What are additional moving services in Manhattan?

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    Moving is a very complex process, you know that for sure. It is necessary to organize, pack, prepare and buy everything. If you’ve moved on your own before, you know for sure how much work it takes. However, if you did your previous move using a moving services Manhattan NY, you know what that relief is and how significant the help is. Everyone knows that moving companies do relocations of both private individuals and companies. But you’re probably wondering if that’s all they do and what are the additional moving services in Manhattan? Let’s find out!

    Whether you are moving long-distance or local, the help of experts is always needed. Teams of people who know what they are doing will do your move best so that everything is moved on time and neatly. Manhattan movers NYC are the right choice for you if you want a safe and stress-free move. Additional services are a great kind of help, but remember that they represent an additional expense. Prepare your budget in advance!

    Coins and black calculator
    Additional services require additional expenses

    Here are some additional moving services in Manhattan:

    • Packing and unpacking
    • Handling bulky items
    • Appliances services
    • Disassembly and reassembly furniture
    • Rigging
    • Split pick-up and delivery
    • Storage solutions

    Additional service of packing and unpacking

    You may not know it, but moving companies offer packaging services. They know the best ways to pack everything so that everything fits. This service also includes packaging material. People from a moving company know exactly what kind of box they need for certain items. Also, when everything arrives at your new address, everything will be properly unpacked and put in place. A great way to save space or simply help if you are not skilled in organization and packaging.

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    One of the additional moving services is packing and unpacking

    Handling bulky items

    This type of service is especially important if you have no one to help you to, for example, move a piano, a statue, or anything else that cannot be separated into smaller pieces. Rest assured that the extra cost this service will create for you is better than trying to do it yourself. Invest in this type of service and move bulky items safely.

    Appliances services

    When you move from one home to another, it often happens that you carry everything with you. This includes home appliances. They need to be disassembled, switched off, and packed first, then installed in a new home. This mainly refers to large household appliances, such as stoves, dishwashers and washing machines, air conditioners, hoods, and others. This is one of the additional moving services in Manhattan you should use.

    Silver oven in kitchen
    Moving companies offer appliance services

    Disassembly and assembly of furniture

    If you have something from large furniture that does not pass through doors or stairs, moving companies will offer you an additional service of disassembling and assembling furniture, to make it easier to bring into a new home.

    If it is not possible to disassemble, they will offer you another additional service called rigging. This means that large furniture that does not pass through the door, narrow hallways, and steep staircases in your old home or in your new one the movers will have to set up a rope-and-pulley rigging system to take them in or out of the property through a window.

    Split pick-up and delivery

    If your belongings are located in several locations (with parents, friends, in the current home) and you need to take them to a new home, moving companies will offer this as an additional service. Also, they can do the same if you need things to be taken from your apartment to several locations.

    The storage solution is one more additional moving service in Manhattan

    If you have excess items or just don’t want to move some to a new home, using a storage unit is a great option. Moving companies can take everything you don’t need and store it.

    If you are moving and hiring a moving company, these are additional moving services in Manhattan offered by most companies. Think carefully about what of these services you need, and then throw yourself into choosing the most appropriate moving company. With a reliable moving company, everything is easier.


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