Top states to start a business

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    Starting a business in today’s economy is a daring thing to do. There are many threats and competition already on the market. However, opportunities are great as well. This is, after all, the reason why people decide to break off their chains and try to make it on their own. As a matter of fact, competition plays a great role in starting a business today. We can see that there are many consultant companies emerging. Companies already on the market are doing their best to stay competitive. On the other hand, the new, young, companies are looking for all the help that they can get. Therefore, having a competitive advantage is a very important thing to invest in. Nevertheless, we see that the number of opened companies is not spread out evenly across the country. Let’s take a look at the top states to start a business in today.

    The criteria

    Before we go any further, let us point out that we need to thank WalletHub for the information on the top states to start a business in the USA. They managed to conduct a wide-arrey research and get the insight in the business practice from all 50 states that make up the USA of today. Therefore, we would like to point out that their research is going to be our main source of information today. In the case that you are interested in finding out the detailed criteria used in conducting this research and creation of the subsequent list of the top states to start a business, check out their website.

    Texas is one of the top states to start a business in
    Welcome to the Lone Star State!

    Top states to start a business in today

    Now that we have addressed the issue of the source of information, we should get down to business. These are the top states for starting a business in the USA:

    1. Texas
    2. Utah
    3. Montana
    4. North Dakota
    5. Florida
    6. Colorado

    Before we go on, let us point out that the list written above is compiled of the top cities to start a business in the USA in no particular order. Each city has a lot to offer, so it is up to you to get more information on the aspect of starting a business according to your liking and goals that you would like to achieve. Also, since you will need to choose moving services, make sure to choose the right moving company.


    Texas should thank its major cities for such a high ranking. Dallas, Austin and Houston are some of the cities that are very friendly for startups. If you are an entrepreneur, consider one of these cities for chasing your goals. So, you should most definitely avoid moving from Texas to Manhattan. Move in the opposite direction.


    Heading to the North, we find ourselves in the Beehive State. The reasons why Utah ranks so high are various.

    First of all, major universities operating in the State of Utah ensure that a highly educated workforce is available at all times. Still, beware the fact that highly trained staff is very sought after everywhere, Utah included. Moving your household to another state such as Utah is not a common thing to do, however. So, if you come by a promising young professional who moved here, make sure to hire him or her sooner rather than later. Otherwise, someone else might just snag that person from you.

    Sign welcome to Utah
    Utah ranks pretty high on our list

    Furthermore, taxes and real estate prices in Utah are very affordable. This, obviously, played a role in ranking Utah on our scale. Also, if you decide to start a business in this State and succeed, you will not be the first one to do so. eBay and other large companies have their headquarters located here.


    While Georgia is one of the most popular states, we prefer Montana

    Montana is a state whose major factor for a rating that is received is the fact that its taxes are pretty low. Furthermore, access to VC is pretty simple. Furthermore, the costs of starting a business are still very affordable. On the other hand, if you decide to start your business here, bear in mind that there are certain costs that are higher than in other states. For example, startup activity and the costs of living could use some adjustment.

    North Dakota

    Some of the top reasons why North Dakota ranks this high are the costs of starting a business and local, highly-skilled labor force. Also, the quality of life seen through the prism of access to healthcare and education and public safety have all played an important role in putting North Dakota onto our list of the top states to start a business in. If you are moving from the Sunshine State, find reliable and experienced cross country movers from Florida to take you here.


    Florida as a state ranks pretty high. The reason is its large percentage of entrepreneurs that are located mostly in Miami and Orlando. Also, venture capital is very easy to get access to in Florida. Lastly, there are many young business owners who rely only on the income that they earn from their startup.

    However, if you are thinking about moving to some other Southern state, you might think about South Carolina. In that case, hire professional movers before moving to South Carolina. Still, we believe that Florida has some very good signs for everyone looking to start a company. In total, Florida would be our personal choice to start a business if we had to choose between these two states.


    Sign welcome to Colorado
    Colorado’s economy has been booming!

    Colorado’s strengths are most importantly healthy labor market. Furthermore, The Centennial State boasts a great business atmosphere with certain industries booming at the moment. Furthermore, access to very good health care system and income per capita help boost Colorado’s positioning on the list of the top states to start a business. Therefore, if you are looking to start a company in a market that is growing and in a place that offers plenty of extracurricular and outdoor activities, Colorado may be the top choice for you.


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