Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves: Pros and Cons

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    When you are moving, it is important to choose your moving day carefully. However, most people cannot pick their moving date due to various reasons. These reasons might include rental lease ending, new job starting, and so on. Still, you have to see if affordable movers NYC are free on your planned moving day. Why is a moving day so important? In order to find out, let’s see the difference between weekday vs. weekend moves and their pros and cons. 

    planner and black pen
    Plan your moving day carefully and schedule it when you want

    Weekday versus weekend moves – pros and cons of weekday 

    Let’s start with all the advantages of moving on weekdays. First of all, it is less expensive. You will find better moving rates for all the moving services, including residential moving. Then, you can use this money for some other professional services, such as packing or cleaning services. In addition to this, it is less stressful to move on a weekday. For example, if you have children, you can focus your attention on packing items instead of taking care of your children. Lastly, you can transfer your utility’s, visit the bank, doctor’s office, update your address, and all the other tasks as all these institutions are working on a weekday. 

    As for the disadvantages of moving on a weekday, you might have to take a couple of days off from your work. It is difficult to organize relocation and work full time. Then, if you are moving with children, they will have to skip a couple of days in school due to relocation. Lastly, you might not be able to ask your family and friends to help you. Local movers NYC will be there to help you out, but your family members might be busy with their jobs. 

    kids in school
    You can dedicate your time to packing when kids are in school

    Relocations on Saturday and Sunday 

    You won’t miss your work if you’re moving on Saturday or Sunday. If you find missing work extremely stressful, you should opt for moving on weekends. It is extremely important to relieve stress whenever you can. In addition to this, your kids will not miss their classes. Lastly, there is less traffic during weekends. For example, if you decide to move early in the morning during weekends, you will probably be the only one on the road. 

    Now onto the disadvantages of moving on a weekend. First of all, it might be difficult to find reliable movers on weekends. This does not mean it is impossible but then you would have to book moving services at least a month in advance. Other disadvantages include the following. 

    • It is more expensive 
    • You will have less time to unpack 
    • Less time to adjust to your home 

    What to choose between weekday vs weekend moves? The answer depends on your circumstances. If you are moving during the summer when you’re on vacation and kids are out of school, it would be smarter to move on a weekday. However, a weekend move also has many advantages. 


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