What Is the Cost of Moving in NYC

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    NYC is a city of great opportunities. And, we can freely say, it is like no other city in the world. The mixture of architecture, history, amazing cultural scene, a multitude of religions, and food from all meridians, are all making it so unique. Therefore, no wonder that people are so attracted by the vibrant energy of this never sleeping city. And by the dream of living at the source of their needs and pleasures. However, before you immerse yourself in the megalopolis whirlpool, you’ll need to move in. Or to move within, so that you can settle in the borough that will best meet your needs. But, to prepare for the move, you should first know the movers NYC cost. And, we from Manhattan Movers NYC will help by matching you with the right movers. So, you will be granted excellent and reliable services for your money.

    We will help you find dependable and trustworthy movers

    Finding professional moving services in NYC can be a time-consuming and demanding task. You can expect to find a rich offer. But, you will have to make sure which companies can you trust. So, you will have to read tonnes of reviews. And to learn how to tell the genuine from the fabricated ones. Also, you will need to check each company to see if they are offering all services that you need. Once you narrow the search to several companies, you will need to check them further. 

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    So, this is exactly where we, from Manhattan Movers NYC, can help you. We will match you with reputable companies that our experts have already checked. So, we will save up your time, which is so precious when you are moving. Besides, on our platform, you will find advice on various moving issues. So, you will enjoy many benefits from partnering with us. 

    What we from Manhattan Movers NYC can do for you? 

    As per your request, we can easily match you with NYC movers that locals consider the right experts for the job. So, we can match you with:

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    • commercial movers NYC
    • local movers NYC
    • long distance moving companies NYC
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    Also, in case you want to learn about specific moving services, you are welcome to visit our blog. There, you will find numerous descriptions of how to complete many moving tasks on your own. However, they might look too complicated or hard for you. No problem. At Manhattan Movers NYC, we can match you with companies providing specialized moving services, such as:

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    Make your moving budget after learning what is the cost of moving in NYC.

    Check the movers NYC cost before choosing the mover 

    Once we provide you with a list of movers that could best suit your needs, you can contact them. However, before that, you can also inform yourself about the cost of moving in NYC. Knowing the average moving costs can help you compare the proposed companies.  And to choose one that suits both your needs and your moving budget. 

    What determines the cost of moving in NYC?

    Like in any other place, there are several factors determining the moving cost in NYC. The first, and highest among them is the average moving cost per apartment size. Namely, depending on your NYC apartment size, you will have various numbers of items to move. So, the bigger apartment, the more moving boxes you will have to move. This additionally means that the moving company will need more time to transport your possessions from one to another part of the borough. Or to another side of NYC. 

    Average moving costs in NYC per apartment size

    • Studio apartment – $400 to $600
    • 1 bedroom apartment – $500 to $800
    • 2 bedrooms apartment – $1,000 to $1,500
    • 3+ bedroom apartment – $1,500+

    Please keep in mind that those are the present average moving costs. And that they can easily be changed due to nowadays unstable economy. 

    Other factors influencing the moving costs in NYC

    Besides the apartment size, there are other factors influencing the final moving cost. For example, in case you are requesting some additional services, you will need to add them up to the basic moving cost. Also, you will need to purchase the moving material. And, that is yet one more cost to add up. Or, you might need some help with disassembling and reassembling the furniture. So, there are many factors that will influence your final NYC moving costs. Therefore, inform yourself about various ways to decrease moving costs. And, you can do that easily by following our blog which we are updating regularly. Following the advice given in our articles, you will avoid unnecessarily exceeding your moving budget. 

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    Due to a lack of accessibility, the movers will need to carry your belongings further.

    A list of factors that affect the final moving cost in NYC

    • Since moving is actually transporting your items from one place to another, one of the most important additional factors in determining the movers NYC cost is the distance. Namely, we all know how traffic in NYC can be hectic. And, moving within a city, you will be actually paying mover per hour. So, the longer time they need to reach your new apartment, the higher price you will have to pay.
    • Furthermore, the price could be higher if the parking place for the moving truck is really far away from the apartment building. Due to a lack of accessibility, the movers will need more time to carry your belongings to and from loading/unloading spots.
    • Does your furniture needs to be disassembled or not? And, will you do it yourself? Or, you the moving company to complete it for you? If so, the moving cost will automatically increase
    • Will workers from the moving company participate in packing or you will do it yourself? This will also influence the final cost. 
    • Packing supplies, their number and the way how you get/procure them will also affect the moving cost.
    • Do you possess heavy objects such as a piano? Or an antique table that cannot be disassembled? Or some other similar things that need specialized knowledge and skills? This is also one of the factors that will influence your moving cost. 
    • The total moving cost will also increase if you need to store your possessions. In this case, you might use storage service NYC for shorter or longer periods. 
    • Timing is also very important. In case you want to decrease your moving costs, keep in mind that moving out-of-season is cheaper. Also, moving during the workdays will cost you less
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    Movers NYC cost is affected by many factors

    What is the cost of moving in NYC – Selecting the right moving company

    By this, we come back to the process of selecting the moving company. You already have a list of reliable and trustworthy movers. And you have learned about NYC apartment moving prices. So, choosing the right mover should be hard. You will basically have to check just movers NYC cost, and their availability for the period in which you have planned to move.  

    Planning your NYC move and moving costs

    If you want your move to go well and without any major problems, it is necessary to make a moving plan. The plan will help you to organize your preparation period. So, the entire job will go smoothly. And, sticking to the plan, you will complete your preparations timely. This is especially important when you have to move the old apartment at the time when your lease expires. And, move into a new apartment from the day your lease starts. It would be a real waste to pay costs for two apartments at the same time. And, in case of improper planning, that can happen easily. 

    Besides the moving plan, you should also draft your moving budget. Entering all the costs we have discussed above, you will know exactly how many funds you need for a successful relocation. The moving budget will additionally help you to control your expenditures. Besides, when drafting a moving budget, always plan a contingency fund. So, you will have enough to cover some costs that were not planned. Most moving experts recommend that the contingency fund should be 10% of the total foreseen moving budget. 

    Crop woman with packing paper and belongings
    Once you have chosen a moving company, you can start packing.

    Packing for your NYC moving

    So, since you have chosen a moving company, you can start packing. In order to pack everything you want to move, you will need a lot of moving boxes. Those boxes are also the cost that you will have to add up to the total moving costs. Of course, you can also find them for free. But, make sure they are in good condition. This will greatly reduce the cost of your moving.

    For successful packing, you will need boxes of different sizes to be able to pack various things into them. Do not take boxes that are too big. If you load them with heavy things, you will not be able to carry them. And, there is a big possibility that they can break when your movers lift them up. You will also need to buy some bags for things that are soft and do not require special protection. Make sure to add their costs to your moving budget too. 

    Ready for your NYC move?

    The movers NYC cost is significant. We could see that the final moving cost is actually influenced by many factors. Paying your movers is just one of the costs that you have to account for. However, with careful planning and organization, your NYC move will be a success. And, to save up time, and make sure you will be dealing with reputable movers, all you need to do is to contact us. Partnering with Manhattan Movers NYC, you will ensure a carefree and memorable moving experience.


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