Upper East Side vs Noho: Pros and Cons

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    New York City has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful metropolitans in the world. It also offers many work opportunities, entertainment, and an attractive lifestyle. However, before moving, you’ll need to decide in which neighborhood you want to settle down. You might be attracted by the glamorous Upper East Side. Besides vicinity of the Central Park, it has excellent restaurants and designer boutiques. This home to the chic and the very rich has also excellent transportation possibilities. But, you may also find NoHo very attractive. It is an artsy place, with impressive nightlife options. So, how to solve the dilemma of choosing Upper East Side vs Noho? The advice of Manhattan Movers NYC is to compare the pros and cons of living in each of them. That will help you to decide which one suits you better.

    Upper East Side vs Noho – which one is better for you?

    The criteria for choosing between those two neighborhoods will defer from person to person. Therefore, you should be clear about what are you looking for. And, what do you expect? However, the things that people usually compare are:

    • walkability
    • access to public transportation
    • rental prices
    • shopping options and restaurants
    • free time, entertainment possibilities, and safety
    People walking on the street and deciding between Upper East Side vs Noho.
    Walkability score can help you decide about Upper East Side vs Noho.

    Pros and cost of living in Upper East Side vs NoHo

    Upper East Side

    Conveniently located next to Central Park, Upper East Side is home to some of the wealthiest families and individuals. Even looking at the architecture of the buildings, stores, and restaurants, one can say that the area is rather expensive. However, there are still places within the neighborhood where you can rent apartments at affordable prices.

    Central Park and walkability

    One of the neighborhood pros is the vicinity of Central Park. So, you will need just a short walk to reach your favorite jogging track. Also, Park is an excellent place to spend some free time in, as it offers numerous attractions. You can also attend performances which are often taking place there.

    Access to public transportation

    Using your own car in Manhattan is not advisable. It will actually bring you more worries than advantages. Spending hours in traffic jams and having constant trouble with parking places don’t look so appealing. That is why good walkability and easy access to public transportation are important. And, living on the Upper East Side, you will enjoy them both.

    Real estate and rental prices

    Buying a home in Upper East Side is not cheap, and the median home value is about $1,508,000. Also, you will rarely find some property listed for sale. Besides the old-style houses, you will mostly find apartment buildings in the area. You may also like to know that 62% of residents are renting. The median monthly rent is $2,576. So, if you decide this is the right option for you, we can easily pair you with Upper East Side movers. Knowing the area well, they will easily bring you to your new home.

    A man working remotely on a laptop in a workspace.
    Make sure that your budget and earnings are sufficient in one of those neighborhoods.

    Shopping options and restaurants

    Upper East Side is well known for its shopping opportunities. However, be prepared that you will be visiting vintage and thrift stores. And that they are not cheap. So, you will walk in and go around stores, such as Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and Kate Spade. And, if you are looking for the latest clothing trends, Barney’s is the right shop to visit. Don’t be surprised to run on celebrities and models shopping in there too.

    When it comes to the Upper East Side food scene, the possibilities are numerous. You will be able to dine in some of the most luxurious restaurants. Or just walk down the street eating a hot dog. Also, living in the neighborhood, you will soon discover many national cuisines. 

    Free time, entertainment possibilities, and safety

    You will have numerous possibilities to enjoy your free time in Upper East Side. From walking around Central Park to visiting some of the renowned museums in the neighborhood. However, Upper East Side lacks nightlife.

    The whole neighborhood is a quiet place, suitable mostly for young families with kids. It has much lower violent and property crime rates than the national average. If your plan is to move to Upper East Side, we will easily match you with residential movers that you can depend upon.


    Noho is a small downtown area of the city located between two Villages. It is known for its spacious lofts, elegant boutiques, and unique cafes. If you are looking for a relaxed yet exciting lifestyle, this is the place for you. During the day, there are numerous interesting cafes and restaurants that can satisfy every artistic soul. The artists-in-residence inspired the cultural scene and atmosphere of the neighborhood. NoHo is also famous for the greatest underground music scenes in American history.

    Walkability and access to public transportation in NoHo

    NoHo has been conveniently located amid several subway stations. So, you won’t have a problem reaching any other part of NYC. Besides, it also has excellent walkability. So, the residents are mostly walking. Biking is the second most popular NoHo way of commuting.

    A DJ at the party and people dancing
    NoHo has a rich nightlife.

    Real estate and rental prices

    Real estate in NoHo is rather expensive, due to the lack of space and high demand. So, if buying, you should expect the median home value of $1,914,535. 71% of residents are renting, and the median monthly rent is $$2,705. However, if you feel that NoHo is the right place for you, let us know. So, we will recommend you the best Noho movers, to help you relocate to the area.

    There is always something to do, see, and try in NoHo

    There is always something going on in NoHo NYC. You can get deeply immersed in the art scene by visiting galleries. Or, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in one of its many restaurants. The area is full of places where you can catch a show. And, after that, you can go to a nearby cafe to discuss it with friends. And if you’re looking for a good night out, NoHo is the right place for you.

    Choosing the right neighborhood doesn’t need to be too hard

    New York City has a place for everyone. Each neighborhood in the city of NY has its own charm that suits someone’s lifestyle. However, before deciding on your final location, it is advisable to study all pros and also cons of Upper East Side vs Noho. That way you will easily choose the area that suits you the best. But, either you opt for moving to Upper East Side, or NoHo, you will have to be patient. Searching for the right apartment to rent might take time. And, in both neighborhoods the costs of living are high. So, make sure that your budget and earnings are sufficient, and that you can afford to live in one of them.


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