Upper East Side vs Noho: pros and cons

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    New York City has a reputation to be one of the most beautiful metropolitans in the world. With its huge size, many work opportunities, and an enticing lifestyle, it represents a very desirable city for living. When you are moving to NYC with Manhattan Movers NYC, first you need to decide in what neighborhood you want to settle down, Upper East Side vs Noho. As New York is a huge city, there are many neighborhoods for you to choose from. Two of the more prominent ones are the Upper East Side and Noho, as mentionedEach side has its own distinct character, charm, and traits. Here are some pros and cons for each side to help you make a choice that is best for you. 

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    It is exciting to live in New York City so choose your neighborhood wisely

    Upper East Side vs Noho: pros and cons of Upper East Side 

    Upper East Side is best known for designer boutiques, upscale real-estate, and well-known prep schools, where life is beautiful and very posh. However, you can also affordable apartments and lead a relaxed life living. This attracts many people from different backgrounds to move here with Upper East Side movers. Even with a very upscaled history, the atmosphere is friendly and carefree.

    One of the pros is the location near Central Park. You can take evening walks or morning jogs, or you can spend your free time hanging with friends. Also for sports lovers, there are many fun local sports bars. Additionally, for history lovers, there is a very famous Museum Mile and many shopping opportunities. The big con for  Upper East Side is transport. There are just 6  local trains and sometimes the nearest station can be a little further away. Driving a car might be stressful as well due to a lack of parking space and traffic jams. 

    Upper East Side vs Noho to live next to Central Park
    Upper East Side has Central Park which is a huge advantage

    Pros and cons of Noho 

    Noho is a small downtown part tucked between the two Villages, famous for its expansive lofts, fancy boutiques, and unique cafes. If you are looking for laid-back but also a thrilling lifestyle, this is place for you. During the day, there are many interesting coffee shops and cafes for every artistic soul. Artists-in-residence inspired the cultural scene and atmosphere in the neighborhood.  In addition to this, living here gives you better and quicker access to other parts of the city. A huge disadvantage would be affordability and popular demand. Since many people would love to live here, it is hard to find an affordable apartment or even to book Noho movers.

    New York City has a place for everyone. Each neighborhood has its own charm that suits someone’s lifestyle. Before deciding on your final location, study all the pros and also cons of Upper East Side vs Noho, make your decision with an easy heart. In both cases, prepare your budget and patience well since you will need it. These are two of the best NYC neighborhoods to live in.


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