Upper East Side events you should not miss

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    After moving with some professional movers NYC, you will want to do something to relax. No matter where and when you moved, the experience is stressful. When a few days have passed and you have recovered physically, it is time to explore the city. The neighborhood you moved to is part of Manhattan. Everybody knows how busy and lively this part of the city is and therefore there are a lot of events you can visit. But from so many options, it will be difficult to decide. This guide will give you the top-rated Upper East Side events that you can visit as a newcomer.

    Bastille Day on 60th Street

    This festival was established in 1990 as a celebration of the historical friendship between France and the USA. Each year, New Yorkers celebrate French culture during this afternoon of activities and fun for the whole family. After moving with some Upper East Side moving company your kids will have a great time having their faces painted in the Kids Corner booth. For the adults, there are tasty treats and all-day-long music concerts. All of these things come from France or other French-speaking countries.

    People talking and drinking
    Bastille Day on 60th Street is a family-friendly festival

    Japan Block Fair

    This festival is not located on the Upper East Side but it is quite close. It takes place in Murray Hill and is a great spot for everyone who likes Japanese food. If you want to experience the interesting flavors of Japanese cuisine after using the services of some piano movers NYC, this is the right place to be. The people who attended this festival in the past recommend coming as soon as it opens since it can get crowded fast.

    City Parks Foundation’s SummerStage

    This is the largest free outdoor performing arts festival in NYC and one of the best Upper East Side events. New Yorkers started celebrating it first in 1986 and since then more than six million people enjoyed SummerStage. There are a lot of performances ranging from R&B and soul to Indie and Afrobeat. As you can see, there is something for everybody’s taste. The same goes for renting storage units Manhattan NYC. There are different options for everybody’s preferences and needs. Artists from all around the world come to your new neighborhood to play music.

    Taste of Sunnyside

    Foodies will for sure enjoy moving here since there are a lot of food festivals. This is another event that revolves around food and drinks. People from all around the world come to this event and therefore there are various types of food you can try. All you need to do is be open to trying new things. Every stand has different food and another portion size. It will be quite challenging to not eat too much, so make sure to come here hungry.

    Person serving food in one of the Upper East Side events
    Upper East Side is a great place for foodies

    Enjoy all the Upper East Side events!

    This is not an extensive list of Upper East Side events, there are more events that you can attend. In time, you will get to know your new neighborhood. We wish you fun and a good time!


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