What to do while movers are moving

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    When it’s time to move, most people decide to hire one of the professional moving companies NYC has to offer. This is especially true if they have a bigger home and much more belongings. In this way, they can sit back and relax while movers do all the heavy lifting. However, that’s not entirely true. Even with the movers, there are certain things you have to do yourself on a moving day. Being aware of your responsibilities will make your relocation much easier and smoother. Continue reading and find out what to do while movers are moving.

    Wrap up the packing

    Unless you’ve hired movers and packers Manhattan has, you’ll have to do the packing yourself. Don’t leave everything for the last minute. If you don’t make it in time, you will only anger the relocation company you’ve hired. Not to mention, the moving process will last longer than it needs to. Make sure you’re all done before the movers come, or you have only a few minute things that need to be packed. That way, you’ll be quick and finish it fast while movers are relocating your other belongings.

    A person packing an item.
    Hire movers that offer packing services so you won’t have to worry about packing, and educate yourself on what to do while movers are moving.

    What to do while movers are moving: be present

    Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, hiring a local or long distance moving companies NYC, you have to be present while they’re moving your things. If you have some urgent business and cannot be there, leave someone you can trust. No matter who it is, as long as they are reliable. It can be your friend, colleague, family member, and so on. They have to be available during the entire move, answer the questions the movers might ask, and have your contact information. In case something happens that you need to know, they can always contact you and clear things up.

    Clear the pathway

    Before movers arrive, you should clear all possible routes. Walk along the path the movers would be using, and move the things that might be in their way. If it’s snowing, clear the snow. If the road is icy, make sure you spread the salt everywhere. You don’t want an accident to happen because of slippery ground. This not only applies before a moving day but on a moving day as well. So don’t just sit tight and think about what you’re supposed to do while movers are moving. Keep their route clear during the entire move. Sometimes they’ll be carrying a lot of things and won’t see anything in front of them. Or maybe they will be walking backward. If it is needed, remove everything that may block their path.

    a man clearing up the snow knows what to do while movers are moving
    If it’s snowing, what you should be doing while movers are working, is clearing up the snow.

    Prepare the money for the move in advance

    If you’re paying the moving company with a credit card, you’ll most likely have to pay for everything in advance. However, when it comes to cash payments, that may not be the case.  Make sure you have enough money before the movers arrive, so you won’t have to run to your bank to get it at the last moment. To avoid any mishaps, thoroughly research movers NYC cost and have some more money on the side in case you exceed the estimated cost of your move. A bit of extra cash is also good if you decide to tip the movers.

    Check everything once again

    Even the most professional movers can have slip-ups. We’re all human, after all. After they’ve finished packing everything and loading the truck, go through your old home once again. Check every room and see whether something has been left behind. Don’t forget some less visible spots. If they’ve packed everything, close all the windows and turn the lights off.

    Keep your pets and children away from the movers

    If you have children or perhaps keep pets, it would be best to have them stay somewhere else on your moving day. You can take your children to the daycare or ask someone you can trust to watch over them on that particular day. The same applies to pets. Having them with you while relocating can be troublesome. They can be in the movers’ way. If no one can watch over your kids, make sure you’ve prepared some fun activities so you can keep them preoccupied.

    You can prepare some coloring books, their favorite toys, cartoons, and so on. If you have a lot of belongings and the relocation will last longer, research all the possible ways to keep your child busy while moving. If you have pets that no one can keep for a day, keep them in their crate or kennel. Just don’t forget to feed them and give them water in all that hustle and bustle.

    Additional things to do while movers are moving

    On top of the things that we have listed there are some other things you can do while your movers are taking care of your relocation:

    • Provide refreshments – while lifting your heavy possessions and relocating them, movers will surely get tired. Offering them a short break with some snacks and drinks will mean a lot to them. They will be grateful and more energized when continuing the work.
    • Don’t tell movers what to do – while it’s important to know what to do while movers are moving, it’s also of great significance to know what not to do. Movers are experts in what they do. They know how to handle a variety of belongings, and you shouldn’t preach to them how to do their job.
    • Don’t get in their way – every person wants to be sure all their possessions are nicely packed, and everything is done correctly. However, don’t follow the movers every step of the way and bother them while they work. It will only be contra-productive.
    A person making coffee.
    Prepare some coffee or cold drinks for the movers.


    Now that you’ve read this article, you know what to do while movers are moving. Follow these instructions, and you won’t have any problems on your moving day. Make sure you’ve properly researched the moving company you want to hire so you would have the easiest and smoothest relocation ever. We wish you a happy stay in your new home!




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