What is a binding estimate?

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    If you have always wanted to learn what a binding estimate is, you have come to the right place! Our team of experts has created a short guide just for you. Here, you will learn something more about moving companies and their binding estimates. Moreover, there are some things you need to be careful about when moving estimates are concerned as well. Overall, we are certain that you will learn something new today and that you can use it in practice when you are moving.

    What is a binding estimate, actually?

    When you are looking for the qualities to look for in long distance movers, for example, you should look at their contracts as well. Your moving company can provide you with a moving estimate (the amount you pay for your relocation). There are two types of estimates and they can be:

    • Binding. This moving estimate “binds” the client to pay the price quoted in the estimate. This is valid even if your relocation costs more or less than the estimated value. However, a moving company might charge you for this service (although only after the move is complete). Most moving services Manhattan offers provide this type of moving estimates. 
    • Non-binding. A non-binding moving estimate, on the other hand, does not “bind” you to pay the amount quoted in the estimate. This is the amount your moving company assumes you will pay after the relocation is done. Thus, fraudulent moving companies can use this to their advantage. The goal is to find a moving company you can trust; Manhattan Moving and Storage, for example, is an honest moving company.
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    You will need good packing items and supplies for your move

    Some things you should keep in mind

    There are some things you should keep in mind, especially if you are relocating to New York City. You will need a lot of storage and you will need a lot of packing supplies. Fortunately, you can get that either Online or your moving company can help you out. When moving estimates are concerned, if you can find a moving company you can trust, then you should not worry about this. 

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    When you find a good moving company, feel free to give them a call!

    If you want to keep your moving to Manhattan trouble-free, you should read carefully what we will say. It is important to know the price of your move, however, it is also important to know how to determine the price as well. If you make a mistake and hire a wrong moving company, you might end up paying a lot more than you expected. Thus, read moving reviews, talk to your friends and family and you should find good movers. This is very important and please keep it in mind.

    Getting a good binding estimate

    The goal is to get a good binding estimate. This will mean that you will pay a designated amount, but only after your relocation. So, if your moving company asks for payment in advance, then you should know that they might be fraudulent. In any case, we are certain you understand this. Good luck with your move!


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