Ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan

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    Most people who decide to live in Manhattan rent their new place. It is one of the most common practices when you’re living in New York City. This means it should be fairly easy to find a good place for yourself with a nice landlord. However, you would be surprised to know how many bad landlords there are in Manhattan. Since there is a high demand, many people believe fit to be landlords.  However, this is not the case. For this reason, before you hire Manhattan movers NYC, you should be careful. Here are all the ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan. 

    Warning signs 

    The first warning sign that you should pay attention would be the state of the building. Sometimes, landlords might have full control over the building. If you see that a building has poor maintenance, it is a sign that your future landlord does not really care about the state of the building. The apartment might look perfect, but the state of the building is far from it. If you only focus on the state of the apartment, this is not a good way to find your first apartment in Manhattan. You have to pay attention to the entire picture not just to small details. 

    a building next to trees
    Pay attention to the building as well

    Even if you plan to rent an apartment in Manhattan with a guarantor, you should still pay attention to the condition of the building. In order to know what exactly to look for, here are all the things to pay attention to. 

    • Broken elevators – it is not a big deal if an elevator is currently being repaired, it is a problem if it is broken down for a long period of time. 
    • The trash in shared areas – your new building should be clean. 
    • The poor state of the building – broken steps, broken windows, mold, and mildew everywhere. 

    Ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan by the apartment’s condition 

    If a landlord is only responsible for the apartment, and you need to pay attention to its condition. Even if you will be sharing a Manhattan apartment with a roommate, this new apartment should be clean and in good condition. If it is broken, dirty, it does not resemble anything like the picture on the ad, you can see that the landlord does not really care about the apartment but only about money. 

    use your phone to Ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan
    You can always search for good landlords on the Internet

    In addition to this, if they’re asking for a large deposit, consider this as a warning sign. Your landlord should be easy to contact. If you see that you cannot easily get ahold of your landlord or the building management, consider this extremely suspicious. Furthermore, if your lease is vague or it doesn’t exist, you should avoid these landlords. You should know how important an apartment lease is and that you should always have it no matter what. 

    Google your new landlord 

    Luckily, one of the best ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan is simply to google them. You can see reviews about landlords on Yelp or BBBif you want a more reliable source, then you can check the Department of Buildings Information System where you can see all the complaints filed against your landlord. 


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