What are the different types of apartments in Manhattan

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    When you are moving to Manhattan for the first time, your first home will probably be an apartment. This doesn’t mean you will be living in an apartment the size of the closet all your life. There are many different types of apartments in Manhattan to choose from. Your choice will depend mainly on your budget, wanted location, and the types of apartments that are currently available. Apartment hunting in Manhattan can be confusing and tiring at times. However, with the right guide, you will find the perfect Manhattan home in a short time. After you found your right Manhattan apartment, you still have a move to prepare. You will need to hire Manhattan movers NYC, get moving supplies, and other details that moving requires. Here are the most common types of apartments in Manhattan. 

    What kind of different types of apartments in Manhattan are most common? 

    Finding your first apartment in Manhattan can be a little tricky as the demand is high and offers are countless. For this reason, you must prepare well for your Manhattan apartment hunting. This means that you should start early and set your budget that covers the application fee, deposit, and rent. Also, look for an apartment that is close to your job, subway, and in a good neighborhood. 

    When you are moving to Manhattan, you must keep in mind that you will most likely be living in a smaller space than before. For this reason, you will need to learn and embrace best practices for moving into a smaller place. You will have to change and adapt your lifestyle to match with the new smaller-sized home as the most common types of apartments are the following.

    • Micro Apartments 
    • Convertible 
    • Studio and Alcove Studio 
    • One Bedroom 
    • Classic Six 
    buildings in Manhattan
    Manhattan is known for its skyscrapers

    What is the difference between micro, convertible, and one-bedroom apartments? 

    Micro apartments are small just like their name says with the size ranging from 260 to 360 square feet. It has enough storage options for that small apartment, a small kitchen, and a balcony. On the other hand, the convertible is a bigger apartment than the micro that has enough space to fit another room for a roommate which is not possible in the micro one. However, the price of these apartments will mostly depend on the location so the rent in 28 Manhattan neighborhoods will vary greatly.  

    Furthermore, a one-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean one room with an open concept. One bedroom means that you will have a bedroom separated with a door from the rest of the living space. Some landlords will try to trick you into renting a studio apartment as the one-bedroom one. For this reason, you should know ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan. 

    different types of apartments in Manhattan that you can find in buildings
    You should choose your apartment carefully

    Not all Manhattan apartments are small 

    If you are moving to Manhattan with a family, you can’t possibly live with your family in a micro or studio apartment. You will have to search for larger apartments like classic six, railroad apartment, penthouse, duplex, triplex, and many other different types of apartments in Manhattan. However, you must know that for a bigger apartment, you will need a bigger budget. 


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