Top Tips for Moving House at Christmas

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    For one reason or another, you need to move house this Christmas. Now, this may not be your favorite thing to do. Let’s face it, no one’s too eager to do the heavy lifting when they can be relaxing at home. Instead of drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols, you’re here scheduling and probably worrying yourself to death. However, there is no need to get stressed. It is a fact that holidays alone are usually stressful. Many people claim that their stress levels go through the roof during what is supposed to be “the jolliest time of the year.” You don’t want to add to it. With a few simple tips and the help of the packers and movers in New York, you can make your Christmas move stress-free and as easy as possible. Here are some top tips for moving house at Christmas.

    Nothing Beats Planning

    If you want to avoid stress during the move, the most important tip is to plan. Begin your moving preparations as soon as possible. You need to have at least a ballpark version of it. Not only will this help reduce your stress levels, but it will also prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances.

    planner and sticky notes for moving house at Christmas
    Planning is a key step when moving house at Christmas.

    So, get your notepad and start working out the details. Think big first. Get a quote from a moving company and schedule your moving day. Some companies, such as interstate moving companies NYC locals recommend, are reliable and experienced. With them, even your move at Christmas will be hassle-free. They even provide consultations to ensure the best possible service. It is also a good idea to make a checklist.

    Moving Checklist

    Creating a moving checklist is a crucial step in planning your Christmas house move. It keeps you organized and ensures you don’t overlook anything. A good checklist breaks down your move into manageable tasks. You can adjust it based on your specific needs. Here’s a simple guide to making your moving checklist:

    • Two Months Before Moving:

    Research residential movers NYC offers and get quotes.
    Create a moving budget.
    Start sorting through your belongings. Decide what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away.

    • Six Weeks Before Moving:

    Choose your moving company and confirm the date.
    Order packing supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.
    Start packing non-essential items.

    • One Month Before Moving:

    Notify your utility providers about your move.
    Change your address with the postal service.
    Arrange time off work for the moving day.

    • Two Weeks Before Moving:

    Pack most of your belongings.
    Confirm arrangements with your moving company.
    Plan for pet and child care on a moving day.

    • One Week Before Moving:

    Pack an essentials box for the first few days in your new home.
    Confirm key collection for your new house.
    Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

    • Moving Day:

    Do a final walkthrough of your old house.
    Make sure movers have your new address and contact information.
    Keep your essentials box and important documents with you.

    Safety First

    Safety should always be your top priority when moving house in winter. The cold weather, ice, and snow add extra challenges, but with the right precautions, you can ensure a safe move. Your safety and that of the moving team are paramount. Before the local movers NYC provides arrive, clear your driveway and walkways of snow and ice. This step is essential to prevent slips and falls. Use salt or sand to melt ice and improve traction. Keep a shovel handy on the moving day for any last-minute clearing.

    Protecting your belongings from the cold is also crucial. Electronic items, for instance, are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Wrap them in extra layers of blankets or bubble wrap to keep them safe. If you have items that could be damaged by the cold, like certain musical instruments or antiques, consider transporting them in a heated vehicle.

    You should also dress appropriately for the weather. Layer up in warm, comfortable clothing. Gloves, hats, and sturdy, non-slip boots are a must to keep you warm and steady on your feet. Provide hot drinks for yourself and the movers to stay warm throughout the process. Remember, moving trucks may take longer to arrive due to hazardous road conditions. Be patient and plan for potential delays. It’s better to take extra time and be safe than to rush and risk accidents. Don’t forget to double-check that your new home’s heating system is working before you arrive. You’ll want a warm space to relax in after a long day of moving.

    hand in glove shoveling off snow
    Clear snow and ice from walkways to ensure safe moving conditions.

    Be Mindful of the Weather

    Being mindful of the weather is essential when planning a house move, especially during winter. The weather can be unpredictable, and sudden changes can impact your moving process significantly. Check the weather forecast regularly as your moving day approaches. This habit will keep you informed about any potential storms, heavy snowfall, or icy conditions that could disrupt your plans.

    If the forecast predicts severe weather, it’s crucial to have a backup plan. Talk to long distance moving companies NYC residents trust about their policies for weather-related rescheduling. Knowing your options in advance eases stress if you need to change your moving date last minute.

    Pack an emergency kit for the moving day. Include items like extra warm clothes, blankets, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit. Don’t forget about your car. Ensure it’s serviced, especially the brakes and tires, to handle slippery roads. Keep a snow shovel, ice scraper, and salt in your vehicle to tackle any unexpected snow or ice. Stay flexible and ready to adjust your plans if the weather takes a turn for the worse. If conditions seem risky, prioritize safety over sticking to the schedule. It’s better to delay the move than to risk accidents or damage to your belongings.

    Communicate clearly with everyone involved in the move. Let them know about your concerns regarding the weather and your plans in case of severe conditions. This communication ensures everyone is on the same page and can adjust as needed. Remember, moving in winter doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By being prepared and staying informed about the weather, you can navigate these challenges successfully. Always prioritize safety, and don’t hesitate to postpone the move if the weather conditions demand it. This approach will help ensure a safe transition to your new home.

    snow storm in the dark
    Keep an eye on the weather forecast as your Christmas moving day approaches.

    Ask For Help

    Asking for help during a house move is not just practical; it’s often necessary. Moving can be overwhelming, and having an extra set of hands or two can significantly ease the burden. When preparing for a move, especially during busy times like the holiday season, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family for assistance. They can provide invaluable support in various aspects of your move.

    Friends and family can help with packing, which is one of the most time-consuming parts of moving. Organize a packing party, where loved ones come over to help box up your belongings. It’s a great way to spend time together and get things done faster. Plus, they might provide useful packing tips and tricks you hadn’t thought of.

    If you have children or pets, moving day can be particularly stressful for them. Ask someone you trust to look after them for the day. This approach not only keeps them safe and happy but also allows them to focus on the move without distractions. Don’t forget about meals. Packing up your kitchen means you might not have the time or space to cook. A family member or friend could help by bringing over a meal. It’s one less thing to worry about, and a home-cooked meal can be a comforting end to a busy day. Furthermore, friends who have moved recently can offer advice and share their experiences. They can recommend reliable local movers in Manhattan NY, efficient packing strategies, and ways to deal with the stress of moving.

    Most people are happy to help; they just need to be asked. Your network of friends and family is a valuable resource. Utilizing this support network can make your moving experience more manageable and less stressful. Moving is a big task, and there’s no reason to do it all alone. Assistance from your loved ones can make a significant difference, turning a challenging process into an opportunity for bonding and support.

    couple putting bubble wrap on furniture for moving house at Christmas
    Ask friends and family for help with packing and moving tasks.

    Take Care of Yourself

    Taking care of yourself is also one of the most important things during the moving process. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget about your well-being. Moving is physically and mentally demanding. To keep your energy up, it’s important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid too much caffeine or sugary drinks, as they can lead to energy crashes. Healthy eating is also vital. Choose nutritious meals that provide sustained energy. Think whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. It’s tempting to rely on fast food during a move, but healthy meals will fuel your body better. Prepare some easy-to-eat snacks like nuts, yogurt, or fruit bars. These can be quickly grabbed for a quick energy boost.

    Getting enough rest is another key aspect of self-care during a move. Aim for a full night’s sleep. It’s tempting to stay up late packing or organizing, but lack of sleep can make you less efficient and more stressed. If possible, take short breaks throughout the moving process. Even a few minutes of relaxation can be rejuvenating.

    Remember to listen to your body. If you feel tired or sore, take a break. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to burnout or injury. Pay attention to how you lift heavy items. Use your legs, not your back, and ask for help with heavy or awkward items.

    Lastly, take time for yourself. Moving is stressful, and it’s important to find moments of calm. Whether it’s a short walk, a cup of tea, or just sitting quietly, these small pauses can do wonders for your mental health. By taking care of your physical and mental health, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges of moving. Your health is just as important as any other aspect of the moving process. Prioritize it, and you’ll find the experience much more manageable.

    fluid pouring in pint glass
    Take frequent breaks to avoid burnout during the busy moving process.

    Packing Tips for Moving House at Christmas

    Packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of moving. It is not as simple as placing things in boxes. That is why it is important to follow these few steps which will ensure that your pack is efficient and thorough.

    Only Pack What Is Necessary

    There is such a thing as too many things. Make your move easier by getting rid of unnecessary things. Make a list of your belongings that you will most likely not need in your new home. Then, you can organize a yard/garage sale. This is especially important if you need to move on a budget. By organizing a yard/garage sale, you can earn money. Not to mention the fact that it will be easier to move less stuff.

    Pack on Time

    One of the most important tips for moving house at Christmas is to organize your packing on time. Now, you don’t have to start too early, either. But it is important to start packing at least two weeks before the move. That way, when the day comes, there will be much less stress.

    Take note that, if you are currently living in a house, it will take more time to pack than if you are living in an apartment. For larger houses, it will probably take even more time. Take this into account and try to organize your packing accordingly. Also, take into account that moving a house usually means moving large items, and that takes up a significant amount of time.

    Label the Boxes

    This may seem redundant, but it is always worth mentioning – label boxes as precisely as possible. Why? So that your move would be quick and efficient. Don’t just label boxes with words such as “clothes,” “appliances,” or, in some cases “living room.” Sorting through things when you move can become a real hassle. Be precise. Write exactly what is in the boxes. For instance, you could write something like – “summer clothes, kid’s room,” or “cutlery, cupboard in the kitchen.” It doesn’t take up too much of your time but it will save you some time later on.

    couple sitting on a couch near boxes
    Label your boxes clearly to make unpacking during Christmas easier.

    Make Sure You Pack Properly

    Sometimes the process of packing includes simply putting your belongings in a box. But there is also more to it, especially if moving house at Christmas. If you are packing something valuable, you will need to take good care of it. First, you will need to wrap your belongings properly. That means using wrapping supplies such as bubble wrap or packing paper. In some cases, you can even use newspapers to wrap some fragile items.

    Make sure to have boxes of various sizes at your disposal. Take into consideration that you will not be packing same-sized items. It is always best to pack things tight so that they will not jostle too much during the move. If you place small items in a large box, there is more chance that they could get damaged. In case you need help with packing, choose one of the packing services NYC has to offer.

    Additional Tips for Moving House at Christmas

    First and foremost, don’t forget about the holiday spirit! Pack your Christmas decorations so you can decorate your tree at your new home. Also, do your Christmas shopping early. That way, you will not have to do it in a rush once you’ve moved. Leave information for the new owners of your previous home. Things like bin day and some simple instructions regarding the house will do. Just a little something to help them get accommodated easily.

    Let Your Utility Companies Know You’re Moving

    Now, this may not seem like one of the most important tips for moving house at Christmas. However, this step often gets forgotten. Contact your provider and make sure your new home is ready. After all, it is the winter. You don’t want to come to your new home and find that you have no electricity! A few days before you move, make sure that all utilities in your new home are in order.

    Organize Your Documents

    For instance, if you are moving with children, it is important to transfer their transcripts to a new school. It is best to consult with your kids’ old school on how to do that properly. Also, you will need to move medical records, as well. We suggest packing your important documents separately, as you don’t want to lose anything during the move.

    2 women sitting near Christmas tree after moving house at Christmas
    Take time to relax and enjoy the holiday season after moving house at Christmas.

    Enjoy a Fresh Start After Your Christmas Move!

    Moving house at Christmas presents unique challenges but also offers a chance for a fresh start in the festive season. Planning, seeking help, and taking care of yourself can help you navigate this busy period successfully. Remember, safety is key in winter weather, and being prepared for sudden changes is crucial. With these tips, your Christmas move can be less stressful and more rewarding. Embrace the spirit of the season and look forward to celebrating in your new home. Moving your home at Christmas can indeed be a joyful journey to a new beginning!


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