What NOT to do after moving to NYC

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    If you think that moving is over after you arrive, well, to be honest, it is not. Moving and packing process is just a half of job. What to do after moving to NYC, or the better question is what to to do. It is a messy and confusing situation for most people. Living in a new, big city is a big step which can be very stressful.

    If you are moving alone or with family, you should know what to expect in NYC. It is a huge life event, so it is normal to be excited, lost, happy, sad, all at the same time. Big Apple has a lot to offer, from business opportunities and job market to rich history, delicious food, and amazing people.

    Things you should NOT do after moving to NYC

    It is easy to get lost in a city such as New York. Exploring NYC after a move is part of new life, but here is what you should not do after moving to NYC. Do not make mistakes when you can learn how to avoid them. Search for someone else’s experience, ask friends who live in NY or they used to live there.

    Signs for a wrong way
    Do not make the same mistakes here like other people. There are some things you should not do in NY

    Do not visit everything immediately

    Yes, you should visit museums, theaters, historic places, try new food, go to Central Park, Statue of Liberty, but do not visit everything in the first month. What will you do later? Make a plan of what to visit and when. For example, leave weekends to visit 2 or 3 places.

    Never entry in an empty train

    If the train car is empty, that means a problem with electricity or some other problem, and you will be late. Maybe it smells awful, so people do not to be inside. Anything is possible. After a while, you will learn all the tricks about living in NYC. 

    Avoid spots for tourists

    Tourists attractions are very expensive. Restaurants in the center of Manhattan, 5th Avenue, etc. Locals visit unknown places where it is quiet and much cheaper. Usually, there are many tourists traps, you should avoid.

    Do not spend your money quickly

    We know you want to buy new furniture, decoration, clothing, shoes, to rent a fancy apartment in a luxury part of NYC, but, try to save as much as possible because costs of living there are not cheap. Visiting expensive restaurants and bars is not recommended in the beginning because you just had big costs for the moving process.

    Some of the biggest mistakes, you could make

    Be smart and wise. Learn from someone else’s mistakes, not on your own. Here are some examples what you should avoid. If you are in NYC for the first time, take it slow and meet the bad and good side too. Each city in the world has pros and cons, try to learn them and you will be prepared for relocation.

    • You do not have to live in Manhattan, it is not the only suburb. There are 5 of them (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queen, Staten Island). Manhattan is the most expensive one, but a lot of people choose it because they want a full experience. They forget that Brooklyn, for example, has a lot to offer too.
    • Brunch is probably the most popular meal, which you will see after moving to NYC. S, do not wait hours to get brunch on Sundays.
    • In most TV shows (for example, Friends or how I met your mother) and movies, people live above a bar or a coffee shop. In real life, it is not an ideal situation.
    • You will hike more than you walked previously. Cabs are expensive, and you will probably use a subway. So, it is a mistake not to buy a monthly pass.
    • Having a roommate is a common occasion because of costs o living and getting more space. Thinking you will not need at least one roommate, is wrong.
    NYC, a view from sky
    Big Apple is a city full of opportunities, do not use all of them at once

    Renting a storage unit after moving to NYC – is it a good idea?

    One of the mistakes when relocating to Big Apple is, packing too many items. NY real estate is not affordable and apartments are small and expensive. Your all items will not fit in, probably, but renting a bigger home is very expensive. The cheaper solution is to rent an affordable storage unit in NYC and to store all the unnecessary household items inside. You really should not rent a big home if your budget is tight. Even if you can afford it, wait a while, maybe you will want to change a neighborhood.

    A big mistake is not to hire a moving company

    It does not matter if it is long or short-distance move, movers are always highly recommended. If it is a long-distance move (for example from California) it is hard to transport all those household items by yourself. On the other hand, streets in Big Apple and traffic are frustrating. Even if it is a local move, it is hard to drive a big moving truck or a van without enough experience. If you did not book a moving company yes, visit some websites and explore, such as dumbomoving.com. Do your homework and move your belongings safe and easy.

    Five star service company
    Hire the best movers for your NYC relocation. Start your new life stress-free

    By hiring movers, you will avoid many mistakes before and after moving to NYC too. You probably already have plenty of other work to do besides packing. Adjusting to a new place, in his case NY, meeting new people, exploring and trying new things is fun and hard, at the same time. Do your preparation before relocation, and do NOT leave everything on the last minute.


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