Top tips for moving house at Christmas

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    For one reason or another, you need to move house this Christmas. Now, this may not be your favorite thing to do. Let’s face it, no one’s too eager to do the heavy lifting when they can be relaxing at home. Instead of drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols, you’re here scheduling and probably worrying yourself to death. However, there is no need to get stressed. It is a fact that holidays alone are usually stressful. Many people claim that their stress levels go through the roof during what is supposed to be “the jolliest time of the year.” You don’t want to add to it. With a few simple tips, you can make your Christmas move stress-free and as easy as possible. Here are some top tips for moving house at Christmas.

    Nothing beats planning

    If you really want to avoid stress during the move, the most important tip is to plan. You need to have at least a ballpark version of it. Not only will this help reduce your stress levels, but it will also prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances.

    When moving house on Christmas, planning is the key
    Planning ahead is the most important tip

    So, get your notepad and start working out the details. Think big first. Get a quote from a moving company and schedule your moving day. Some companies, such as Divine Moving and Storage NYC, are reliable and experienced. With them, even your move at Christmas will be hassle-free. They even provide consultations to ensure the best possible service.

    Take note to glance at the weather forecast. You don’t want your move hindered by snow. But the weather can be fickle and you need to be prepared. For instance, have shovels and salt for the driveway ready. This will be of immense help in such cases.

    Let your utility companies know you’re moving

    Now, this may not seem like one of the most important tips for moving house at Christmas. However, this step often gets forgotten. Contact your provider and make sure your new home is ready. After all, it is the winter. You don’t want to come to your new home and find that you have no electricity! A few days before you move, make sure that all utilities in your new home are in order.

    Electric pole
    Informing utility companies of your move is vital

    Organize your documents

    For instance, if you are moving with children, it is important to transfer their transcripts to a new school. It is best to consult with your kids’ old school on how to do that properly. Also, you will need to move medical records, as well. We suggest packing your important documents separately, as you don’t want to lose anything during the move.

    Packing tips for moving house at Christmas

    Packing is actually one of the most time-consuming parts of moving. It is not as simple as placing things in boxes. That is why it is important to follow these few steps which will ensure that your pack efficiently and thoroughly.

    Only pack what is necessary

    There is such a thing as too many things. Make your move easier by getting rid of unnecessary things. Make a list of your belongings that you will most likely not need in your new home. Then, you can organize a yard/garage sale. This is especially important if you need to move on a budget. By organizing a yard/garage sale, you can actually earn money. Not to mention the fact that it will be easier to move less stuff.

    Pack on time

    One of the most important tips for moving house at Christmas is to organize your packing in a timely manner. Now, you don’t have to start too early, either. But it is important to start packing at least two weeks prior to the move. That way, when the day comes, there will be much less stress.

    Take note that, if you are currently living in a house, it will take more time to pack than if you are living in an apartment. For larger houses, it will probably take even more time. Take this into account and try to organize your packing accordingly. Also, take into account that moving a house usually means moving large items, and that takes up a significant amount of time.

    Calendar on a table
    You will need to pack on time

    Label the boxes

    This may seem redundant, but it is always worth mentioning – label boxes as precisely as possible. Why? So that your move would be quick and efficient. Don’t just label boxes with words such as “clothes,” “appliances,” or, in some cases “living room.” Sorting through things when you move can become a real hassle then. Be precise. Write exactly what is in the boxes. For instance, you could write something like – “summer clothes, kid’s room,” or “cutlery, cupboard in the kitchen.” It doesn’t take up too much of your time but it will actually save you some time later on.

    Make sure you pack properly

    Sometimes the process of packing includes simply putting your belongings in a box. But there is also more to it, especially if moving house at Christmas. If you are packing something valuable, you will need to take good care of it. First, you will need to wrap your belongings properly. That means using wrapping supplies such as bubble wrap or packing paper. In some cases, you can even use newspapers to wrap some fragile items.

    Make sure to have boxes of various sizes at your disposal. Take into consideration that you will not be packing same-sized items. It is always best to pack things tight so that they will not jostle too much during the move. If you place small items in a large box, there is more chance that they could get damaged.

    Additional tips for moving house at Christmas

    • Take your holiday spirit with you. First and foremost, don’t forget about the holiday spirit! Pack your Christmas decorations so you can decorate your tree at your new home. Also, do your Christmas shopping early. That way, you will not have to do it in a rush once you’ve moved.
    • Leave information for the new owners of your previous home. Things like bin day and some simple instructions regarding the house will do. Just a little something to help them get accommodated easily.


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