and living here means you will be in the center of the action. Nevertheless, being surrounded by successful people has its price. New York is also one of the most expensive places to live, which is challenging for freshly graduated students.

    A person counts dollar bills
    Your budget will determine which neighborhoods you can consider.

    If you decide you invest in your future, you will take your chance to find your path in this city. But before you do it, you will need to conduct your move. So, start comparing moving quotes NYC and get informed about upcoming moving expenses. This could impact your decision while you need to pick from the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads. For example, if you are coming from another state, maybe you will need to choose the most affordable neighborhoods. After a while, you get back on your feed and move to the area that you like more.

    Even though students usually don’t have too many items, make sure to calculate your transportation costs. Maybe you will need help with moving furniture NYC, so count on this potential cost. Also, decide will you move your instruments, art, and other valuables.

    Now it is time to discover some of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads

    While you are in search of a career opportunity, you might want to visit New York and analyze your options when it comes to housing. Regardless of your budget, you will want to settle down in close proximity to successful companies you are interested in. And if you choose Manhattan borough, you will not make a mistake. But job opportunities are not the only thing Manhattan offers. Many student grads looking for a rich cultural scene in the area they live. If there are plenty of places to walk, eat and have fun near your new home, you will want to stay. An excellent transportation system is also an important factor for college grads. Luckily, according to our residential movers NYC, Manhattan has it all. It is one of the most desirable areas for young professionals.

    Some neighborhoods in NYC are just perfect for college grads. Although Big Apple consists many of places ideal for students, today we will remind you of the most popular ones. Here comes a list of neighborhoods you should consider after your graduation:

    • Noho – lower Manhattan;
    • Nolita – Manhattan;
    • Soho –  lower Manhattan;
    • Upper East Side in Manhattan;
    • Washington Heights;
    • Central Harlem;
    • Gramercy is one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college students.

    It will be hard to decide where to move to

    Each of these neighborhoods is special, but some of them you will like more than others. Although most of them are well-located, these neighborhoods have different vibes and features that mean to you. To help you opt for the neighborhood that works for you, we did gather experiences and information from our movers and previous customers. So, we will present you with ideal neighborhoods in New York City for college grads and help you make the right decision. With our help, you will move your home to the address that is perfect for your needs and priorities.

    A happy young woman thinkng about top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads
    It is time to find your home in NYC.

    Noho is one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads

    For many years Noho is one of the most desirable places in Manhattan. If we need to highlight one single thing about this neighborhood that attracts young people, we would pick its location. This magnificent place is located between Mercer Street, East 8th Street, Houston Street, and Bowery/ 4th Avenue. A long time ago, it was a small neighborhood and home to different people. Nowadays, Noho is home to many creative college grads and artists. Here you can also meet young families and many businessmen. It is not a perfect place for retirees and you will not see them so often here. But when it comes to your professionals and students, you will notice Noho is home to many of them. Below you will find out why is that.

    Photo of Noho, Manhattan
    Many students after graduation decide to move to Noho.

    One this you should know before you get disappointed- it might be hard to find an apartment in Noho. This is because of so many reasons that make Noho a unique place. This neighborhood has its energy, vibe, and attractive atmosphere. There are many reasons why you will want to hire Noho movers and start calling this place home. Here are the most important ones for college grads:

    • Noho offers cost-effective housing options;
    • here you can enjoy affordable commuting costs;
    • Noho has a perfect location and plenty of transportation options;
    • it has excellent educational institutions and companies where you can find a job;
    • you can explore its rich history;
    • the neighborhood abounds with interesting cafes, fancy boutiques, and expansive lofts;
    • many people will tell you it is one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads.

    Nolita might be an ideal place for you

    Life in a concrete jungle like new York is not simple sometimes. This is true especially when you need to interact with people you can trust and like to chat with. Although Big Apple is known for crowds all the time, some places could get you by surprise. This giant city also has neighborhoods with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that is just your cup of tea. And one of that places is Nolita- North of Italy. If you take advice from our Nolita movers and start looking for an apartment here, you will not make a mistake, especially if you are dreaming about a sense of community. Once you come to look for an apartment in Nolita, you will probably see many neighbors interacting in the streets.

    A college grad walking down the street
    The family atmosphere makes Nolita one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads.

    It is never boring in this neighborhood and it is welcoming to everyone. Here you can find plenty of bars and restaurants, different shopping places, vintage shops, etc. This neighborhood is also home to many families. It is suitable for commuters, artists and mature people. If you are still attached to your parents and family, this place will be ideal for you to feel good. Friendly atmosphere whenever you go, can you ask for anything else right now?

    Get ready to get to know Soho

    If you are dreaming about a bright and thriving career, maybe you can spend some time in Soho. This place gathers many young enthusiasts and professionals. Soho is vibrant, artistic, and perspective at the same time. Its architecture makes it irresistible to young people but also tourists. What about the Soho location? It is located in the heart of the Big Apple and here you can expect to attend many different events all around the year. You can get bored when you are living in a famous Soho.

    If you are coming to New York for the first time, our Soho movers will recommend you best solutions for your move. Also, they will remind you how safe this neighborhood is. Soho is well-known for low crime rates and for that it is one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads. Although you will need to pay more for an apartment in Soho, you will not regret it. Your new neighbors can help you get job opportunities and change your future. It is also known as cultural heaven. Here you can enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience and meet exceptional professionals.

    The Upper East Side is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads

    If you want to enjoy excellent commuting options, incredible nightlife, and the company of other young people new to a city, just choose this place. From the Upper East Side, you can quickly commute to Midtown and enjoy beautiful views. Here you can find an affordable apartment and save some money after moving with experts from Upper East Side moving companies. After you settle in, you will not need to go anywhere far to meet your new neighborhood. Just go to the nearby cocktail bars, classic Irish pubs, or craft beer joints. Also, this place is home to many popular spots for food. What to have a special weekend without leaving your neighborhood? All you need to do is to visit The Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Central Park.

    Upper East Side- oen of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college Grads
    Upper East Side is a phenomenal place to live.

    Gramercy still attracts young people freshly graduated from college

    If your safety is the first thing that you want to ensure when moving to a new place, you can be free to choose Gramercy. According to our Gramercy movers, low crime rates are the main reason why young people and families decide to move their homes here. Here you will find a peace and quiet without leaving Big Apple. This neighborhood is ideal for all those who are passionate about a calm atmosphere. This is a place where many lovers of elegance gather and enjoy living a ”high life”. Enjoy outstanding restaurants, popular nightlife joints, and bars. In addition, this place is famous for its beautiful nature in the middle of NYC. All those things make Gramercy one of the top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads. For sure this place will motivate and inspire you to chase your dreams and goals!


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